Always check your team's situation and let the venue run ahead of the revenue
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The video game business sector will be explained in six aspects: personnel management, customer management, equipment management, video game marketing planning and execution, video game city marketing activities, and duty management.

Like many other companies, Video Games City, in addition to the necessary hardware environment, must also be equipped with a good team to implement.

Always check your team's situation and let the venue run ahead of the revenue

Note: Changing a person takes too much time and effort, and motivating a person may only require one sentence. If an organization cannot effectively motivate employees, there may be some of the following factors:

01 The organization is full of political tricks and intrigues; 

02 Interpersonal relationship is too complicated to know who and who is sent; 

03 The organization has no clear hope value for the performance of talents;

04 There are too many unnecessary systems to make talents follow, and there are few rewards, but there is always one that can punish talents;

05 Let talents participate in many protracted meetings;

06 Exercising excessive internal competition among talents, and the evaluation criteria are unfair and fair;

07 does not provide the necessary support for the completion of the work;

08 provides critical, non-constructive feedback;

09 The existence of poor tolerance performance makes unsatisfactory employees feel unfair;

10 Failure to pay sufficient attention to the talents who are fully capable.

Take advantage of the employee's inner desires to maximize their motivation and productivity. Don't bother trying to change talents one by one, but try to change your organization and reduce negative factors that are not conducive to motivation.

Incentive is a double-edged sword. If you use it badly, the effect will be counterproductive. Everyone wants others to regard themselves as “self-respecting people”, “value people” and “self-realizing people”. Therefore, the focus of motivating contemporary talent should be on “affirmation”, as Harvard professor Conte said: “Wage compensation is a right, only affirmation is a gift.” Negative incentives (such as criticism, severe punishment, etc.) ) Use as little as possible.

1. Personnel management method 

1 communicate with each other

The company's business philosophy, business objectives, specific implementation process, whether it is the upper and lower level or the same level departments must have sufficient communication. With communication, we can understand, so we can achieve consistency in execution, so as not to generate friction inside people. The communication between the personnel should not be less, and the complaint suggestion mailbox is also indispensable.

2 teamwork

The best corporate team, especially in the Journey to the West, learns from the team, not only need to have such a strong sense of subjective initiative, independence and enthusiasm, such as Sun Wukong, but also need a lubricant such as pigs. Enterprise operation is a systematic and holistic work. It is impossible to complete with only a few people or unilateral work. Therefore, we must work together, learn from each other, be brave in innovation, and enhance the combat effectiveness of the entire team.

3 create a working atmosphere

To create a good working atmosphere, in addition to a comfortable working environment, there must be a good competitive mechanism and a career promotion plan for personnel. Creating a good working atmosphere is an essential part of building a stable team.

4 Avoid "small gangs"

There are many people in the company, and it is easy to form personal worship and "small gangs." Therefore, it is necessary to form a fair, convenient and effective communication platform so that all people have the opportunity to show themselves.

2. Personnel incentive policy

1 Perfect performance appraisal regulations (for each different position, there should be a complete assessment standard);

2 Orderly competitive environment (the performance of video game city, not only rely on the marketing staff's strategy, nor the store manager can cover the sky, specifically related to the cooperation of waiters, security guards, cleaners, etc.);

3 encourages praise and less criticism. (Encourage and praise besides being very acceptable, it is more achievable. Criticism should be about methods and occasions. Let the staff take sins as much as possible and don't let the staff work with emotions)

4 reward policy implementation (evaluate excellent employees every week, evaluate excellent teams every month. But don't just fall to the verbal, material encouragement does not care much, but don't be a bad check);

3. Company system and discipline

Always check your team's situation and let the venue run ahead of the revenue

[Working regulations]

Work on time according to the time on the work schedule, not late or early leave;

30 minutes before the job, be sure to check the message book, fill in the shift schedule; work should follow a certain workflow, the transaction is divided into priorities, first deal with high priority;

If there are special things that can't be put on time, you should notify the manager on duty four hours in advance; please take sick leave to make sick leave, and submit the hospital certificate, otherwise you will be punished as you like;

The company does not advocate overtime work, and should notify the shift manager in advance;

It is forbidden to do private work during work, to open a small gap, to use power for personal gain;

It is forbidden to smoke during working hours, it is forbidden to call porridge, and non-work calls are limited to five minutes;

To resign, you need to submit a resignation report one month ago; you must not “put up the gun”, damage the company’s interests or disrupt the company’s working atmosphere. Resignation information should be kept confidential.

【Manner and behavior】

Clothing is neat and tidy, and it is forbidden to wear clothes other than work clothes;

The hair is neat, the lady's face should not be covered with hair, and the hairstyle is close to the head.

Men's hair should be on the collar, combed, the horns must be cleaned, no beard

Ms. makeup and decoration should not be too much

Pay attention to personal hygiene, including taking a bath every day, getting a haircut, brushing your teeth, keeping your fingernails clean.

[Security Policy]

Anti-theft: Strengthen post inspections to prevent the loss or theft of personal belongings. If any, the relevant units should be notified immediately to protect the interests of the company, employees and guests. Advocating the fine tradition of collecting money, the guest's legacy must be kept with the manager until the owner is found.

Confidentiality: No member of the company should disclose any information about the company to anyone. You are obliged to keep secrets. At the same time, you are obligated to keep confidential of your salary or other business partners' information and financial management amount and personnel policy.

[Punishment Discipline]

Explain any security misconduct or dereliction of duty that may endanger other employees and customers;

The work is not serious and responsible, and the work standard requirements are not met for three consecutive times, and they are expelled;

Arrive late, leave early or finish more than one day, expel;

Anyone who violates the company's confidentiality measures shall be dismissed, and those who are serious shall bear legal responsibility;

Deliberately damage the company's property, privately swallow the company's business money, expulsion;

Other circumstances are less misconduct, verbal warning, more than three warnings, expulsion;

4, personnel training

Staff training, for a regulated company, is a long-term and systematic job. It is as important as the normal business operations of the day. The training of video game city, if it does not involve the chain size, can be divided into two parts: service group personnel and management team personnel. The training of part-time personnel is mainly based on field work.

In many chain enterprises, the training methods adopted are based on the job manual, combined with practical operations, and finally with training assessment.

The service group is generally equipped with a job work checklist SOC, and the management team such as the manager has a management development manual MDP.

In addition, combined with the service characteristics of the video game city, excellent leaders are very important, manager training should pay attention to the following training objectives.

[Personality concerns]: Honest and trustworthy, integrity.

[Service spirit attention]

1 lead by example, provide customer service with a positive attitude, take the lead in the team;

2 can organize, plan, and implement various actions to enhance the performance of the video game city;

3 Utilize the existing software and hardware environment to steadily advance service standards in the operation of video game cities;

4 actively listen to the voices of front-line employees and assist them in solving problems;

5 Leading the video game city to continue to develop, can be on the level of performance and management;

6 willing to share the service experience and use this to drive the team to create more and better services; 

7 Focus on service and develop employment and development plans for front-line personnel;

8 Dealing with customer complaints, not only can skillfully apply principles, but also become a model case of service; 

9 When the first-line personnel are recruited and assessed, they are always guided by customer service first; 

[Business ability attention]

1 Accurate and reasonable analysis of the profit management opportunities of the video game city, and actively take action to improve;

2 Have certain operational management capabilities, which can make the overall standard of video game city show an upward trend;

3 Make good use of comprehensive factors such as performance and performance to fairly assess front-line employees; 

4 Ensure that the operation of the video game city is implemented steadily and correctly, and the new marketing strategy can be effectively implemented;

5 Ability to train other managers to implement the policies and operations of the video game city;

6 can correctly locate the advantages and disadvantages of this video game city, analyze the priority of the problem, and gradually correct it;

7 In case of an emergency, you can remain calm and make correct judgments and timely measures;

8 have the spirit of the master, actively planning activities to enhance their influence;

9 Face the problem with a positive attitude and take responsibility;

[team spirit attention]

1 Pay attention to the needs of frontline employees, and strive to improve employee morale and reduce turnover rate;

2 Create a good communication channel for this video game city, timely feedback, tracking, and active handling;

3 Integrity is the basis of business management, and is committed to establishing a working environment of mutual trust;

4 Support all actions and ideas that are conducive to improving the service, and give everyone the ability to solve the problem;

5 have the motivation to improve themselves, and actively improve and share according to their own opportunities;

6 Pay attention to the overall employee development of the video game city, and provide counseling and tracking according to individual opportunities, help others to grow, more positive, more encouragement, less criticism and complaints;

7 Know how to make good use of people, and take timely measures for those who perform poorly.

5. Salary and rewards

There are three ways for McDonald's to use people: to spare no money, to improve employee morale and to educate employees;

At the expense of money, those hardworking employees are guaranteed at McDonald's;

High salary is one of the ways to improve employee morale;

The education of employees is an indirect investment in McDonald's; 

According to the above theory and the actual situation, if you need to build a competitive team and establish the value of the brand, high salary is one of the universities. Good company, good corporate treatment should follow this principle. I won’t discuss how much salary to target each employee, but there are a few points that need attention:

1 The salary ratio should be 10%-20% higher than that of competitors in the same industry; 

2 The payment of wages can take the basic salary + performance salary;

3 Performance paying is defined (according to the turnover target index to adjust the performance of each position);

4 The most important point: don't default on wages (corporate integrity = employee integrity). The rewards should be diversified, some of which are fixed incentives; “weekly excellent employees”, “monthly excellent groups”, “full attendance awards” and “creative awards”. Under the reward, there must be brave, fearing that the system is not perfect.

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