Real facts | How to revitalize a children's paradise that is going to be "die"?
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2018-10-26 14:34:57
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This is a real case.

This is a children's playground in a third-tier city.

This is a children's paradise where hydropower, labor, and monthly incomes can't keep up with rents, which have been dead for four or five months, and are about to close down and invest in water.

First of all, from the perspective of its own environment (point), the park is on the third floor of a 3,000 square meter, occupying 1,700 square meters. In this 1700 square, various types of distribution are: naughty castle and marine ball covers 900-1000 square meters, video game + cash register 300-400 square, 200-300 square is vacant venue.

Secondly, from the surrounding environment (face), the park is located in a pedestrian street, downstairs is a square, there is a night market in the evening; there is a parking lot on the ground floor; there is a big run hair on the opposite side of the road; there is a Carrefour at the 300 meters, etc. .

There are many resources available in the surrounding area, and the flow of people and consumption can keep up. But why is this park not making money or even losing money?

"Do you know there is a children's paradise upstairs?"

"I don't know, I haven't heard of it."

From the side, the park's propaganda is particularly weak, and even the merchants downstairs do not know the existence of the park, and other consumers will know more. In addition, in terms of project selection, the park is mainly based on children's equipment, supplemented by video game equipment, and the video game equipment is some machines that are not playable and have no flow of people.

It can be seen that the park is not well managed.

So how does the park counterattack?

Knowing your weaknesses, the right medicine, the revitalization is just around the corner.

So how does the park do it?

Real facts | How to revitalize a children's paradise that is going to be "die"?

First, the store upgrades. Renovate the storefront, store name, and imagery to a cartoon-style store that is more in line with the children's theme, creating a new look.

Second, improve their "hard power." Add adult equipment to prevent children from playing in the naughty castle, and parents are being hanged aside. These adult equipment, including dance machines, basketball machines and other high-capacity machines that can drive people, have done "micro-shaping" and cost about 13 to 140,000. Putting the short board up, it greatly attracted the flow of people, and the income of one day was more than a thousand.

Third, communicate with the property and do brand promotion. "The wine is also afraid of the deep alley", good things, not to promote, waiting for an accidental visitor's discovery is very negative. First of all, the park made KT plates and inkjets in the conspicuous places such as entrances, exits, and elevators of underground parking lots, attracting attention from the surrounding people. Later, similar actions were taken on the pillars and walls of the pedestrian street. This move greatly enhanced the visibility of the park and the diversion effect was obvious. In addition, the park and the US Mission strategically cooperate to allow customers to search for the children's playground while searching for nearby entertainment.

Fourth, increase employees and build teams.

(1) Increasing employees: from the original 3-4 employees to 7-8, these new employees are mostly from sales, preschool, and remedial classes. These people have research on children or have some experience in sales. This is a paradise for the paradise without any harm;

(2) Optimizing the reward policy: How many cards are made, how much money is made, and the rules are standardized. Improve the enthusiasm of employees and let employees themselves become the protagonists of their own wages;

(3) Conducting team building:

1. Military management: cultivate employees' obedience awareness, prevent employees from singing against Taiwanese operas, and cultivate employees' execution ability;

2, mentality training: to cultivate employees' gratitude, responsibility, and win-win mentality, let employees understand that their wages are earned by themselves, how much they want, all by themselves. In terms of push cards, there are more members, not only their own wages, but also the venue will develop in a benign direction to achieve mutual benefits;

3, sales speech training: how to push cards? How to receive? How to communicate? After receiving the etiquette training, communicate with the customer with the purpose of sales, and increase the number of sales cards;

4. Dance training: Learn the popular dances in short videos, and interact with customers for the hotspots of the park's parent-child activities, and draw closer to each other.

Fifth, do experiential marketing.

The so-called experiential marketing refers to the use of the target customers to observe, listen, try, try, etc., so that they can experience the product or service personally, so that the customer actually perceives the performance of the product or the quality of the service, thereby promoting the customer's cognition, preference and purchase. A marketing method. The park uses this kind of thinking, and cooperates with the surrounding children's art training school and the 200-year-old kindergarten. On the same day, the park's push card effect is obvious, and the revenue data is considerable.

In addition, the park also conducts diversion downstairs: employees wear uniforms in the park and deliver gifts downstairs. The main gifts are as follows:

(1) Send 5 game coins to the children who passed by and participated in the training course. Why not send flyers, but send game coins? Change the way of thinking. Flyers, when children take it, they usually put it aside or throw it away. But if it is a game currency, the child will think about letting the parents bring it with it;

(2) Distributing the project free experience劵. How long can you play, how many items you can play, etc., so that parents and children can feel good about the park, develop habits, and guide them to spend again;

(3) Making hats with paradise information. The child puts the hat on his head and can freely publicize the park in the invisible. Passers-by saw that knowing the existence of the park and raising their popularity; the playmates saw and curiously asked. Using the child's herd mentality will also contribute to the promotion of the park's popularity, thereby attracting more potential customers;

(4) Making a parking card with paradise information. The consumption power of car owners cannot be underestimated, and providing convenience for them is also contributing to the development of their own paradise;

(5) Optimize the membership card price system. Improve the package and set the price clearly: five cards, ten cards, twenty cards, monthly cards, annual cards, etc., to lock consumers.

In addition to the above measures, the park also made online WeChat groups for members and potential members.

Membership: Every day from 1:30 pm to 7:30 pm, the red packets at the time of the group, the best, you can play a free project on the same day, for half an hour. Similar activities and promotional programs have been made to attract members' attention and consolidate the long-term development of the park;

Potential member groups: The main intent consumers come from a circle of friends, and the number of friends in the circle is based on the number, how many are collected, which items can be played. No one will "reject the free lunch", but we must also make reasonable use of such consumers. Compulsory consumption is not feasible. The key is to make consumption subtle and let him get used to the existence of such entertainment.

After implementing the above measures, the park’s revenue in the half-month period is already more than three times the original revenue. 
Why do you share this? Maybe you will see your own shadow in this case. Your park may be improperly sited, may not be publicized, may not be motivated, and may not be clear. These fatal injuries will make you fall in the tide. I am dying and have no backhand ability.

I hope that the above examples of strong combat can give you some inspiration in the many "guidances" in the industry.

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