lets talk about the lottery ticket machine.
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2018-11-12 16:18:46
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The game entertainment industry experienced the peak of the simulator from 2000 to 2012. Everyone spent a hundred thousand to make a big game, which is a piece of cake. The peak of the gift machine from 2012 to 2017, ten eight doll houses on a street, is that the scenery of the lottery machine for a while?

let’s talk about the lottery ticket machine.

1. Why do we operate a lottery machine?

Why do we have to operate a lottery machine? This question is good, so I don't know how to answer it. You can ask another way: In addition to the lottery machine, in the traditional Chinese game machine market, do you have other models to choose from? If there is, no one will choose the hard bones of the lottery machine.

Some people say that the lottery machine is a continuation of the gaming machine. I don't agree with this statement. Frankly speaking, many gambling machines now have the function of issuing tickets, and they have changed their face and forced them to go to the lottery machine. The name is “neutral machine” – the mode of choosing the currency ticket is certain. To the extent that it can evade the law enforcement sensitive point of returning money, it seems to be a perfect edge ball.

Neutral machines, lottery machines and even gift machines are all rewards games. They all have game rewards. The difference is that the rewards are coins, tickets, gifts, coins can be refunded, gifts can also be sold, then, say The lottery machine is a continuation of the gaming machine, and it seems to be the same.

But from another perspective, the lottery machine has the same player group as the gaming machine? Is the expectation of playing a game the same? Obviously, the machine characteristics and consumer groups of the two are different. The characteristics of the gaming machine is to select the odds, to win a large amount of material or economic rewards, that is, gambling. From the point of view of business, through the setting of odds, strengthen gambling, enlarge the gambling, control through a high probability, and slowly "pump", let people want to stop, gradually addicted. The setting of the lottery machine determines that its "gambling" is completely unable to meet the needs of "gamblers". (How to set up to reflect the "gambling", it is not elaborated here, it is another professional field of expertise) The same is true for gift machines. Therefore, lottery machines, gift machines and gaming machines are essentially different. The lottery machine is also used as a venue for gambling operations. It is also popular for a short time, but what kind of consumers are attracted. It is clear to everyone that it can be seen for a long time. The development history of the game entertainment industry has proved this.

At present, the conventional machine types in the video game venue include a simulator, a lottery machine, a gift machine, a parent-child machine, etc., and the parent-child machine can also be basically subdivided into a gift machine (a twisted egg) and a lottery machine (a ticket).

The price of the simulator is still high. The price of a group of cars is more expensive than that of a real car. The cost of recovery is far away, and the cost of the simulator is terrible. We can only help but comfort ourselves: the simulator is in the store. The treasure of the town shop, a group of two groups always have to buy, to do business first face, or else not too high grade;

Gift machines, including grabs, gashapon machines, scissors machines, etc., are limited by the "family" style update and other reasons - piracy and inferiority, genuine original hard to find, difficult to expand the scale, breakthrough is more difficult.

What I personally know is that in some large venues, the weight of the gift machine has reached 60% or more of the entire collection. It is not only a stand-alone show, but also a venue for the venue. The lottery machine is a model that has attracted attention in recent years. In the past, when you configured the machine, more or less will be equipped with some lottery machines, but not too concerned about the operation of the lottery machine, nor the management analysis of the lottery machine players, machine revenue analysis and gift supply, simple understanding In order to be indispensable for this type of machine, it is necessary to come up with a few, so it is equipped with some, and rarely think about the revenue of these machines, how the data, the sustainable management of customers and so on.

The simulator is expensive, can't afford, and is slow to return; the gift machine has high operating costs, good gifts, and good figurine. At this time, do not make a fuss on the lottery machine, seek a breakthrough, when to wait?

Second, what are the basic characteristics of the lottery machine?

01 lottery machine classification

Yes, the lottery machine can also be subdivided.

From the performance principle, there are mechanical lottery machines and lottery machines with screens. There are many kinds of these two kinds of products on the market, we can purchase many classic products;

From the player's difficulty level, there is a very simple and brainless type lottery machine. This type of lottery machine wins quickly, is easy to understand, and takes the high-frequency coin-operated and fast-winning way. Skillful and strategic lottery machines require players to invest their energy and study the game to get more lottery tickets. These machines are more sticky and will have more time and money.

There are lottery machines suitable for children or parents to play together. This machine is played with games and parent-child collaboration. The number of tickets is secondary;

There are lottery machines for female players. These lottery machines have beautiful appearance and content images are compared with the Q version. The color values inside and outside are very high. It is the Queen in the venue and is the most eye-catching eye-catching machine.

There are models suitable for professional players of lottery machines. These players will be very concerned about the ticketing rate. They are very clear about the customs clearance. They will study which machine has higher ticketing rate, which machine has JP, how to get JP, how to leak . These people are not going to play the parent-child lottery machine. They are also lacking in the machines that are too simple. They love JP machines. These machines only have their taste. Brushing them several times a day is the most. A sense of accomplishment will also share the picture of JP in the player group or circle of friends.

let’s talk about the lottery ticket machine.

There are still many classification methods for lottery machines. With the refinement of our operations, there will be more accurate lottery machines.

02 some key parameters

Say the characteristics of the lottery machine, you can't talk about a few exclusive terms. Although everyone is different, there is no official norm in the industry, but the meaning is the same. I try to use a common language to define the description.

Ticketing rate: The number of lottery tickets obtained by investing one game currency. This is an average value, also called the number of votes issued, or the number of votes issued per currency. The unit is: ticket/coin. If the ticketing rate is 40 votes/coin, it means that the average number of votes per coin is 40. Most of the lottery machines can set this parameter, but please note that this is an average value, or a range value, not to say that 40 lottery tickets will be issued for each coin invested;

Return rate: The ratio between the value returned to the player and the value invested by the player. If the reward rate is 60%, it means that if the player invests 100 yuan, he will get a gift worth 60 yuan;

Exchange rate: The number of lottery tickets required to redeem a unit value gift, also called the redemption rate, the number of exchanges, the unit: ticket / yuan. If the exchange rate is 100 votes / yuan, meaning that the exchange of 1 yuan gift requires 100 lottery tickets;

Currency: The average price per game currency. Some stores prefer to use the price per currency calculated by the most favorable package as the currency value, and also use the more objective weighted currency value as the average currency value.

Why do you need to figure out these concepts? To answer in vernacular, we have to figure out how much money (income) a coin, how much money (cost) to return to the player, and how much money (profit) left. After understanding these concepts, it is easy to understand how many tickets for a dollar gift are to be exchanged. The formula is as follows:

Exchange rate = ticket rate 币 currency value 返 return rate

The above method is calculated mathematically. To calculate the ticket rate and the return rate, you only need to adjust the formula.

Of course, we can also use the input and output methods that are easier to understand. Since the ultimate goal is for customers to accept our return rate, we assume a return rate that we can afford, such as 60%, the value of the currency is 0.8 yuan / currency, the statistical release rate is 40 votes / currency.

Income: 0.8 yuan;

Gross profit: 0.8*(100%-60%)=0.8*40%=0.32 yuan;

Cost: 0.8*60%=0.48 yuan;

A coin has 40 tickets worth 0.48 yuan, then the value of one ticket is 0.48 ÷ 40 = 0.012 yuan / piece, and the gift of 1 yuan requires 40 ÷ 0.48 ≈ 83 tickets.

Some fine-grained stores will add physical lottery costs, machine depreciation and other parameters to the cost, and the cost calculation is more accurate.

The difficulty and flexibility of the lottery machine are reflected in these parameters. As long as we control these parameters and control the relationship between these parameters, we can use our lottery machine in an invincible position. Similarly, the lottery machine is more difficult than other models, and it is precisely reflected in these parameters. One step is wrong, it is possible for us to open the machine, and the electricity and labor costs must be subsidized.

Third, how to treat the role of the lottery machine in the venue?

The lottery machine is a game machine that is inherently sticky. The lottery machine is a kind of prize-winning game machine. By playing games, getting lottery tickets, accumulating lottery tickets, and accumulating happiness values step by step, and the happiness value is maximized when redeeming gifts. The machine characteristics of the lottery machine also determine that the prizes of the prizes are rarely lost, there is little frustration, and more is to get the happiness value continuously (seeing the continuous ticketing of the machine, is it very cool?). This is like when we play online games, constantly brushing monsters, copying, and experiencing the rise, duang, upgraded.

The fun of the lottery machine game content is getting stronger and stronger, especially the appearance of a large number of excellent screen lottery machines in recent years, and the content and form of these games also draw on some ideas of online games. Such as:

Introducing props----The game can use bombs, infinite bullets, collect stars or lights, etc. The release of props enhances the game's playability and unpredictable game benefits;

Introduce a copy----reach the condition to jump to another scene to play;

Introduce BOSS----trigger BOSS scene, you can get more lucrative prizes or other props to return, screen and scene switching, the game's fullness is higher, and the game revenue control means more;

Internal gold coin return----Gold coins are converted into game points. Through the return of certain gold coins, the player can be used for a longer time, which is more conducive to adjusting game revenue.

These settings allow the player to "can't stop" to increase the time on the machine and the investment in a single game. The customs clearance time and the swallowing setting of some screen lottery machines are very obvious. It consumes 100~150 coins in 20~30 minutes, which can experience the entire level of the game, and 20~30 minutes corresponds to a customer at the place. The average stay time, 100~150 coins is converted into a package for most playgrounds, about 100 yuan, which is the package that customers like to buy.

Some lottery machines allow players to stop, and of course there are also lottery machines that are suitable for a larger group of customers. This kind of lottery machine is easy to understand and easy to understand. The key points and key moments in the game are intuitive and clear, so that the player can clearly know how to get better game income and the player's "game level". "The ability to coordinate with the hand and eye determines the player's profit."

The lottery machine is a kind of game machine suitable for individual players and professional players, and has the property of locking customers. It is an indispensable model of the store. It is a game machine with great potential to be tapped under the existing industry policy. Who is "I"?

let’s talk about the lottery ticket machine.

Fourth, the matching of lottery machines

It is difficult to have a one-size-fits-all selection criteria for lottery machines. What is a good lottery machine? If you must give an answer, I am afraid it can only be an answer to "high revenue." However, not every machine in our site plays the role of “revenue main force”.

My point is that the selection of the lottery machine should be "by the customer." The screen type and the mechanical type are combined, and the popular machine and the coin-receiving machine complement each other, and the suitable lottery machine is selected according to the type of customers in the store. Such as:

Shops with more female players should purchase some machines with high face value, bright colors, and colorful colors, but simple gameplay;

For a large number of adult male players, the machine prefers to purchase a small amount of money but the main ticket is issued;

The family-based venue, because of the existence of children, should choose some parent-child lottery machines, the machine should be full of color and soft, with warm colors as the main color, too bright eyes and strong light is not good for children's eyes.

One thing to pay special attention to is because our peak hours are very short, and the peak hours of non-holiday Monday to Friday may be as short as two hours from 19:30 to 21:30 in the evening. At the same time, we also need to be full of money, we must increase the number of revenue-type lottery machines. And what is a revenue-type lottery machine? The biggest feature of this type of lottery machine is that the number of tickets is moderate and the speed of currency consumption is fast. Only with a few fast-receiving lottery machines, we can consume as many players as possible in a very limited business peak period, thus increasing our turnover.

Unlike the simulator, the lottery machine is more important, and the machine itself is relatively minor.

5. How is the lottery machine activity carried out?

 First of all, we need to understand the people targeted by the machine design. Is it a professional player? Still a FIT? Is there a JP? A machine with certain game content? Is it a simple, quick-to-use coin-collecting machine? Different types of machine hype methods are slightly different;

let’s talk about the lottery ticket machine.

Second, do a good job in copywriting training. The activity copy is clear and clear. You can't just do X display racks and hanging flags. Few players will take the initiative to see your promotional materials. Players do not have this obligation to continuously broadcast the contents of the event through the in-store broadcast system. There must be an introduction to the lottery use in the venue. Employees should know the details of the event and prepare the speech in advance. Employees should take the initiative to introduce the use of lottery tickets to customers who have doubts. Don't take it for granted that customers know what the lottery is for. In my work practice, many people go to the store more than once, but they don't know that this "long note" can be changed, but they don't know the value of each lottery.

Again, the ticketing rate of the machine used for speculation should be significantly higher than the normal venue ticketing rate setting. In the same way, to make the benefits of the machine obvious, no matter whether your site is usually a physical ticket, the machine participating in the event must have a physical ticket, and the reward is preferably physical. If it is a short time event, the prize must be placed on the spot. It is not recommended to use the background ticket or the background gift, the periodic activity, it is best to have a prize display area, and there must be activity rules and redemption rules in the display area. Don't be sneaky, want to talk about it, then our activities will be more effective.

Finally, it is emphasized that the core purpose of the lottery machine activity is to “pull new” and “transform”, which is also the most difficult job in our current lottery machine operation. Gifts are often changed, and there is no big problem in locking old players. We need continuous activities to attract new players, attract new players to pay attention, stay, play, addicted and become professional players. We often see activities similar to the lottery leaderboards. This kind of need has more player bases, especially those with certain high-end players' precipitation-based activities. It is not suitable for new developments, and it is not suitable for long-term development. It will make the average player daunting. The high-end players are boring. Therefore, the purpose of the activities must be clear, new players and new lottery players need to use simple, fast-paced activities, while maintaining the popularity of old players, especially the high-end players' activity, you need to occasionally come to a lottery like The competition of activities.

In addition, when talking about an off topic, when doing activities, the rules must be said first, and the depositing machine must be prepared. I saw a lottery event shared in a group, because the machine is a physical ticket, everyone fights against the ticket, several players think that the lottery is counted, and finally delayed three hours because of the count of the ticket. Statistics show the results, good activities make the players angry.

Six, the choice of gifts

I still can't find the answer to this question: Is the player playing the lottery machine because of the gift or is it because the lottery machine has a lottery ticket to pick the gift? This is a bit like chicken and egg. It should be the scope of philosophers' thinking. Our operators only care about: the chickens and eggs I prepared, whether the customers like them, whether they will use the lottery to change my chickens and eggs, my gifts. Is it right?

The operation of the lottery machine, there is no good gift is to rogue, but also is not responsible for rogue behavior. Gifts are the essence of lottery machine operations, and are a vital part of the lottery machine business. The choice of gifts is even more important than the selection of lottery machines. We can understand this: the lottery is the process, the gift is the result; the lottery is the experience of playing the strange, the gift is upgraded, and it may be a few levels; the lottery is the next copy, the gift is the best equipment. Every lottery machine operates a good venue, the gift must be good.

Many people will ask if you have a standard for choosing gifts. Can you give me a list of gifts? Obviously, everyone is having a headache for what kind of gifts to look for.

I don't have a standard for gift selection, and I don't disclose the company's gift list based on the company's confidentiality and ethics provisions. Taking a photo is a learning method, but you don't know what to change, what is not good, what is the next batch of goods on the road.

After years of observation and analysis, I found some simple rules: customer groups, store positioning, old stores or new stores will affect the choice of gifts.

I used to open stores in some counties, and I was surprised to find that the amount of broom and dish cloth in these stores was much higher than stationery, school bags and fun products at the same price;

If there is food and beverage on the same floor of the store, the exchange of toys and stationery will be much better than the stores without food and beverage nearby.

The strangely decorated ornaments and net red products in the new store are sold faster than the old stores;

Opening a store in a business district, the amount of electronic products exchanged will be higher than that of the second and third types of shopping malls;

In the new district of the city, home products are easier to digest.

Gift redemption also has some seasonality and timeliness. For example, when changing seasons, bedding will be better, spring and autumn will be shipped more than summer and winter; net red products can generally maintain a month of heat, these products have to hurry up and hurry, after the heat is very It is difficult to change, most of them can only sell garbage.

3C electronic products are always the most popular category, no one. In addition to the conventional products, these products can be used to match the different styles, so that the normal models and the special models will go better. Around the mobile phone, the focus is on Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and other big-name accessories. The appearance should be beautiful and the quality should be excellent. Small household appliances are also popular, except for conventional products such as rice cookers and soya-bean milk makers. Some special functions are also good, the egg cooker has been on fire for many years, although I have not figured out that this little thing is good, but the egg cooker that does not affect the various brands has indeed changed a lot.

Plush dolls also account for a large proportion of gifts. In a store with a doll machine, especially a big gift machine, I don't recommend changing a lottery ticket to a doll, especially a large plush. This will affect the operation of the gift machine. In the long run, it is very bad, unless you The gift machine is really a fire, it can not care about this impact.

Some operators plan to save trouble, cater to consumers, use the lottery to exchange coins, and change a lot of people, the effect is also very good. This is a controversial act. I personally disagree with it and even think that it is digging in the grave.

let’s talk about the lottery ticket machine.

How to treat

Online gift exchange and self-service redemption?

In the past two years, many developers of the playground management system have developed new functions for online gift exchange, and even have direct interface with Jingdong. The customer has completed the entire redemption process and the experience is very good. It is completely the standard of Jingdong. Shopping and after-sales experience. When online gift exchange can completely replace offline exchange, I don't know, but I think this is the trend, the proportion of online transactions will be slowly higher than the offline. Perhaps with the further development of the Internet and logistics, the game entertainment industry and Internet technology will be more in-depth, and the day that will be completely replaced will come. After that, I think the gift counter is still very important. There are three reasons:

1. The role of the gift counter is obvious. Although there is no data to prove how much the gift display has a stimulating effect on the player's cumulative lottery, there is no denying that the driving effect is there. I often see players going to the gift display cabinet to see the number of redemption, and then very excited to save money to continue fighting;

2. The display level of the gift reflects the style of the store. The beautifully displayed gifts can attract the attention of the players and evoke the interest of redemption. I suggest that you want to make a lottery machine store and spend some financial resources on the creation of gift display cabinets. Exquisite gifts and comfortable selection environment are the infrastructure of the lottery machine management. It should not be underestimated, and the effect of the open gift display area is better than that of the closed type. The famous products are worth learning.

3. Communication with the player is very important. The best service is done by people. The exchange in the gift box is a more temperature process.

I am not in favor of canceling the gift counter, but I am also very aware of the drawbacks of offline conversion:

1. Warehouse: In the commercial center of inch-inch gold, we need tens of square meters of warehouse for the turnover of goods;

2. Receiving and inspection of goods: The person who has done the warehouse management work must be very afraid of one thing, that is, all kinds of moving, resisting and pulling on the day of delivery. Inspection is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive work, unpacking, inspection, and shelves. The inventory at the end of the month will take you a day or two;

3. Gift demand: The customer's needs are ever-changing, and the most feared customers say that there is no gift in the store, which is as terrible as the game console that he does not want to play. The speed of the procurement staff can never keep up with the speed of change in customer demand. I can't help but spit: It's not that I don't change, it's that you become too fast.

4. Personnel: Gifts need to place orders, receive goods, inspect goods, warehousing, redemption, delivery, inventory, report, etc. If the goods are in the store and the customers are redeemed in the store, these things need our staff. To be done. The labor costs and management costs of procurement personnel and warehouse managers are inevitable;

5. Unsalable goods and losses: Not every gift that the purchaser buys is a favorite. After a long period of data analysis, we found that the slow-moving products will increase at a rate of about 10% per month (the definition of slow-moving products: the current inventory, and the last redemption date is earlier than 30 days of gifts. Everyone is slow-moving The definition is different, and the different definitions result in different values). Some electronic products, after the warranty period has passed quietly lying in the warehouse or gift display cabinet, the purchase of goods are mixed, some goods, after a long time display, discoloration and deformation, no one cares, some high-value gifts, half a year They can't change it, it's all loss, it's also a lot of cost;

6. Online exchange is actually a reservation system. From the perspective of technical processing, it is actually the first ticket to the JD. After the actual interface is completed, the customer can't perceive it. This is obviously more advantageous than the way in which the goods are sold. If you patiently analyze, you will find that this year's double 11, the pre-sale of goods on major e-commerce platforms is much more than in previous years, major businesses are also more inclined to take orders after production, which is one of the performance of new retail ;

let’s talk about the lottery ticket machine.

 7. After-sales: The customer is the goods that are exchanged at the store. The first time is that the time will come to the store to seek after-sales help, often resulting in many complaints due to disputes in the after-sales terms;

The traditional way of redemption requires us to purchase goods in advance and put them on display so that customers can choose to redeem them. This takes up a lot of money from the stores, which brings the cost of warehousing, logistics, personnel and management, and the goods are also prone to slow sales risks. The risk of integrity of procurement personnel is also extremely difficult to control.

Online exchange can solve the above problems perfectly.

The online gift exchange platform we use now connects Jingdong and the playground management system. Members can directly see their own balance on the platform and can see hundreds of thousands of goods from Jingdong. These products are all exchanged. The number of votes is clearly marked. Members search for their favorite products and self-service the squirrel. If the ticket is not enough, they can pay a part of the network. After the payment is completed, Jingdong will receive the order. Jingdong’s courier will start to deliver the designated address to you. Thanks to Jingdong’s large-scale central warehouse, the general area will be the next day, and the farther area will be the next day. After receiving the goods, I don’t want it. The implementation is also the return standard of Jingdong. After applying for the sale on the platform, Jingdong’s courier will contact the member to receive the goods.

The goods are in the central warehouse of Jingdong, the store does not need to stock up, no warehouse is needed;

The purchase occurs only when the customer redeems, and the store does not need to press the goods, and the capital is small;

Pre-customized gift exchange method, every penny of purchase is spent on the actual exchange needs of customers;

The goods are Jingdong, there will be no slow sales, and the store has peace of mind;

The goods are not sent to the store, no inspection, no warehousing, no display, no inventory, and the report and reconciliation platform will help you;

There are hundreds of thousands of products in Jingdong, and you are no longer worried about not finding what you want;

The quality of Jingdong’s self-operated products is much higher than the average e-commerce, and the quality of gifts does not have to be worried;

After-sales and logistics are completed by Jingdong, the store has peace of mind;

The real interface docking is not a waiting for the rabbit, not a "flying order", there is no time difference, there will be no problem of payment and no goods, there will be no inconsistency between the order information and the shipping information;

Warehouse manager, you may have to be unemployed;

Buyers, let alone contact the procurement process, you may not even have a job;

Yes, you don't have to doubt that this is a soft advertisement, but it is also what I am using. It has been used for more than a year.

Since August 2017, the online exchange volume of stores has increased every month, and members are becoming more and more accustomed to online redemption. The number of lottery tickets consumed in store online account for more than 50% of the monthly consumption, some stores More than 70%, goods worth more than 100 yuan, 87% are exchanged online, the online repurchase rate is more than 70%.

With the increasing acceptance of online exchange, we are able to introduce more Internet e-commerce games into the marketing of lottery machines and gift exchanges, which not only makes our game richer, but also enhances the image of the store. Closer to the player - the venue offers a gift redemption service that is closest to the player's daily shopping habits. We are finally not so "earth".

Counter exchange is still a redemption option for high-frequency and low-priced gifts, while the higher-value gift selection line has more advantages. We also found that the online exchange rate has continued to decrease.

As the cost of labor accounts for an increasing proportion of the total cost of the store, the demand for self-service exchange cabinets has been raised. I think that the combination of self-service exchange and online exchange will be the best CP (couple) for some time to come. These two innovations in traditional business are equally worth looking forward to. In addition to complementarity, the integration of data and some applications of new retail ideas will also bring new inspiration to the game console industry.

Eight, some thoughts on the lottery machine

1. Network lottery machine

The networking here is not a local area network, but an internet. The network lottery machine used to be a hot machine research direction. Some companies have tried this aspect, but there have been few successes in the industry. I have also tested related products. In order to do a lottery lottery machine, we need to overcome the following difficulties:

Internet products need a relatively large number of end users. It is difficult to scale up hundreds of thousands of machines. Without a certain amount of volume, it is difficult to get out of the model. Without mass, the Internet is hard to play. Good.

The game entertainment industry is a heavy asset industry. Whether it is the producer or the venue operator, the decision of this production relationship requires a lot of money. The industry has pioneers who have tried some online lottery machines. However, the relationship between machine developers and venue operators has not been dealt with, and the development is slow or basically stagnant. It requires all parties to make greater efforts and efforts to eat crabs.

The products of the Internet pay attention to the operation and unified operation. This is different from the idea and practice of buying electricity from the machines and the operators themselves. We need an operator recognized by the venue operators in a relatively closed niche. In the industry, it is not an easy task to have such a team.

let’s talk about the lottery ticket machine.

2. Human-machine interconnection

As mentioned earlier, some of the current lottery machines have their own marketing tools, which also adds obvious online game attributes. However, we have one very important thing: when the player leaves the game console, we lose contact with this player. "". We don't know who his surname is, whether it is male or female, tall and thin. (The traditional playground management system can provide information with low realism. Even if you know the basic information of the player, this information is actually related to the player and the venue. "Business" has nothing to do, I always think that the game machine industry does not have CRM), his game achievements, how many times he got JP, and collected items.

In short, we don't have the "game archive" of this player. After the player gets off the plane, it has nothing to do with us. This makes us unable to start our business. The marketing plan is always a needle in a haystack, but it cannot be accurately positioned. One of the reasons why BAT has grown to be the most highly valued company in the world is that these three companies have recorded your internal information and most of the external “contacts”. Therefore, we need to make the machine and players connect and maintain this connection, which is very important in the design of the next generation lottery machine and CRM, and may be the next important proposition in the game entertainment industry.

3. The game industry's sheet metal system

Those who have research on online games must know what is the sheet metal system. (Baidu Encyclopedia: Sheet metal, also called class gold, refers to the payment of fees, especially the recharge behavior in online games. The research here does not mean playing online games.) It is a systematic analysis of the internal economic model of the game.) Sheet metal is one of the fundamental reasons for the huge value and valuation of mobile game companies. At that time, the end tour was the same as ours now, and its essence was a business that sold time.

In 2005, I played "Jian Xia Love Online Edition", which is a typical time-paid online game. The satisfaction of a box full of gold ingots and silver ingots is still vivid, and Jin Yuanbao and Yin Yuanbao correspond to each other. The monthly card and the weekly card, but how much was the valuation of Jinshan Residence? Nowadays, all kinds of tower defense games and MOBA mobile games are called free games, but the company is arrogant, even the annual income of more than one billion, the value of tens of billions of dollars, based on what? If it is still the "selling time" of the end-game era, it will not go to this valuation, and investors will not be rushing. It is the production of the sheet metal system that allows game operators to “inducate” the player’s recharge step by step and continuously increase the amount of recharge, which has spawned the unicorn of the game industry.

Throughout the game entertainment industry, today is still a time-charging business model, no substantial changes have occurred for decades. Player time will not grow longer. On the contrary, with the enrichment of entertainment methods, the time spent on video games and paradise is decreasing, and the operating costs associated with the increase in the proportion of field rent, labor, and award-winning machines increase. Many of our machines are getting lower and lower, which is so low that it is difficult to continue. In recent years, video games have become more and more difficult to do. On the contrary, the doll machine franchise stores are booming. A video game city with a total investment of 2 million machines is not as good as investing in hundreds of thousands of gift machines.

Why have you said that in recent years, you can’t make money by making game consoles? A video game city with a monthly turnover of 500,000, the cost of gifts has gone to 200,000. Those who know a little about business data analysis can also see that 80% of the machines in this store only create 20% of the turnover, which may be Some old brands will run a new brand of gift houses. If we can't change the business model of time charging, there is no new profit model, we can't change the production relationship of this industry, and improve the productivity of upstream and downstream. The game entertainment industry is far from the bright spring days.

Nine, the gift does not spit up

In the past, due to the underdevelopment of the network and the asymmetry of information, the operators would choose some uncommon, unpractical, and opaque gifts to be offered to customers, in addition to the profits in the process of redemption, the price of gifts. It’s hidden on the cat. The craft decoration of 20 yuan purchase, set the number of votes exchanged according to one hundred yuan, more than ten pieces of Transformers, according to a few hundred yuan to exchange. Such settings were commonplace in the past and were too numerous to enumerate. This is exactly the way to let the players slowly lose, even hit the ecosystem of the entire industry lottery machine, so that the customer subconsciously think that the lottery machine and the gambling machine are the same as the scam.

In order to cater to the "realization" needs of a small number of consumers, some operators are offering gifts such as shopping cards, recharge cards, cigarettes, and precious metals. Such a gift as a gimmick, and occasionally it is ok, but if it is so long, even if it is a good name, this is a good way to circumvent the policy, then it can only be used to kill the lottery machine players, and become a speculator. Become a gambler, will make our entertainment lottery machine players less and less, the road to business is getting narrower and narrower, and it is more and more dangerous on the road of high risk.

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