Naughty Fortune Business Manual: How should I choose a venue? What are the details that need attention?
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2018-11-06 16:38:49
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First, how should the naughty castle management choose the venue? 1. Paradise venue

The choice of operating the Naughty Children's Park project site is very important. Generally speaking, in the cities, second-tier cities are easier to operate than first-tier cities, because big cities compete much more, and small cities, such as small counties in the mainland, do not have many places. In the operation of the children's park naughty castle, the cost of operating the naughty castle in the big city is much larger than that of the small city, such as rent, while the expenses of the small city are much cheaper, so the children in the small city camp naughty castle The park is easier to operate, and the preferred venue for the Naughty Children's Park is a large shopping mall, shopping mall, supermarket, and large community. However, due to the large number of shopping malls and supermarkets, there are many thresholds. Therefore, in addition to supermarkets, you can also choose community stores and separate stores located in shopping malls and supermarkets. This is also an ideal operation for Naughty Children's Park. site. Popularity determines everything! A good venue is one of the hardware indicators for the park's ongoing operations. Therefore, the location of the park requires an assessment of the flow of people around the venue and the surrounding business prospects. At the same time, we must also consider whether it is necessary to go through the relevant industrial and commercial, tax, and fire procedures.

Naughty Fortune Business Manual: How should I choose a venue? What are the details that need attention?

2. Paradise factory equipment

After the intention of the venue is confirmed, the operator will contact the appropriate manufacturer according to the budget investment amount. After the manufacturer issues the site plan and the overall quotation, negotiate the production and installation cycle. It is recommended that the operator conduct on-the-spot inspections of the paradise manufacturers when conditions permit, and investigate whether the conditions provided by the manufacturer to other paradise physical store equipment are in compliance with safety, environmental protection and the operation status of the park, so that the production of the paradise manufacturers can be comprehensive. Ability and after-sales service are evaluated.

The above two points are regarded as the hardware part of the park. The following three points need to be considered and analyzed by the park operators after the park hardware is solved.


Promotion of park propaganda, pricing of park tickets (sub-cards, monthly cards, annual cards according to actual conditions), establishment of paradise member files, cooperation with institutions related to children's nature, etc.

2. Paradise Management

Recruit suitable paradise staff, train the staff of the paradise, strengthen the cultivation of responsibility, and suggest that teachers who have experience in preschool education can be recruited, so that there is enough to guide children to play, and activities can be carried out in the paradise to increase the paradise. Playability and more.

3. Software

In the short term, the park can attract children through the novelty of the equipment. The long-term sustainable operation of the park must have its own characteristics, and the park operators need to have innovation. Differentiating competitors in the same industry is the key to long-term success.

Naughty Fortune Business Manual: How should I choose a venue? What are the details that need attention?

Second, what kind of investment is required for the operation of naughty castle?

1. Investment in the store: including store rent, shop decoration, etc.;

2, the investment of naughty castle equipment, advertising before the opening of the business, tickets, handling the monthly card, the annual card;

3. The handling fee of the business certificate (the children's park must be reviewed by the Trade and Industry Bureau and the Fire Bureau and the Taxation Bureau);

4. Water and electricity charges arising from daily operations;

5. The salary of the sales staff.

Operating a naughty castle is basically a big chunk of investment, and other expenses that are usually needed are few and basically irrelevant.

Third, summary

Under normal circumstances, that is, in the supermarket supermarkets with sufficient traffic, the cost can be recovered in about 8-10 months; there are also some special circumstances, that is, the opening of a business is very popular, so that it can be 4-5 months. The full cost is recovered, but it is also possible that the business is worse than expected, so it may take a year or so to recover.

Investing in naughty castles is mainly based on the selection of the site, and basically it will be profitable soon. Moreover, when choosing a venue, the Naughty Fortress manufacturers will basically give some suggestions, so they are not afraid to choose a bad venue, which will eliminate the problem of no business after the naughty castle is done.

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