Under the trend of children's business, do you want to operate a naughty castle? You want to get started with the Raiders here.
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Basic articles

First, what is naughty castle?

Naughty Fort, also known as the Children's Fort, is a new generation of children's activity center that is designed according to children's characteristics and formed by a combination of scientific three-dimensional combination of amusement, sports, puzzle and fitness. It can be said that it is a new type of comprehensive and extremely strong children's paradise. It is designed for children who like to drill, climb, slide, roll, sway, sway, jump and shake. Children can develop independent personality, exercise, and brain puzzle while playing. It is characterized by randomness, no power, interaction and safety. It is not restricted by the venue. It can be installed and managed simply no matter how large or irregular the site is. The Naughty Fortress project is a customized product and is the core abbreviation of the Children's Paradise. The project content can be customized according to your own venue.

Under the trend of children's business, do you want to operate a naughty castle? You want to get started with the Raiders here.

Second, the structure of naughty castle

There are many amusement equipments included in Naughty Fort, and the structure of different varieties is also different. The following is the introduction. In general, what are the structure of amusement equipment in Naughty Fort?

1, the roof

The roof is the highest part of the naughty castle, so the roof is generally seen first, so the main function of the roof is not only to stop the rain, but also the main function is to decorate the naughty castle, highlighting the theme of naughty castle equipment. Therefore, a set of high-end indoor naughty castles, the finishing touch is the roof. The design of the roof directly reflects the design quality of the designers and the understanding of the current world trends. At present, many roof designs in China, because the designers are separated from the children's psychology and The actual needs of the world's teaching aesthetics, the design of the roof in the shape of the full effect of the outstanding theme.

2, column

Naughty Fort's column is the most important part of the whole set of amusement equipment. It is the foundation of the whole set of amusement equipment. It plays a role of fixing and supporting. All components are fixed directly or indirectly on the pillars, so the pillars are like human bodies. Like the skeleton, it supports the stability and safety of the entire amusement equipment. In other words, the useful life of a set of amusement equipment, in addition to looking at plastic parts, another important indicator is to look at the quality of the pillars.

3, the platform

The naughty castle platform is the part of the amusement equipment. The children can play in the main area of the amusement equipment. The children can go from the stairs to the platform, and then the platform can choose to slide down to the ground or connect to another platform through the connector. Therefore, in the rules for planning the size of amusement equipment, we often divide by the number of platforms.

4, slide

The slide is the main function part of the amusement equipment. The slides are divided into single and double slides according to the slides. A set of amusement equipment can install multiple types of slides on one set according to different requirements, improving the overall aesthetics and practicability.

5, the connector

The connector is mainly used to connect the components of the two platforms. It can connect multiple platforms to form a whole, and the children can realize the communication between multiple platforms through the connector part. Most of the shapes used in the connector parts are arch bridges and drill cages.

6, shabby 

The naughty castle coaming is mainly used to form guardrail protection around the platform, so that the activities of the children on the platform will become very safe, and in order to increase the fun and match the theme of the play, the guardrail is varied in shape.

7. Stairs

Stairs are climbing tools used by children from the ground to the platform. Stairs are not just simple stair shapes. According to age and physical exercise requirements, stairs come in many forms, such as climbing ladders and flying saucers. These stairs are not only exercised. The children's ability to climb and balance has a great effect, as well as the ability to modify the overall play equipment.

Under the trend of children's business, do you want to operate a naughty castle? You want to get started with the Raiders here.

The general amusement equipment of Naughty Fort is completed by these structures. If there are highly demanding equipment, the structure is different.

Third, naughty castle common items and functions

1. Drilling holes: Mainly let children have comprehensive exercise in physical fitness, and limb movements are developed.

2, crazy artillery array: exercise physical fitness, stimulate children's aggressive spirit and the courage to overcome difficulties.

3, the ocean ball pool: you can learn color, points, grouping, calculation, throwing, tapping, cleaning, discipline, habits and so on.

4, trampoline: exercise his leg muscles, improve physical coordination.

5, balance platform: build the ability to balance the body.

6. Slides: The children's limbs and body coordination are continuously and completely exercised on the slide. 

7. Duoqiao: Establish the ability to balance the body, improve the coordination of the body, and exercise the guts of the child. 

8, swing bridge: establish a body balance ability, improve physical coordination, exercise children's guts.

9, air gliding: exercise physical fitness, to stimulate children's courage to overcome difficulties.

10. Massage Ball: Test children's vestibular balance and gravity.

11, shake music: comprehensive adjustment of the inherent feeling and vision.

Of course, there are some other products, we will not introduce them here. 

Fourth, new development products: electric parent-child paradise

1. Coconut Tree: Children climb and sit in a safe parallel rotation, coordinate and stabilize through the upper and lower limbs, form a new balance experience, and promote the improvement of sensory integration ability.

2, water roller: children with a smart and agile movement to control a floating ball on the water, you can exercise children's limb coordination.

3, water slide: add a dynamic element on the traditional concept of the slide, making it a new look in use, visual, children enjoy the happy moment of sliding down, the sound of water makes them more happy.

4. Panting: The children are constantly climbing up on the shaken slider, and press the button when climbing to the top, indicating that the adventure is successful, which not only can exercise children's adventure, tenacity, but also let them experience A sense of accomplishment after completing the task.

Under the trend of children's business, do you want to operate a naughty castle? You want to get started with the Raiders here.

5, happy octopus: children in the equal rotation, using climbing, climbing to maintain body balance, promote children's waist, back, abdomen and limbs endurance development.

6, water bed: children in the perception of the smooth, soft and unstable characteristics of the water bed, under the natural state of the challenge, accumulate control and active body experience.

7. Treasure boat: Children form a benign stimulus on the ship that swings up and down, which can enrich the ontological experience of young children and the healthy development of the nervous system.

8, small turntable: children in the slow rotation, the handrails on the high platform, can create an active balance for them to maintain the coordination of the movement.

9. Balloon House: The scientific principle of air convection and the special balloon with colorful and light materials are perfectly combined. When the children step into this space, it seems to enter the dream world.

10, inflatable trampoline: combined with traditional inflatable bouncing, climbing slides and other items, increase the use of the inner circulation of the scientific principles of the airflow, so that the balloon is constantly turning, so that children enjoy the same feeling of weightlessness in space.

11, time and space shuttle: children through the vertical rotation, improve the development and maturity of the nervous system, in the rotating game challenges, accumulate experience, develop self-confidence and adaptability.

12, swing climbing frame: children on a constantly swinging climbing frame, free to climb up and down, the purpose is to increase children's endurance and physical fitness, exercise balance and coordination.

All kinds of amusement projects have positive significance for the growth of young children.

Five, naughty castle project and description

Naughty Fort is designed according to the characteristics of children. Through a scientific three-dimensional combination, it forms a new generation of children's activity center integrating amusement, sports, puzzle and fitness. The children are placed in a thrilling and safe and relaxing amusement environment. The facility is conducive to children's full vitality and imagination. While having fun, the body is aerobic endurance; it is conducive to satisfying the psychological requirements of children who are competitive, unwilling to lag behind, and willing to explore, so that children are healthier. Happy to grow up wisely; at the same time, it is conducive to cultivating children's brave, tenacious, tenacious personality, exercising speed, strength, balance, coordination and other qualities, to achieve the purpose of physical fitness, brain and brain.

Under the trend of children's business, do you want to operate a naughty castle? You want to get started with the Raiders here.

The main items in Naughty Fort are: trampoline, marine ball pool, aerial gliding, single-wood bridge, iron bridge, driving warehouse, rotating slide, sliding tube, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, volcanic eruption, carbines, cannon, cartoon stall, air sedan, coconut Trees, water beds, balloon houses, horses, time and space shuttles, happy octopus, inflatable trampoline, water slides, water rollers, pirate ships, mini-turning animals, etc.

Sixth, the precautions about naughty castle

1. Follow the instructions mentioned in the Naughty Fort. Before entering the naughty castle, you should take off your shoes and put them in the shoe cabinet, and carry the items you carry them in the lockers to maintain the hygiene and safety in the naughty castle.

2, the overall design of naughty castle products, should be able to see and touch the place can not have sharp objects, hard objects and other things that are easy to cause harm to children. If there are sharp objects in individual places, you should stay away from this area and inform the operator.

3. Naughty Fort is generally used for children under 2-8 years old and 1-3 meters in height. Children under 6 years old are required to be accompanied by guardians. Parents should not bring items into the naughty castle to avoid scratching the body during the game.

4. When the child enters the naughty castle to play, the guardian should do a safe education for the child and remind the child not to play in the facility.

5, the protective net outside the naughty castle only plays a protective role, it is forbidden to climb and pull hard.

6. It is forbidden to damage the amusement facilities. You cannot open the back cover, seat cover, touch power supply and wiring. Otherwise, the consequences are at your own risk.

7. Children who are not physically fit enter the naughty castle to play, such as tic disorder and heart problems. 

Opening shop 

I understand some of the basic contents of the above naughty castle. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the naughty castle. However, if you want to open a children’s naughty castle paradise, it is not enough to understand these, because it involves not only the operators. Naughty castle infrastructure, project classification, material selection, etc., also involves the choice of store address, installation of accessories, software facilities, park management, marketing and so on. Below, let's take a look at what you need to know when opening a children's naughty castle!

Under the trend of children's business, do you want to operate a naughty castle? You want to get started with the Raiders here.

First, naughty castle site selection

01 comprehensive shopping mall. This kind of shopping mall is generally classified, and it is easy to eat, drink, and buy. Therefore, this kind of mall is generally popular, and there is a separate floor for the children's area, which is the preferred venue for indoor children's play.

02 rental mall. This type of mall is generally not starting to be rented at a very high cost. Once the successful investment is too popular, it can be chosen for such a venue.

03 supermarket mall. This kind of general popularity is very prosperous, but it is difficult to settle in. If there is a certain relationship, you can go in. It is the best choice for indoor children's playground. If you have a pedestrian street, bustling street frontage store is also a very good choice.

04 high-end neighborhood. Basically all high-end residential areas will have naughty castles, and it is not too bad compared to supermarkets.

05 indoors If the customer does not have a suitable indoor venue, you can also consider the outdoor. Outdoor venues can choose places with large traffic, such as parks and a part of the community, which can be used as the focus of the venue.

Second, the marketing of naughty castle park

The promotion and promotion of Naughty Castle Park can be all-rounded by “sea, land and air”. From the beginning of the promotional coupons to the pricing of the park tickets, the pricing should be based on the local consumption level, but also to establish a paradise member's file, and the kindergarten parent-child interactive hall and other activities, regular promotions and so on.

Under the trend of children's business, do you want to operate a naughty castle? You want to get started with the Raiders here.

Third, naughty castle accessories installation

First of all, you need to find a large population, close to the residential area, and the venue of the child will wait until you confirm the intention of the venue, the operator will start to make a budget, and then contact the appropriate naughty accessories to install the manufacturer according to the budget investment amount. According to the manufacturer's quotation, it is best to conduct a field visit, mainly for the safety hazard after the installation of the accessories, and whether the materials used are safe and so on. The most important thing is that the accessories are not harmful to the child's body or have any hidden dangers. Then according to the actual situation, the size of the naughty castle is reasonably planned, and the goods are selected by one of the three most favorable manufacturers. 

Fourth, paradise software facilities 

In the short term, your park may be able to attract children through the novelty and colorfulness of the equipment. If your park wants to continue to operate for a long time, you must have your own characteristics and need strong innovation to last. meter. 

Five, naughty castle management 

After the installation of the naughty castle accessories is completed, it is necessary to hire a suitable staff to manage. First of all, you need to carry out further training for the staff of the park. When training, it is necessary to strengthen the cultivation of responsibility. It is recommended that if there are conditions, you can recruit teachers with preschool education experience or junior college graduates or university graduates. They know more about children's psychology, so that they can guide children to play correctly, and they can engage in activities in the park, like some second half-price activities to increase the playability of the park, and the decoration of the park should also be based on children. Their preferences come.

Under the trend of children's business, do you want to operate a naughty castle? You want to get started with the Raiders here.

Sixth, the four points that naughty castle operations need to pay attention to

1. Budget working capital

Nothing can be done without the support of funds. The same is true for naughty castles. When we have such an idea, we must think about it in our minds. Is there enough initial venture capital support? What will happen after the operation, how much income a day, how long it will recover the cost, etc. Also calculate the difference in how much you can earn in a day, the difference between Monday and Friday and holidays. The ultimate goal we care about is how long it takes to recover costs and profits.

2, children's playground venue

For children's entertainment, not a good venue is not acceptable. The operation of Naughty Fort is mostly at home and abroad, because shopping malls and supermarkets are a good gathering place for people. However, shopping malls and supermarkets are not the only choice. We can also do some professional children's amusement stores. For example, we can learn from good domestic and foreign cases. If you choose to choose a location, you should also consider the surrounding buildings. What is the main, it is conducive to determine the configuration and size of the naughty castle.

3. Paradise equipment products

Paradise equipment products are also an important one. With the above preconditions, product safety and quality is also very important. Children's safety is the first consideration. If there is a safety problem with the product, the corresponding operating income will definitely fall. Therefore, when purchasing products, we must choose a company with safety related certificates and can guarantee the safety and quality of our products.

4. Paradise business model

Naughty Fort's operation, operating a single naughty castle alone, generally has no other combination of naughty castles. Children love to play with love, and a single naughty castle can't attract children's attention for a long time. When planning the naughty castle site, we can set up some supporting facilities such as a mouse machine, a digital machine, a three-seat horse, and a rotating aircraft. This will give the children more choices and will have a corresponding effect on the income for a longer period of time. In the business model, we must continue to innovate, can not stand still, we must find ways to give children new toys and play. In addition, you can set the membership card to match, and do the corresponding matters according to the specific situation.

In addition, when the venue is renovated, see if there are toilets, lockers, beverage areas, etc. on the side of the entertainment area. In short, stand in the perspective of everything for the convenience of customers. Also avoid competing in the same area, unless you are far ahead of each other in the design of the product. Other aspects, such as recruitment, shop preparation, publicity, etc., can be prepared by themselves.

Only by knowing your own products can you better promote your products and give the parents the benefits of paradise. It is the core of the children's paradise. Therefore, before operating the naughty castle, these things have to be understood.

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