The patrol shop is not going through the show, how to efficiently check the store? The six modules of the park inspection
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2018-10-27 16:18:45
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The operation and management of the park cannot be separated from inspections. Through inspections, measures such as inspection, communication and reporting of existing problems are found to find solutions to problems and enhance the comprehensive operational capabilities of the park.

The inspection is to see the details! The question is, do you have the ability to see details, study details, and improve details? There is a job to check if you have this ability, shop inspection! There is nothing more patrolling than watching customers, and using patrols to communicate with managers and employees at all levels to gather first-hand information is more reliable than any survey.

It is important to conduct inspections, but many park inspections have only gone through the scenes. Even if inspections are carried out, the problems in many parks will not be substantially resolved. Today, we mainly introduce the six modules of the park inspection!

First, the main points of the park inspection

Inspect the key areas:

Entrance, play area, warehouse, cashier area, gift area

Highlights of inspections:

Goals, sales, image, goods, services, people, equipment, safety

Inspector: duty manager, supervisor

Inspection tool: checklist 

Inspection time: 1 hour or so (adjusted according to store size and play area)

Second, the content and specifications of the park inspection

The first module store target inspection

1. Are all the staff of the store clear about the overall goals and personal goals of this stage?

2. Does the store staff know the progress of the target in real time?

3. Is it accurate and timely to fill out the store target control form?

4. Does the store hold a morning or evening meeting to follow up on the target?

5. Does it focus on the promotion of business morale during business hours?

6. Is there any abnormality in the target progress?

7. Do all personnel have confidence in the completion of the target at this stage?

8. Do you actively learn to achieve your goals?

9. Is there an effective incentive and adjustment for the working status of all personnel?

10. Are you actively accepting supervision and supervision of the progress of the target?

Second module store sales supervision

1. Is the customer greeted by the clerk after entering the store?

2. Can the customer observe immediately after entering the store?

3. Can you quickly judge the customer's intention?

4. Can you quickly outline the needs of customers in your mind?

5. When is the opportunity to take the opportunity to take the initiative, whether to take the initiative to introduce the play project

6. Whether to try to retain customers many times, recommend other users interested in play projects

7. Listen to the customer's statement if there is enough patience

8. Is it possible to continuously recommend and ultimately lock customer needs?

9. Can introduction and recommendation be turned into experience naturally and quickly?

10. Can you face the objection of the customer calmly?

11. Can you create customer value while solving objections?

12. Can I quickly lead the transaction after the objection is processed?

13. In case of strong rejection by customers, can you quickly understand their needs?

14. Whether to explain the use, storage and maintenance of the prepaid card

15. Is it appropriate to send the guest when the customer leaves?

The third module store image supervision

1. Out-of-store stickers, POP, light box placement specifications

2. No obstacles such as baby carriages and trash cans prevent customers from entering the store.

3. Play equipment looks hygienic, clean, no dirt, normal and stable function

4. The window is neat and dust-free, and the props are neat and new.

5. Timely adjustment when the goods are out of stock, increase the fullness

6. Keep the business license, power of attorney, honor certificate, etc. clean

7. The main image is not damaged, bubbles, and detachment

8. There are no expired or invalid promotional materials in the store.

9. The promotional items used are neat and tidy.

10. The store has soft light and moderate brightness, which can attract customers.

11. Keep room temperature at around 26 degrees and well ventilated

12. The background music is soothing, bright and moderate, creating a paradise

13. Special music for holidays and special business hours

14. Hanging flags, banners, POP and other atmospheres are arranged appropriately.

15. There is no garbage, cigarette butts and tea scale in the customer's rest area.

Third, the park inspection case sharing

During the patrol of the park, it was found that the checkout counter had a small dispute with the grandson and the cashier. Originally, the poster content pasted in the park was the event discount of the previous period. The discounted strength compared with the current package was relatively large. The customer went to the checkout counter and said that he would recharge the 300 yuan package. After the cashier system was completed, the discounts and gifts were given to the customer. The customer responded incorrectly. After asking the cashier, the current A refund of the card is required.

However, the cashier's system authority is that there is no permission to operate the refund, and it needs to be reported to the supervisor for the supervisor to handle.

At this time, there were already 5 or 6 guests at the checkout counter waiting for the checkout counter.

The display of POP needs to be flat and paste, the surface is neat and tidy, the content is accurate, and the contents of the season activities should be caused. Otherwise, unnecessary complaints will be caused, causing dissatisfaction of the guests, and serious cases will disrupt the operation order. After this inspection, the problem was found to require the store to immediately remove expired POPs and provide training in the service of cashiers. After that, there was no similar situation, and the customer satisfaction survey for the next two months rose steadily.

Fourth, all-round inspection

Participating departments: all frontline management and supervisors

Frequency: once a week

Content: Omni-directional scanning management and management (vulnerabilities, misunderstandings, implementation, weakness, danger, hidden dangers)

Specification: check records, not go through the scene; on-site settlement, follow-up execution; time-limited resolution, designation of special personnel; case discussion, record tracking.

5. Inspect the content of competitors

Patrol content

1. The price of the main sales combination

2. Commodity structure and promotion atmosphere

3. Customer service and needs 

6. Inspect the operating specifications of competitors

Competitive operating specification

1. Regularly determine competitive items (quantity, structure, precision)

2. Competitive evaluation (competition strategy, sales share, gross profit contribution)

3. Market transfer requirements (time limit, long-term, targeted, professional)

The problems found in the inspections are more important, the quick response after the problem is discovered, and the immediate processing. In this way, the ability of the store staff to supervise, manage, and solve problems can be improved, and the comprehensive operational capability of the park can be improved.

Paradise inspection target

1. In order to encourage the park to maintain the brand's standardized operational operations.

2. In order to provide guidance and help to the store manager.

3. In order to achieve the performance of the park's business standards and profits.

4. In order to achieve operational management improvement programs, effective implementation of supervision.

The patrol shop is not going through the show, how to efficiently check the store? The six modules of the park inspection

Contents and specifications of the park inspection

The fourth module store service supervision

1. Whether the work clothes are neatly dressed and the badge is worn correctly.

2. Is the facial makeup fresh and generous, and the personal hygiene is neat and tidy?

3. Do you maintain a sincere smile during business hours?

4. Is the customer concentrating and listening carefully when speaking?

5. Whether to treat each customer with enthusiasm and initiative

6. Are you proficient in using service terms?

7. Do you have anything unrelated to work in the park?

8. Is there an uncivilized behavior in the park?

9. Whether to give customers the space to browse freely in the store

10. Concise and accurate when answering customer inquiries

11. Customers express their sincere gratitude and pay to sing and pay

12. Is it timely to pass the new package and promotion information to the customer?

13. Greetings in advance on the customer's birthday

14. Regularly hold customer opinion survey data

15. Regularly agree to organize special events for old customers

The fifth module store staff supervision

1. Can you quickly and accurately understand the focus of your work tasks?

2. Is the procedure for the work execution correct?

3. Can you abide by work practices, systems and other regulations?

4. Can we respond positively to the sudden events in the park?

5. Coping with the response to the policy and interests of the park

6. Whether the loss and trouble of the park caused by unauthorized self-distribution

7. Is there a high will and enthusiasm for improving the status quo?

8. Can you actively learn the knowledge and skills needed in your work?

9. Do you have the basic knowledge required for your position?

10. Do colleagues take the initiative to help when they encounter difficulties?

11. Is it possible to restrain others from complying with institutions and discipline?

12. Respect each customer, customer-oriented

13. Is there a perfunctory phenomenon in the work?

14. Can you always propose new ideas and new ideas?

15. Do you actively promote team unity and cooperation?

The sixth module store merchandise supervision 

1. Whether to check the daily hygiene and quality of the goods

2. Whether the display and the lighting, color overall match is appropriate

3. Whether the combination of merchandise and display props is harmonious and comfortable

4. Whether the main push product is displayed through the exhibition

5. Is the content, texture and price of the product easy to see?

6. Is the inventory commodity account clear, clear and true?

7. Does the promotional item have special promotion and display?

8. Whether the customer needs the goods out of stock to register

9. Whether the maintenance procedure is clearly stated to the customer

10. Does the commodity report have a clear responsible person to fill in?

Paradise inspection case sharing

In a paradise inspection, I found that a small employee in the main park was not standing right, leaning against the wall, crossing his hands on his chest and chatting with other colleagues. At this point, a customer came to the park with children wanting to play, waving to the small A move: "Hey, how to charge for this park play? Is it here to give money directly to play?"

Xiao A did not move, pointing to the checkout counter: "Go to the cashier to buy a card to recharge." After that, he turned around and talked with his colleagues.

When the guests came to the checkout counter, the first step was to complain to the cashier: "Beauty, how do your employees have this kind of service attitude, ignore it, respond to perfunctory, and stand still. I really don't know that he is a customer. Or I am a customer. If my baby wants to play, I want to go."

The cashier is now, to comfort the customer's emotions, and to explain to the customer how to play and play with the card. Let another employee bring the customer into the main park and promptly report the complaint to the duty manager about the customer.

In the patrol, the employee’s work behavior and customer complaints should be corrected and regulated at the moment, and the employees’ behavior should be dispersed, and they should be stanced and asked to stand up and concentrate on the customer service. The customer's complaint. After the customer makes a complaint against Xiao A, he should immediately point out to Xiao A that he is wrong with his sloppy work attitude and service speech, and gives him the correct words and gives a verbal warning.

to sum up

In the daily paradise inspection, the park inspection should be planned in advance, and relevant materials should be prepared to confirm the presence of the supervisor on duty. During the inspection, the problems found in the last inspection should be reviewed to see if they were processed on time and on demand. Secondly, in the process of paradise inspection, in addition to discovering the problems in the operation of the park, we can also find out where the operation of the park is improved, explore its advantages compared with other store operations, form a role model and share it as a case to promote the common progress and improvement of other stores. Performance.

The inspection of the park is not only an important way to maintain the VI image of the store, regulate the operation of the store, improve the service quality of the park, and maintain the brand image. It is also a way for the store to convey relevant information and policies of the headquarters and to report relevant information to the headquarters.

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