Backed by 260 million users, 5 trillion market size, the naughty castle industry continues to exert strength
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2018-11-01 13:26:10
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There are two groups in the world that make the best money, one is a child and the other is a woman.

                                                             - Foreword

"Everything for the children, for the children!"

Undoubtedly, in ancient and modern China and foreign countries, every pair of parents feel that since the children are brought to the world, they must give the best to the children, not to the children, and the children of other families must have their own homes. There are also children, and you want to let your child enjoy the best life, not only to meet the child's material conditions, but also to enrich the child's spiritual world.

Under the guidance of such thinking, the children's entertainment market has become another opportunity, especially the naughty castle. Zhou Guohua, manager of Ren Shida's headhunting and finance department, said: "Whether you understand the segmentation field or the big industry, you need to understand thoroughly, and you must talk to experienced people so that you can understand faster and more targeted." Wei Yifeng interviewed Mr. Wei Qiliang, the general manager of Guangzhou Yuduo Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., who was deeply involved in the naughty castle industry, to understand the “before” of Naughty Fort.

Backed by 260 million users, 5 trillion market size, the naughty castle industry continues to exert strength

1. Market demand analysis

(1) Increase in the number of newborns caused by policy changes

 On July 12, 2015, the National Health and Family Planning Commission officially responded to the “full liberalization of the two-child policy” for the first time, stating that “the relevant regulations are currently being worked out”. According to industry-speaking economists, the two-child policy alone will increase China’s 9 to 15 million babies in the next decade. The “Separate Second Child” policy that has been released and the “Comprehensive Second Child” policy to be released in the next two years will Bringing new opportunities for development to the naughty castle industry.

(2) Economically, consumption upgrades bring unlimited possibilities

"Consumer upgrade" is a hot word in 2018, and both experts and the public are arguing. However, data released from the China Tourism Research Institute (Ministry of Culture and Tourism) of the Golden Week of the 11th Golden Week: the National Day holiday of 2018 received a total of 726 million domestic tourists, an increase of 9.43% over the same period of last year; the domestic tourism income was 599.08 billion yuan, a year-on-year. Growth of 9.04%. Among them, according to the monitoring of the Ministry of Commerce, from October 1 to 7, the national retail and catering enterprises achieved sales of about 1.4 trillion yuan, and the average daily sales increased by 9.5% compared with last year's "11" Golden Week.

As soon as the data is presented, it is a high-profile person. Those who feel that the Chinese people’s consumption power is down are really worrying. The Chinese people have enough spending power, and the demand for the tertiary industry and the service industry is strong. The most important thing is to see how you can shake their wallets.

Backed by 260 million users, 5 trillion market size, the naughty castle industry continues to exert strength

(3) In terms of thinking, parents pay more and more attention to children's experiential entertainment.

The increasing level of consumption in China and the increasingly fierce social competition, the new generation of parents have a very strong willingness to consume the next generation. Children are the treasures that parents hold in their palms. Children's business is an industry with a bright future. The Chinese children's market is becoming more and more popular. The health and growth of children is naturally the most concerned issue for parents.

With the development of Internet and mobile Internet technologies in recent years, children's behaviors in education and entertainment, especially in family scenes, have undergone dramatic changes. Children use electronic products far longer than traditional books, toys, and even parent-child relationships. According to the survey, 93% of parents are willing to take time to accompany their children to the playground, take the children to participate in game entertainment activities and entertaining activities. In addition, a number of surveys have shown that experiential entertainment can effectively improve this situation and promote parent-child relationships.

Backed by 260 million users, 5 trillion market size, the naughty castle industry continues to exert strength

2. Industry analysis: policy and economic thinking and other aspects are fully blossoming, bringing heavy business opportunities to the naughty castle industry

At present, the naughty castle industry has good prospects, and most of them belong to the well-known chain brands that have not started nationwide. Moreover, the market concentration of the industry is not high, the monopolistic enterprises that develop across regions are scarce, and the profit margin is large. .

(1) naughty castle features

The children's naughty market has the characteristics of one-time investment, immediate results, high return on investment, low risk, low management cost, no seasonal operation, and sustainable operation.

Backed by 260 million users, 5 trillion market size, the naughty castle industry continues to exert strength

(2) Advantages of the Naughty Fort Project  

Naughty Fort is designed according to the characteristics of children. Through a scientific three-dimensional combination, it forms a new generation of children's activity center integrating amusement, sports, puzzle and fitness. The children are placed in a thrilling and safe and relaxing amusement environment. After 80/90, the parent group as the real decision-maker of children's consumption, their consumption habits make children's needs tend to be diversified and personalized, and the satisfaction of parents' experience needs to be reflected in the added value of brands.

With its unique project features, Naughty Fort has a unique place in children's experience entertainment.

Naughty Fort is good for children to fully exert their vitality and imagination. While having fun, the body gets aerobic endurance and calcination; it is conducive to satisfying the psychological requirements of children who are competitive, unwilling to lag behind, and willing to explore, so that children are healthier. Happy and wise to grow; at the same time, it is conducive to cultivating children's brave, tenacious, tenacious personality, exercise speed, strength, balance, coordination and other qualities, to achieve the purpose of physical fitness, brain and brain.

(3) Opportunity point

3.1 Not subject to site restrictions, mainly in large commercial bodies, affected by weather factors, irregular venues can be installed, no power equipment, simple maintenance;

3.2 Brands with foreign backgrounds are almost zero;

3.3 The industry is in the initial stage of development, not yet saturated, and is in a rising period;

3.4 China's economy continues to grow, people's income increases, and consumer spending on children is not rising;

3.5 Children's play projects have great appeal to children and are difficult to promote;

3.6 Naughty Fort can drive a large number of passengers and shopping malls.

3. The industry has good prospects, standing now and looking to the future

In recent years, the second child policy has boosted the birth expectation, and children between the ages of 0 and 7 will become the core customers of consumption. According to relevant data, China's population aged 0-14 will reach 260 million. By 2020, China's children's consumer market will exceed 5 trillion yuan, of which the children's entertainment consumer market will reach 1.5 trillion.

The following points are needed to understand the production and operation of Naughty Fort:

(1) The pain point currently faced by Naughty Fort: weak creative and creative awareness

In China, not only the naughty castle industry, but also other industries, innovation and creativity are among the pain points of the industry's development. It is just that the naughty industry innovation is not very urgent. Because of its long service life, there is probably a naughty castle for each theme. Two to three years of life cycle, after opening the second child in 2015, the naughty castle industry has begun to gain momentum. So far, only three years ago, the more advanced production enterprises will have a new theme in about one year. As for the market, Whether the new theme explored can be recognized or not requires the test of the market.    

(2) Mistakes in the purchase of naughty castles

Misunderstanding 1: Ignore the case study. Without investigation, there is no right to speak, and there is no decision-making power. For an investor who buys a naughty castle, if there is not enough understanding of the manufacturer that he wants to choose, it is highly probable that he will become a "big head". During the inspection process, you can ask the existing operators to see the situation of others, run the monk, but can not run the temple, the manufacturer may say that the sky is falling, the actual situation may be a reality. Therefore, field trips should be placed in extremely important positions. In addition to asking each other about the situation, you can also look at the parts that you value, such as details, crafts, ideas, materials, etc.

Myth 2: Speak with price, no matter how good or bad. Parents in China are generally willing to spend money for their children when economic conditions permit. Therefore, in the face of a market full of potential, many businesses will want to share a piece of it. In fact, there is no standard for naughty castles in China, and the relevant systems need to be improved. Consumers have demand for children's entertainment, but this demand is still at the initial stage, and the quality of products on the market mainly depends on enterprises. Measure by yourself. Some manufacturers who value quality will take a step by step and make conscience products. However, some manufacturers control all necessary unnecessary output from their own point of view. These two very different attitudes have led to miscellaneous and miscellaneous miscellaneous products. Some buyers have purchased products with hidden dangers because they are not well-informed, resulting in safety accidents, causing injury or even permanent damage to innocent players.

(3) Naughty Fort Management Notes: Experience naughty castle equipment and be proficient in your own products

Do you want employees to play equipment and experience? I believe that many operators' answers are mostly negative. They believe that they will affect and occupy other players' game consoles, which will affect revenue. actually not. It may be understandable to operate a video game city or a gift house. Because the consumer groups are older, they can fully understand how to play. But you must not move your mind to the naughty castle, because the players in Naughty Fort are mostly 2-10 years old, basically need adults to play, and parents who have not played equipment need to ask employees.

What are the benefits of employee experience equipment? Have you seen people who have not used the product, but have sold the product very well? The author can tell you with certainty that this does not exist, because you don't understand it yourself. I don't know where the advantages and disadvantages of this product are. It is impossible for people to impress consumers. Moreover, many questions of consumers, If you haven’t tried it, how can you answer it, big eyes, small eyes, such awkward scenes, you will know that there is no drama.

What is the standard for measuring a good employee? The core is definitely to bring a steady stream of benefits to the venue. How to create benefits? It must be a thorough understanding of their products. How to understand the product? That must be the experience. After the experience, you will know the fun, advantages and places of attention of the product. After the experience, you can convince the potential consumers that the picture can be brought to life, so that the TA can be seen and act. At this time, the final rendering effect is definitely an improvement in performance. Therefore, changing the point of view that does not allow employees to play equipment will definitely benefit the venue.

No one can be young forever, but someone is always young. What was popular five years ago may look like a pile of garbage after five years. Some operators believe that the future of naughty castles will be higher and higher, the content will be more diverse and diverse, and now they are already polishing themselves to protect the continued development of Naughty Fort. If you don't keep up with the pace of the market and develop your own company's "explosion", even in the naughty and slow-moving naughty castle industry, you will find it difficult to survive. Even in such a large market base, it is difficult to get a piece of cake, even if it is just a small piece.

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