Tourist Attractions IP: A unique story to achieve an IP
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2018-10-27 16:25:47
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The classic case of travel IP is Disney. Tourism IP is not something that has been formed since its inception. It is also constantly updating, adjusting and fulling. For example, Universal Studios, which is already a popular tourist IP, has developed the "Harry Potter Magic World."

Tourist Attractions IP: A unique story to achieve an IP

Part 1 What is IP?

Some people say: IP, Intellectual Property is a unique identifier for intellectual property. For the scenic spot, it is the image recognition product of the scenic spot. The IP of tourism planning industry, including BI, VI, MI, AI, etc., can be IP, but only one of the most representative, positioning, cognition, and sentiment is selected in this system. Now it is installed in IP. It is similar to the early tourism VI cognition.

Others say that IP is the Internet Protocol, which is what we call the network IP address. IP also has a core definition. How do you find me in the case of market reaction, giving the concept of positioning, in the network language, is to give you my image recognition and my specific address.

This IP can connect everything. Games, graphics, music, literature, and video are all identifiable data. IP means a lot of data, customer base, and traffic.

In the complicated market, I found me. I have a tourism landscape with remarkable recognition function. I have a specific image of travel service. I am unique in the market. I have my own IP address.

Part 2 What does the travel IP specifically contain?

Tourism design, tourism string adjustment, tourism area creation, tourism destination formation.

For example, the whole world tourism is to first mine all the highlights, and then according to the system string, and finally to develop the tourism area, and finally the choice of destination.

Part 3 How does the travel IP play?

How was the tourist destination of Disneyland formed?

First of all, Disney has a complete set of tourism IP system, nearly a thousand popular travel image films (movies), such as Snow White, Donald Duck and so on. This is the point. When the point is connected, for example, the castle-centered tourism system has formed a fairy tale system style. The appropriate tourism products have been built around these, and finally the system has been implemented in accordance with the customer base. The result is a tourist destination Disneyland.

Tourism IP is not something that has been formed since its inception. It is also constantly updating, adjusting and fulling. For example, Universal Studios, which is already a popular tourist IP, has developed the "Harry Potter Magic World." And Disney is also developing "Avatar World", the newly released movie "Crazy Animal City" is hot, maybe a real "Crazy Animal City" will rise in Disneyland.

Some people also said: If tourism IP is intellectual property, does it mean that tourism IP can not be copied? Disney's things, from cartoon characters, to movies, to clothing, and even small toy pencil cups, the image is very reproducible. If we talk about the protection of intellectual property rights, there is a layer of meaning that we should oppose the unprincipled reproduction of this image.

It was also suggested that intellectual property rights originally emphasized the value of protecting innovation and achieving innovation. How to apply in the tourism industry is the key, not just a series of image creation. The connotation of Journey to the West is deeper, but unfortunately it has been done badly and has been rigid.

Tourist Attractions IP: A unique story to achieve an IP

Part 4 What is the ultimate purpose of Tourism IP?

The ultimate goal of IP is to increase the profitability of travel products, brand and image, IP products and technology are very important. Simply put, the money sold by Yangshan Peach as a brand is not the same as the money sold by ordinary Wuxi peaches.

Of course, although the above-mentioned "master" and "heroes" discussed things that cannot cover all of the travel IP, but the basic aspects are mentioned, Xiaobian has benefited a lot.

Part 5 IP is never a tall thing.

It has always been a very simple and simple existence, and it may be that the streets and the streets may also be rural countryside. And when you look back, but where you run a good tourist attraction, you must have its own distinctive IP with its distinctive features. The IP in the tourist industry can be content, culture, can be a selling point, and can be an element that attracts tourists...

Part 6 The IP of the tourist attraction may be a story

Like many tourist attractions, figurations that have evolved from a legend, such as Shanhaiguan, Luhuitou, etc., were not originally a tourist attraction but the story gave more content to the scenery, and there was a tourist attraction. The reason for attracting tourists may be the beginning of the story. The content of the experience story is called the tourist's willingness to go to the tourist attraction, which is the selling point of the scenic spot.

IP can be a specific attraction in a tourist attraction, or it can be a certain feeling. For example, when we talk about Lijiang, we will think of daze, affair, and relaxation. We will jump out of the brain with a meter of sunshine, a lazy cat, a storyteller, a stranger's bar and a singer...

When it comes to Lhasa, you will think of heaven, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetans with long heads, and the brains that jump out in the brain are the warriors, the wandering dogs, the blue sky and white clouds.... This IP has the characteristics of exclusiveness and uniqueness. It may not be the best but it can represent the characteristics of this place.

Part 7 The IP of the tourist area is actually simple and distinct with distinctive elements and symbols.

It gives the scenic spot a unique character and also gives the scenic spot its vitality. It can be a reproduction of a story, or it can be a reproduction of a film, a game or a legend.

We look at the domestic theme parks through Disney, the same rides and even a roller coaster that is longer than Disney, but we can't create Disney's business indicators. Isn't the core issue a problem with IP? It is the selling point of tourist attractions, it is the core competitiveness of tourist attractions, the figurative carrier of culture and regional customs and the soul connotation of products.

Part 8 How is the IP of the tourist attraction extended and improved?

1, find a way

2, find a point

3, find fans

4, to participate

The final IP achieved by these few actions is perfect. Of course, there is a more detailed set of practices and thinking. It not only combines the previous Internet thinking and new marketing theories, but also refines and grasps the initial humanity and desire needs.

Part 9 How does the vitality of IP in tourist attractions be maintained?

After the featured IP in the scenic spot has been refined and integrated into a super IP, its vitality is also time-oriented, like an Internet e-commerce blast, after a period of time, with the fan's loyalty The decline, the target customer's attention is reduced, so good IP may eventually become obsolete or even junk IP.

Therefore, at the same time that IP is detonated, all marketing and commercial development must be systematic and orderly. Good development is the transformation of IP revenue. IP that cannot be converted into income is just a topic and focus.

Part 10 Innovation and change are also ways in which IP can maintain its vitality

Disneyland has so many IPs and fans. In order to increase the appeal of IP, all Disney projects are analyzed and summarized according to the situation of tourists, and they are constantly investing more financial resources to update and iterate. It is called Disneyland that can never be built. This approach is also to maintain the vitality of IP in tourist attractions.

The spark generated by the collision between IP and tourism is a variety of TV dramas, online dramas, variety shows and so on. The study of tourism IP is also a direction and exploration for the planning, marketing and management of tourist attractions. Grasping the direction of IP and the future for the marketing communication of tourist attractions, it may be able to seize the opportunity to achieve the glory of the tourist attractions.

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