In the lifetime, you must go to see the ocean of "ball"
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2018-11-01 13:14:33
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Since the rise of the Million Ocean Ball Pool Project, it has been in full swing for less than two years and has spread to all major amusement parks in cities across the country. So, what exactly is the ocean ball? What other attractive places does it have? Take a look.

In the lifetime, you must go to see the ocean of "ball"

What is a million ocean ball?

Ocean ball (also known as colored ball), this magical children's toy, after 80 is not able to catch up with its wave; you see now in the ocean ball with the children chasing the fight, mostly want to make up for the childhood blank After 80. It became popular in Europe and the United States in 1992. It came to Hong Kong in 1995 and flowed into the mainland in 1996. It successfully occupied major shopping malls and outdoor children's playgrounds.

The history of the development of a million ocean balls

In fact, the ocean ball is no longer a new thing, as long as a few years ago. At that time, the operators simply put a few ocean balls in a pool for the tourists to play. Due to the lack of fun, the ocean ball has not been popular. Due to quantitative changes caused by qualitative changes, today's million marine ball project completely subverts the traditional marine ball game, which houses millions of marine balls and slides, trampolines, rollers, hot wheels and other popular small amusement facilities. Men, women and children are involved together. Millions of ocean balls can have a great development today, and it has to be said that it is the trend of the times.

In the lifetime, you must go to see the ocean of "ball"

The scope of the million ocean ball

Large shopping malls, large supermarkets, plazas, etc. are ideal places to operate, both indoors and outdoors. Whether it is business event promotion, real estate opening activity or personal investment management, it is a good choice to accommodate more than one million marine balls at the same time.

Million ocean ball pool customization considerations

1, must choose a big brand manufacturers

Determine the strength of the manufacturer, you can avoid being deceived and the after-sales problem of the product. It is best to choose the kind of manufacturer that is self-produced from the marine ball pool to the various amusement facilities inside and then to the small marine ball;

2, do not only select the manufacturer according to the quotation

You can consult a lot, and you must have a clearer comparison of the price and product quality before making a choice. Safety issues have always been the focus of the public, especially in amusement facilities, product quality is often more important than price, therefore, we must ensure the quality of the product;

3, to conduct on-site field visits to manufacturers, and it is best to also inspect customer sites

The venue is good, only know it when you play it yourself. Therefore, the opinions of consumers cannot be ignored. It is best to customize the million ocean balls after the inspection.

In the lifetime, you must go to see the ocean of "ball"

How can the ocean ball play?

1, one person to play: how to play how to play

2, play the game: bring the child, make friends, come to a throwing war! Of course, the premise is that it can be carried out under the premise of ensuring safety;

3, multiplayer game: a few people drowned in the ocean of the ball, hide and seek, buried snowman, only can not think of, can not play.

Children's area:

1. Slides. The parents took the children and the family flew together from the slide into the ocean ball pool. Hey, what about his wife? What about the baby?

2, super trampoline. Imagine squatting in the endless, colorful ocean ball pool, and it’s not fun to know how to fall.

3, giant inflatable roller. How to drill and how to roll is not afraid, how can you get a word?

4, is not enough internationalization is not enough? Then giant giant yellow man, tiger shark whale, big turtle doll shape, to grab a photo with your concave shape, enough.

5. Double inflatable kayak. Are you ready for the selfie stick?

6. Some million marine balls are still on the central stage, and one or two marine ball fountains are set up.

An air catching ball, a sea ball rain, was so gorgeously staged.

7, there are super large wave ball, climbing wall, diving platform, caterpillar tunnel, submarine, fish shake.

All of these are the perfect play equipments that are perfect for the marine ball pool. They must be, and must be huge and must be cool.

Adult area:

1. Swimming competition

Venue operators want to organize some activities to attract consumers. Swimming competition is a good choice. How to swim without water? Of course, swimming in a million ocean balls. So what is the experience of swimming in the ocean ball pool? I only know when I play, remember to tell me Xiaobian when you play back.

2, pillow contest

Can you imagine a group of adults standing in the pool of ocean balls, all holding pillows and smashing each other? Who is better than you, who, who incites you, who, of course, this is a joke, but such activities are indeed a good way to liberate nature and release stress. A pillow fight can free you from the tension of work, life, and study. Do you participate in such activities?

In the lifetime, you must go to see the ocean of "ball"

What are the benefits of children playing marine balls?

First of all, the color of the ocean ball is bright, which can stimulate the sensory development of the child's brain. Secondly, the shape of the ball of the ocean ball can give the child the best tactile effect and let the child get better palm development. Once again, in the process of playing a million ocean balls, the child can not only play alone, he will have contact, communication and communication with other children. In the process, the child's communication, interpersonal and self-confidence will A certain improvement, a certain role in promoting a good character.

How do operators of millions of ocean balls do?

Children's safety and health issues are not only the most concerned issues for parents, but also the concern of any million marine ball operators, because this directly affects their income, and no one million marine ball operators want it. I saw an accident about safety and health in my own site. At this time, what should be done as a million ocean ball operator?

1. Security issues are the first priority

The safety of the equipment is paramount. As with other paradise facilities, the facilities within a million ocean ball must first meet the relevant national standards; secondly, it needs to be rationally optimized according to the actual situation of the site to ensure the safety of consumers in the process of playing. These are the security issues of the device.

2, the child's personal safety issues

In addition, there are children's personal safety problems. In order to prevent children from being lost in the crowd, the venue operators can also set parent-child matching bracelets. Before entering the marine ball pool, the bracelets will be sent to parents and children respectively. At that time, only when the bracelet is correctly paired, the child can be left. This kind of action can effectively prevent the child from being lost or taken away by the person with the heart.

3. Health issues

Health issues are directly related to the revenue of the venue. Imagine a dirty paradise. Who would be willing to come in and play? Therefore, the health room in the million ocean ball pool is very important, how to do it? Please refer to the following points.

The daily cleaning work is as follows:

(1) tackle: the partition is carried out, and every corner is not let go;

(2) Vacuuming: use a back vacuum cleaner to clean the floor and remove dust;

(3) Mopping the floor and wiping the play: the staff carefully cleans the dirt;

(4) Disinfection: Disinfect water is disinfected according to the ratio of 1:400, and evenly sprinkled on the surface of the marine ball with a watering can, in addition to sterilization, ozone disinfection.

Give every ocean ball a full "bath" every week:

(1) Loading the ball: The ball washing bag is opened and the ball is loaded from the bottom of the ball pool.

(2) Washing the ball: Put the loaded ball into the ball washing pool and rinse it with a shower until it is not dripping.

(3) Drying: The washed ball is placed in the open space of the store to dry, and the washed ball is placed.

In the lifetime, you must go to see the ocean of "ball"

Do you know how many ocean balls are in each pool of marine balls? From a few hundred to a few thousand, is the scene of collecting all the ocean balls quite spectacular? The invisible details are the best interpretation of health and safety. The reason why the venue does this is that every child can rest assured that the children can be placed in the venue. Every child can play in the field and play happily and happily. .

After reading above, have you got a certain understanding of the million marine balls and their operations? Any project or site management requires a certain skill, a certain amount of time and hard work and effort to pay off. The million marine ball project is the same. Those who master the skills and are willing to work hard for it must have luck. Not too bad, what do you think?

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