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How to manage a good indoor naughty castle fun park?
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2018-10-29 16:23:25
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Naughty Fort is a new and comprehensive children's playground, which is also very popular among children and parents. Not only in the hearts of children and parents, but also in the children's play industry also has a very important position; although the prospect of naughty castle is good, but there are also many losses of business, which is inseparable from the way of operation of the late park, then, How can we manage a naughty castle parent-child park?

How to manage a good indoor naughty castle fun park?

First, select the location of the store according to the available cost of funds

No matter which city the naughty castle is located in, the location of the park, the convenience of transportation, and the flow of people nearby are all three factors that must be considered. Then, based on secondary reasons such as rental cost, the advantages and disadvantages are chosen. In the case that the cost of funds is not sufficient, you can choose to open the naughty castle parent-child park near the densely populated and relatively cheap rent. If the capital cost is sufficient, you can choose a shopping center with a large traffic flow and convenient transportation. Commercial complex.

Second, according to the naughty castle positioning, service objects fixed style decoration

For the naughty castle parent-child park, even other types of children's paradise, the decoration design of the park is crucial. The naughty castle parent-child park must have its own characteristics in the decoration, unique, so that it will be in the customer's It is easy to attract more customers to come to consume, and the increase in passenger flow can naturally drive the park's turnover. Naughty Fort Family Park can be decorated in a variety of styles, such as: ice and snow style, candy style, forest style, marine style, castle style and so on. The naughty parent-child paradise with a clear theme has strong appeal and impact on children. Reasonable regional design can stimulate children's imagination and creativity, and enrich children's aesthetic taste.

How to manage a good indoor naughty castle fun park?

Third, according to the customer's entertainment needs to buy products

The operators of the park must know that children of different ages have different children's entertainment needs. The merchants should also pay attention when purchasing children's entertainment equipment. According to the orientation of their own parks, they should pay attention to the equipment of the naughty castle. The age group, and placed in the venue according to the age of different areas, so that children can have fun. Good Naughty Fort Family Park equipment can develop children's own ideas. Children can explore according to their own ideas and develop various possible gameplays, which have a great impact on children's physical and mental development.

4. Promote according to the customer's consumption characteristics

The main promotion methods of Naughty Fort Family Park include outdoor promotion, WeChat promotion, group purchase promotion, event promotion, and media promotion. When promoting the Naughty Fort Family Park, merchants must promote and promote the consumption habits and consumption characteristics of different potential consumers. Targeted propaganda is often easier to achieve.

How to manage a good indoor naughty castle fun park?

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