The amusement industry wants to enter the supermarket, how to negotiate?
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2018-10-26 14:24:18
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With the emergence of commercial bodies

The amusement industry has more and more opportunities


The amusement industry wants to share a piece of cake, open in Shangchaoli

For the business of super-conducting, driving consumption

How to convince and negotiate?

Whether it is a children's playground, a gift house or a comprehensive video game city, first of all, we must understand what needs to be negotiated, such as: rent, decoration period, rent-free period, rent-free period payment, area measurement, pool area, property , hydropower, heating, air conditioning, contract period, rent increase, a few pay, entry fees, facade advertising, internal advertising, middle-aged celebration, anniversary, event promotion, whether it can be rented, whether it can Whether it is possible to change the business content, whether the owner can assist with the industrial and commercial tax fire protection, and how to compensate if the business is extended.

In addition,

Before you negotiate, you need to know the benefits that your venue will bring to the mall:

Can drive a large number of passengers and shopping malls,

Organize group activities frequently

Can create a crowded atmosphere for the mall

Even driving consumers to spend in the mall.

These are the hurdles of the entrants, so the negotiations are particularly important.

The amusement industry wants to enter the supermarket, how to negotiate?

Every time there is a "purpose" conversation

Is a negotiation

On the way to work negotiations

Facing a lot of personnel

How to maintain strategic communication

The following 12 negotiation skills,

Excerpted from the "72 tactics of negotiation" by the actual negotiation expert, You Yuxiang


Negotiation principle

01 protection interests

Every penny won by the negotiations is an interest.

In business and life, it takes a lot of effort to save or create every penny, but in the negotiation and communication, the acquisition of this penny is not so difficult, it is net profit.

There is no reason to give up any interest in the negotiations.

02 goal first

Goal, only goal

Only the goal, there is no right or wrong.

All the details and entanglements in the negotiations, even insults, don't care, just consider whether the goal is achieved. In the negotiations, everyone will use a variety of methods, including never giving way to let your emotions collapse, and then talk to you in this situation.

Benefits are more important than positions.

Many times, the negotiator gets the things that try to irritate you on the table, but it is his means.

The amusement industry wants to enter the supermarket, how to negotiate?

03 negotiation road

To control limited authorization

Limited authorization is the way to stay in the negotiations. At the end of the negotiations, an agreement was reached today, but before the entry into force, it must be approved by the reviewer. It is best not to be a specific person, but a virtual organization or committee.

04 face is not important

It is important to get

In the face of interests, there are no eternal enemies.

Faces are not important when negotiating, it is important to get something.

05 I win and win

Everything is under the premise of my win

Negotiations say a win-win situation, but the premise of a win-win situation is that I want to win. Under the premise of winning, we should take care of each other's interests as much as possible and reach a long-term partner as much as possible.

Negotiations not only show strategies and skills, but also showcase style and life.

06 does not accept the first offer

To follow the routine

You want to transfer your own venue and equipment, and know that if you sell well, you can get 1 million yuan, so I want to advertise. Someone came to the door after seeing the news and expressed his willingness to bid 1.2 million yuan. Sell not to sell to him?

A little understanding of the negotiations should know that you will never accept a quotation, because you accepted 1.2 million yuan, and that person may be ready to pay 1.3 million yuan, he will collapse. How should you still pay a price, for example, 1.4 million yuan, maybe the last 1.3 million yuan turnover, that person is still excited to buy back than 1.2 million yuan.

This is the heart of the negotiations, you still have to have a routine, follow the routine.

07 learn to show an accident

Don’t show the habit of

Your venue lease will expire and you are ready to renew your lease. It is estimated that the owner will ask to increase the rent by 20%. What should I do?

The usual way is to express an accident.

What did you say to him? Still have to raise prices? I am still about to talk to you about price cuts. There are security risks here. There is a lot of noise. In the end, the other side thinks that the price increase may not be very good.

The purpose is very simple, to make him feel that this decision is a bit outrageous.


Negotiation process

01 Do not take the initiative to make changes

Unless exchange

Do not modify your suggestion before receiving the advice from the other party.

You quote a price. If the other party does not give any reply, you will lower the price yourself. What do you think?

The answer is that he will continue to bargain and wait for you to quote a lower price.

02 concessions

Make reasonable concessions

Negotiation is a process of negotiation and compromise. Concession, you must make it reasonable, let the other party feel your sincerity, and defend your own interests.

Therefore, the concession should follow the law of diminution.

In addition, you must not buy a price, you can not say absolutely.

For example, I told you that for this price, let another penny be your grandson, this business can't talk about it anymore.

Negotiations must leave a trail for yourself, and think clearly, the good intentions of the concession will soon be forgotten, because the other party's goal is not the concessions already made, but staring at your next concession. Don't expect you to make a concession, the other person will remember your feelings.

03 learn to leave at any time

Appropriate expression of anger

Negotiations are often not solved once and sometimes you have to learn to leave.

Leaving means that you are very dissatisfied and very angry. Dare to leave is an attitude, but coming back is the purpose.

The amusement industry wants to enter the supermarket, how to negotiate?


About the end of the negotiations

01 Avoid extra-budgets

I licked the sesame and lost it...

The last piece of money on the negotiating table is the most expensive. After the agreement is reached, don't make extra money. There was once an investor who negotiated with a merchant and talked about it. On the second day, Shangchao announced that it would hold a signing ceremony. Just this evening, the investor called and said that if we want to go to that piece of money, we still have to fight for it. If you don't give it, we will not be able to attend the signing ceremony tomorrow. The Shangchao compromised, but also ordered that after the end of the lease period, there will be no any transaction with it. Therefore, in order to gain a little benefit, it is not worthwhile to offend a god of wealth.

02 to make a perfect finishing

Can't you have an anticlimax?

Never gloat. After signing, you will tell each other with a smile. If you insist on it for another minute, we will give in. The other party has killed your heart. The negotiating master will shake hands with the other side and say that your performance makes me very admired. I am very pleased to have an opponent that I respect, congratulations on winning the negotiation. There is no such cost at all, but the two parties will be much more enjoyable in the future, and your personal gentlemanly demeanor will bring you a good reputation. Why not?

Familiar with and use the above 12 skills, you can make your life in the negotiation process, and quickly collect and learn ~

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