Firefighting common sense necessary for indoor children's park sales staff
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2018-10-30 16:46:28
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As a public place for children to play, the indoor children's playground has always been the most concerned issue for parents. Especially for holidays and weekends, people come and go, bustling indoor amusement parks are full of children; children's self-protection ability It is very weak. Therefore, the sales staff of the children's playground must take safety measures. For indoor parks, fire prevention measures must be carried out very strictly. Business personnel should also have certain fire safety knowledge to ensure that children can play. Safety. So, what are the common fire prevention knowledge in indoor amusement parks?

Firefighting common sense necessary for indoor children's park sales staff

1, the staff should do "four understand four meetings"

Four understand: Understand the fire hazards in this position; know how to prevent fires; know how to save fires; know how to escape.

Four sessions: will alarm; will save the initial fire; will organize evacuation and escape; will use fire equipment.

2, site selection to avoid high floors and underground sites

According to national regulations, children's entertainment venues should be set on the first to third floors of shopping malls. It is strictly prohibited to be located in underground shopping malls or on floors above four floors. The safety exits for children's entertainment venues should not be less than two. It is best to have an independent. Entrance and exit.

3, product materials should be environmentally safe

In the event of a fire, a large amount of toxic fumes from combustible materials are the main cause of death due to suffocation. Therefore, the materials used in recreational facilities must be non-combustible, non-combustible materials or flammable materials after flame retardant treatment.

4, fire equipment must be prepared

The fire equipment in the park should be adequately prepared, including fire extinguishers, fire emergency lights and evacuation signs. If you find that the amusement machine has a smell of smoke or burnt, you should immediately turn off the power. Electrical equipment must be laid in accordance with the requirements of the code. When the tube is in place, when using high-power appliances, keep a sufficient distance from the combustibles.

Firefighting common sense necessary for indoor children's park sales staff

5. Regular fire protection training and exercises

Formulate practical and feasible emergency evacuation plans, and regularly conduct fire protection knowledge training and organization drills for children's park business personnel; in addition, the evacuation passages of children's parks should be kept open at all times.

Take precautions in advance to take precautions; the details of any safety hazard cannot be ignored.

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