The market competition is getting hotter, why is it difficult to stop the expansion of theme parks?
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2018-10-26 14:30:13
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For the local government, the theme park is, to a large extent, an image enhancement. The government wants to gather people's popularity, which can form a core attraction and drive the development of other formats and local economy. As for the theme park itself, is it profitable? That is the business thing. However, you can give you a lot of land. For savvy investors, this is the most critical.

Investors may or may not have to consider the synergy of the industrial structure of the entire region, but they want a large area, then the theme park is of course a core attraction for this area. Based on this, they may focus on various formats. Such as commercial areas, real estate, etc.

So, which type of theme park to invest in is more promising?

The market competition is getting hotter, why is it difficult to stop the expansion of theme parks?

Water park, the future direction of development

In 2017, the more internationalized China has a more professional segmentation in theme parks such as entertainment/theme parks, water parks and museums. Among them, the experiential theme water park is the general direction of future development. As more and more water parks emerge, water parks with unique theme culture will stand out in the fierce competition.

It is worth noting that the Asian water park market is generally on an upward trend. In 2016, the growth rate of tourists was 6.9%. Among them, the Chimelong Water Park is the world's most visited water park. The number of tourists is 2.538 million, which is before the global ranking. The number of visitors to the Fontaine Water Park is over 10.2 million.

With the development of China's economy, people's income level and consumption level have increased significantly, prompting the continuous development and maturity of the tourism industry. As a kind of theme park, the water park has become a hot star in the current tourism products with its unique cultural connotation, scientific and technological content and powerful entertainment functions, showing a hot trend.

Cultural performances increase in the theme park

Theme parks should give visitors a themed sensory stimuli and an immersive interactive experience. Along with the continuous upgrading of China's tourism consumption, the importance of cultural performances in theme parks continues to increase.

It is understood that Shanghai Disney's performing arts projects account for 24%, and Wuhu Fangte Oriental mythology performing arts projects account for 30%, and then watch the Mad Men's Country theme park, with 5 large performing arts, 8 small performances and 1 night. The super-large performance propped up a 4,500-acre theme park, and each show was performed 2-3 times a day. The park did not have any ride facilities, which was the core of the theme park through cultural performances.

In addition, in Universal Studios, there are many tourists who spontaneously dress up as various ghosts and participate in the “Ghost Parade”. According to industry insiders, through this “immersion” performance experience environment, the emphasis is on engaging visitors in the interactive experience, which ultimately forms a good experience and spreads word of mouth.

The market competition is getting hotter, why is it difficult to stop the expansion of theme parks?

Super IP Leading Theme Park

It is worth mentioning that in 2017, new technologies are fully utilized in theme parks, and VR facilities will continue to be a highlight. Zhang Jinshan, director of the Institute of Tourism Industry Economics at Beijing Union University, said that the large-scale use of VR technology will continue to enrich the types of theme park visitors, and will continue to increase the experience of theme parks. The technology will be in the theme parks in the near future and in the future. There should be a wide adoption.

In addition, some insiders pointed out that the ability to build a local theme park IP that has been criticized by consumers will continue to occupy a more important position in the investment of major theme park operators.

Some insiders further pointed out that in the initial stage of the project, it is necessary to clarify the feasibility of project development; when excavating the cultural connotation and using it in IP construction, it should not be simply applied, and it can be combined with the film that is easy to accept and has a wide audience. The animation products are cultivated in the early stage, and the film and television products cannot be suspected of being shoddy.

In addition, the theme park needs to be more refined, rather than just big and comprehensive.

Theme park developers should look at market changes more calmly, not blindly following the trend, but focusing on content innovation and customer satisfaction. Quality is always the first, marketing is second, combining our rich cultural heritage with theme parks will never be outdated.

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