The lipstick is on hot, but some people are immersed in meditation...
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2018-11-02 13:47:43
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The development of everything has its two sides, and the lipstick machine is no exception, but we should learn to look at it in a dialectical manner. Just as the appearance of lipstick machine, due to its fiery degree, while bringing hope to the industry, because of the lack of a standardized management, its almost barbaric growth rate has also brought some adverse effects to the industry.

The lipstick is on hot, but some people are immersed in meditation...

Lipstick machine in shopping mall

Plagiarism is getting worse

Two months ago, the lipstick machine described in the instruction manual of the lipstick model promoted by a company in Guangzhou used the patented technology of a company in Beijing, and was suspected of selling products that infringed the patent rights of a company in Beijing. A company in Beijing filed a lawsuit with the company of its purchaser, Fuzhou, to the court, demanding that the defendant immediately stop production, sale and use of the product infringement of the patent right of the plaintiff to enjoy the utility model of “a vending cabinet”, and compensate the economy. The reasonable expenses for loss and rights protection totaled more than 500,000 yuan. Since the beginning of the fire machine, all kinds of plagiarism have occurred constantly. Whether it is technical plagiarism or plagiarism in appearance, for a time, the market is full of “replicating” lipstick machine products, which is dazzling.

In the interview process, one industry said to the author: "The current threshold of the game machine industry is still relatively low, and the threshold enterprise must have its own innovation ability and core R&D team, and have a complete production chain. And those companies that can only imitate and assemble, do not have their own technology, can only follow the big companies to catch some small profits. However, by imitation, plagiarism, always have to be eliminated, they can only copy these enterprises Yesterday, we will never be able to copy the future of these innovative companies, because they will never know what kind of innovative products these companies will produce tomorrow. Moreover, with the awareness of intellectual property protection, everyone’s awareness of anti-plagiarism will become more and more Strong, the road to development by plagiarism will become more and more difficult and destined to not last long. This is the trend of any enterprise and the entire industry."

The lipstick is on hot, but some people are immersed in meditation...

Market laying speed is too fast, product quality is difficult to guarantee

Although there are so many manufacturers of lipstick machines, they still can't meet the continuous demand of the venue. It is understood that at present, the top ten manufacturers who participate in the production of lipstick machines are basically not worthy of orders, and some orders even After a few months, even the smaller manufacturers are almost in short supply. This shows that the lipstick machine market is laying fast. But it is precisely because of this, some manufacturers are busy with the shipment in order to catch up with the progress, the quality control of the lipstick machine is no longer so strict, resulting in some quality unqualified from the product into the market, in the process of delivery, the failure is frequent, not only to The venue merchants caused losses and brought bad experiences to consumers.

Lipstick products are uneven, difficult to distinguish between true and false

Lipstick machines naturally have lipsticks. However, everyone knows that such popular big-name lipsticks as Chanel, Armani, Dior, Saint Laurent, and Givenchy, the price of one is two or three hundred dollars, and some popular colors are even more expensive. Difficult to get goods. However, the popular lipstick number is deeply loved by consumers. What should I do? Therefore, in order to attract consumers, or in order to save costs, some unscrupulous merchants choose to smuggle, purchase in a way to purchase goods, and more, directly use fakes instead of deceiving consumers. Over time, consumers will gradually “avoid” the lipstick machine. Not only will the profit of the venue business be affected, but the development of the entire industry will also be adversely affected.

"Price war": a war without smoke

"Price war", a war without smoke, although there is no smoke, it is enough to burn the entire game entertainment industry. Since the lipstick machine started to fire, almost all the manufacturers were producing lipstick machines overnight, and the machines were much smaller. In order to seize the market, manufacturers have sold a lipstick that is cheaper than a brand. machine. Some industry players pointed out: "The 'price war' occurs because these manufacturers do not have core competitiveness. In this war without smoke, what really wins is those enterprises that have core competitiveness in this product. 'Price war' is actually just a simple and rude business act." It is this simple and rude behavior that not only undermines the order of the market, but also affects the development of the entire industry.

A single explosive product is not enough to shake the development of the entire game entertainment industry

Since 2015, the game entertainment industry has shown a trend of rapid development. Nowadays, as the game entertainment industry is at a low point of the boom cycle, everyone in the industry is racking their brains to explore and find a way out. Although the emergence of the lipstick machine has given the hope of the game entertainment industry at the low point of the boom cycle, we have to admit that the game entertainment industry is so big and there are so many products, only a single explosion. The power of the machine is that there is no way to drive the development of the entire game entertainment industry. If the industry wants to continue to move forward, it must constantly introduce new products and stand on the user's point of view to produce new products that meet the user's psychology.

Industry order, common maintenance

If an industry wants to develop healthily and sustainably, it must have a certain order, whether it is the requirements for product quality, the regulation of market prices, the emergence of counterfeit and shoddy products, or the most crucial respect for innovative enterprises and intellectual property. They are a major source of positive energy in the industry. For enterprises, they have the ability to innovate to be competitive. Enterprises must constantly innovate on the basis of innovation. For the industry, not only must there be innovation, but also order, in order to revitalize the best vitality of an industry.

However, from the current production of lipstick machine to the production of the entire game entertainment industry, whether it is plagiarism, uneven product, or price competition, in a short period of time, these phenomena cannot be completely changed, nor is it light. It can be changed by one individual or one company. The long-term development of the game entertainment industry requires the participation of everyone in the industry.

In view of the above phenomenon, if you have a better experience, welcome to pay attention to the art style, share with you, the industry's stable order and healthy development, let us jointly maintain.

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