Grasping a doll is not only about grasping the hearts of consumers, but also operating concepts and methods are more successful.
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The claw machine is not a doll, it is the heart of the consumer, then your consumer is moving?

Grasping a doll is not only about grasping the hearts of consumers, but also operating concepts and methods are more successful.

In fact, catching the doll machine is not a new thing. In China, it has existed for more than 20 years and currently has a stock of up to 2 million units. Colorful doll machine, not only the game hall, video game city essential items, but also in shopping centers, cinemas, supermarkets, pedestrian streets, where the fans are everywhere, even know and Baidu experience, but also full of dolls Skill posts. Such a kind of "simple and cute" game equipment is not only not eliminated by the new and old players, but also popular among fans of all ages. What kind of psychological secrets are behind this wonderful attraction?

1. The winning mentality brought by dopamine

When people throw a few coins into the doll machine, they feel that they are likely to catch a doll of more than a dozen dollars. This is the reward circuit in the brain. The reward circuit, also known as the marginal system dopamine reward circuit, is a neural network composed of the deep nucleus of the nucleus, the caudate nucleus, the putamen, the thalamus, the hypothalamus, the amygdala, and the medial prefrontal lobes. It is a stimulus related to processing and rewards, or an expectation of a reward. At the moment when the doll machine was started, the brain had already produced the imagination of “catch the doll” and “catch the favorite doll”, that is, the reward expectation, followed by the rapid increase of dopamine levels, and dopamine is People feel the substance of pleasure and excitement. If the doll is successfully caught, the reward circuit will further give the sweet feeling of dopamine, and if not caught (in most cases), the dopamine level will drop to a lower level than normal, giving a feeling of "disappointment". At this time, in order to re-raise the experience, people tend to catch it again, and the secretion of dopamine will be “intermittently enhanced” in this iterative process. The more difficult it is to predict, the more fascinating the process, even if the probability of catching the doll is known. Far less than the chance of falling, it is still difficult to give up the temptation of "again." This kind of fantasies will catch the doll in the next second, just like the psychology of imagining that he will win the prize in the next second. It brings a strong excitement and is immersive.

2, fragmented entertainment is more suitable for daily needs

The process of catching a doll is just helping people to release stress and regulate emotions, so even adults can't refuse to "catch a few" occasionally. Compared with other psychological adjustment methods that require long-term investment, there is another important reason for the popularity of the doll machine, which is its "fragmented entertainment" quality. There are several factors in this trait: one is the "low threshold for economic and time cost." No matter how adults or children, no one will mind this expenditure, why not; and the second is "high in the relaxed environment." "Contact rate", where the doll machine is placed, it is a place for leisure and consumption. Under the premise of psychological preparation, people are exposed to a sufficient number of images and amiable dolls, plus current mobile payment. Developed, even the trouble of changing coins is saved. "Go and grab it" becomes a very natural action; the third is "convenience, fun", although some people specialize in the skills of catching dolls, but they can also Play, simple operation and an atmosphere full of childlike fun further enhance people's participation. The "fragmented entertainment" grabbing machine fully adapts to people's daily and random needs, and is naturally popular.

Grasping a doll is not only about grasping the hearts of consumers, but also operating concepts and methods are more successful.

3, reduce the defense of others to close the psychological distance

There is also an interesting phenomenon about catching doll machines: young couples tend to grab dolls more than children and give dolls to each other, and even mature, serious adults are often not ashamed to catch dolls, and even happy to Show off loot on social networks. This is actually a kind of interpersonal interaction driven by a defensive mindset. It is undeniable that the act of “caught the doll” itself, the behavioral process of focusing on the doll, and the image of various dolls are all “staying in the air”, and this “staying in the cuteness” is precisely in the interpersonal relationship. Distance invisible weapons. Couples catching dolls together convey the feelings of intimacy and innocence, while in the social network, the dolls are silently expressing the attitude of "I am so cute, I am harmless." These transmissions and expressions, whether intentional or not, are reducing the defense of others, and at the same time, they also strengthen self-defense. The beauty of it is worth knowing.

Three major misunderstandings in the management of entrepreneurs

Steven Hoffman is the founder of Founders Space, the world's leading incubator, and is also known in the industry as the “Silicon Valley Business Captain”. In the past three years, Hoffman has had in-depth exchanges with more than 100 Chinese entrepreneurs. He found that Chinese entrepreneurs mainly showed the following three misunderstandings.

Product trap misunderstanding. Successful start-ups tend to focus on the perfection of a product and believe that it can create business value. But Hoffman believes that such risks are great. He suggested that entrepreneurs rethink business models. For example, Dong Xuezhen, an entrepreneur of intelligent thermostats, has fallen into a product trap. He is keen on emphasizing the quality assurance and improvement of the constant temperature wine cabinets, but ignores the thermostat. The screen of the cabinet can bring commercial possibilities to the advertising model.

Decent in the wrong zone. The failure of many entrepreneurs is due to team conflicts. Members are reluctant to express different opinions because of their face and decent. But this will increase the cost of communication, and may even accumulate misunderstandings between team members, eventually leading to conflicts. Hoffman believes that it is not advisable to hide the problem because of fear of risk. Honesty is the first step in building trust, which is the cornerstone of any commercial success.

Passionate about the misunderstanding of the answer. Just like China's exam-oriented education, excellent students will find multiple solutions and answers for a problem, and then choose the best one. Chinese entrepreneurs are similar, and the operator is often the one with the best answer, leading everyone to solve business problems according to his answers. This can indeed give full play to the advantages of the operators, but it will also cause the enterprises to rely too much on the situation of the operators, resulting in organizational rigidity.

Hoffman advocates that entrepreneurs need to change their management methods and ask questions to team members. For example, "What do you think should be the priority of your current job?" "What do you think we need to do to achieve this goal?" and many more. Let team members decide what they want to do, instead of telling them what to do and how to do it. This kind of question-based management is to let employees have the initiative and spontaneity of their work. Can make the team more agile, more proactive and more efficient.

Grasping a doll is not only about grasping the hearts of consumers, but also operating concepts and methods are more successful.

For different consumers, how can venue operations locate their own venues? Let's take a look at how other stores do it.

Intensive cultivation

Intensive cultivation refers to a group of machines that are not paved or not far apart. They are managed by one or two people and are responsible for placing dolls, selling coins, collecting coins, guiding players to operate, and doing small activities.

This kind of management is in place, the customer's willingness to consume is relatively strong, and the dutykeeper can also ensure that the machine fault is found and solved in time, the customer's opinion can also be expressed in time, and usually cooperate with some store activities, such as ten small dolls to redeem a big doll. Wait. This kind of operation mode can maximize the benefits of single shop, but because of the characteristics of the doll machine, it is said that it is necessary to collect money to make up the doll, so it is difficult to get rid of the husband and wife mode.

Minimum resource operation

The so-called minimum resource refers to minimizing operating costs and maximizing revenue through various means. For example, a doll machine with an automatic promotion function. Operators usually use this to negotiate with the venue (usually shopping malls, cinemas) to achieve rent reduction.

In this way, the area and location of the site that may be acquired is not very satisfactory, but the win is low, the trial and error costs and the cycle are very short. The effect is good, you can continue to talk about adding more equipment, the effect is not good, directly withdraw the field, looking for the next target.

Boutique high-end route

As the name suggests, it is to do high-end dolls, some with IP authorization, some of them are not authorized but work very well at a cost of thirty or forty yuan. The price of the game is raised, and the chance of the gift is lowered. This method needs to be adapted to local conditions, and the placement of the machine is very important, and it usually works very well in high-end consumer places. By increasing the unit price of the game and improving the grade of the doll, the result is a multiplication of revenue. The user's willingness to actively spread is very strong, and the second or indirect consumption ratio is relatively high. If the operation is proper, the effect is very good.

In summary, we can generally summarize the business model of the doll machine. In principle, we just sell all kinds of dolls to consumers through a game. As for the specific interactive process, it can be ever-changing. Each point has its own characteristics. We don't stick to the dogmatic method and ignore the various details encountered in the business process. It is very likely that the customer's words, one action, can wake up the operator and open a new profit point.

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