How does the lipstick machine that cures all diseases quickly occupy the market of gift machines?
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2018-11-01 13:21:52
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Since the beginning of this year, the lipstick machine has appeared in people's field of vision with its lightning speed. For a time, whether it is the young people's favorite online webcast platform, the chatter, friend circle, or offline shopping malls, cinemas. At the door, you can see it everywhere. Unconsciously, the lipstick machine has become a favorite leisure game for young people, especially young women. Why is the lipstick machine so popular? After interviewing some of the venues and interviewing senior industry players, the author summarized the following main factors.

How does the lipstick machine that cures all diseases quickly occupy the market of gift machines?

Great market potential under “her economy”

“She is economic” is one of the 171 new Chinese words announced by the Ministry of Education in August 2007. With the improvement of women's economic and social status, a unique economic circle and economic phenomenon have formed around women's financial management and consumption. Because women's admiration for consumption and the effect of promoting the economy are obvious, it is called "her economy", also known as "female economy."

In the long years of the past, women have been used as a dependency on men. They are not allowed to show up, have no income, and they are the whole of their lives. Nowadays, under the superior conditions given by the social environment, they have got rid of the shackles of the past traditional ideas and become independent individuals who have their own career, stable economic income, their own ideas, and do not depend on anyone.

Not only that, their consumption concept is no longer just satisfied with the daily life of the family, but more of a shift to the satisfaction of personal consumption needs. They began to learn to love themselves, and are willing to spend money for themselves. The desire to always be young inspires more women to pursue the satisfaction of spiritual life. They always believe that "work is to enjoy life better." It is this trend that brings huge potential and opportunities to the cosmetics market of Chinese companies, and also brings a huge market for lipstick machines.

A new breakthrough in the recognition of gift machines under the innovative exploration

The lipstick function can be fired. Many people say that it is because of the vibrato, but the author seems that the vibrato is only a channel of communication. The fundamental reason is that the current gift machine market has not been innovative and changed for a long time. Because there is no new product to change the current pattern of gift machines in a long time, whether it is the scissors machine of the previous two years, the doll machine of the past two years, or the current two-claw doll machine, the industry has been for a long time. There is no new product to break through the new understanding of the gift machine. When the poor is thinking, the more the industry is developing, the more the industry has to constantly innovate and let the industry break out again. So what do we innovate? From the point of view of the gift machine market, although we often say that innovation, in fact, for many years, there has not been a subversive gift machine like a lipstick machine in our field of vision.

Fresh things always attract attention spontaneously

As a new product, the lipstick machine has attracted a lot of attention since it was released on the vibrato platform. In the place where the lipstick machine was placed in the Tianhe City where I visited, among the many onlookers, the author interviewed a boy who had never played a lipstick machine. He said that he saw this lipstick machine on the vibrato. Yesterday, I just saw it when I was shopping. I felt so curious and came over and watched. In fact, in addition to this boy, many girls are also present, when the author asked, you all saw this lipstick machine from the vibrato to come over to play? Many girls replied without thinking, "Does it?" It can be seen that as a live broadcast platform for popular young people, the propaganda of the vibrato has to be astounding.

How does the lipstick machine that cures all diseases quickly occupy the market of gift machines?

However, let's think about it from another angle. The first person who posted this video, why did he want to shoot such a video to spread it? Because it is interesting, otherwise he will not shoot it and make it on the vibrato. After the experience, I feel very fresh, I feel that this lipstick machine is different from the gift machine like the doll machine and the scissors machine. This is a new thing, he will feel fresh. Then, as a person who spreads this new thing, he will feel very fulfilled. And, in the process of experiencing the lipstick machine, I got a lipstick and felt a sense of glory. All of the above can make consumers spontaneously promote the product. Is such a product afraid of fire?

Grasping the user's psychology and grasping the market

As everyone knows, there are few girls in this world who can refuse the temptation of lipstick. If there is, it can only show that she has not encountered the lipstick that is really suitable for her.

In particular, there has always been such a phenomenon in the lipstick industry. It is not a limited edition, but it is more popular than a limited edition. That's right, it's all about the hot colors of the big brands. Some lipsticks can be bought without money. If such a lipstick number appears in the lipstick machine of a shopping mall, I believe that many girls will not miss even if they are "going down the house." What's more, if you are lucky, you can get a lipstick of several hundred dollars for only 10 yuan. Why not try it? Look, this is the charm of the lipstick machine.

How does the lipstick machine that cures all diseases quickly occupy the market of gift machines?

Although the lipstick machine is directed at female consumers, in the venue visit, the author also found that among the onlookers who placed the lipstick machine, they were basically young people, and most of them were women, but they played lipstick. The machine is mainly male. Especially the couples, basically girls are watching the boys playing at the side. In interviews with industry players, it is also said that male consumers will help women consumers to play lipstick machines. Therefore, as the operator of the lipstick airport, it is necessary not only to grasp the psychology of female consumers who want to stop the popular color lipstick, but also to grasp the psychology of male consumers who are “wrapped and rushed to the crown”, thus choosing the appropriate pendulum. Place the place.

Whether it is the spread of vibrato, or the popular color of the big lipstick as a gift, the lipstick machine is a product that meets the user's psychology. The lipstick machine just hit the user's psychology. Whether it is from the palace doll or the manufacturer who made the lipstick machine, it is just "collision" into the user's heart. As a manufacturer, we are constantly trying new products. As a venue supplier, we are constantly trying to launch new products. On the lipstick machine, both the manufacturer and the venue vendor are trying to be right. .

How does the lipstick machine that cures all diseases quickly occupy the market of gift machines?

Hope of igniting the gift machine market

The appearance of the lipstick machine not only brought the players a fresh entertainment experience, but also brought the rich revenue of the venue, which also inspired the ideas of the operators, greatly encouraged the confidence of the gift machine operators and encouraged the enterprises in the industry to Continue to create a sense of freshness for users, continue to innovate, and constantly introduce new products that are more in line with user psychology and in line with the market, bringing new hope to the long-established gift machine market, which is the positive force of the lipstick machine.

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