What happened to the go viral doll machine shop that you punched?
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2018-10-25 16:43:22
shikewei    2018-10-25 16:53:15

Said that the go viral thing,

Come fast, go fast,

Some time ago, I was still thinking about the lipstick clip doll machine I was going to play.

Now I have been fascinated by the vibrating lipstick machine.

Are you the one,

Every time I watch a show, I change to a husband.

I saw the vibrato lipstick machine.

Just throwing the lipstick clip doll machine behind,

Commonly known as:

What is a fickle woman?

Popular things nowadays,

Everyone loves,

after all,

In this chasing fashion,

The rhythm is coming to a suffocating era,

It seems that no one wants to hear

Is your home just a network?

In this case.


Is everyone giving up the doll machine?

Going to play the vibrating lipstick machine?


Because there are some people like this,

They are fascinated by the doll machine,

It is born with it.

In the early 20th century, Europe, the "Claw Machine" appeared in the form of a candy vending machine for the first time. In the 1980s, Japan began to appear in the true sense of the doll machine, and it was popular in Taiwan. In the 1990s, the doll machine entered China from Taiwan. The doll machine has existed in the game entertainment industry market for more than 20 years and certainly has its unknown value. The value behind this is certainly not a popular vibrating lipstick machine or other new machines.

What happened to the go viral doll machine shop that you punched?


What kind of secret is there in the doll machine?

Even let people be fascinated by it for more than 20 years,

And will continue to be addicted?

1. Deaf people's "her economy"

According to the 2016 analysis of women's consumption trends by the Boston Consulting Group's Consumer Insights, 62% of China's household consumption is dominated by women. In 2015, the overall market size of women's consumption reached US$2.6 trillion.

With the prevalence of “her economy” under the expansion of women’s consumption power, more and more businesses are starting to develop new products from the perspective of women, and so are doll business players, who are gradually turning their eyes from their parents’ children. A woman next to a man. At the beginning of May this year, Changsha Hisense Plaza launched a lipstick version of the doll machine, using lipstick instead of the doll into the doll machine. Although the price of five yuan is much higher than the market price, it still attracts many young consumers to queue up.

What happened to the go viral doll machine shop that you punched?

In line with the innovation of the doll machine that is dedicated to catching women's eyeballs, the online market has also ignited a “her economic” style in the field of doll machines. When the doll is caught, the sister god becomes a paradox, and learns and exchanges the experience of catching the doll on the social network. One person exercises skills at the doll machine, and finally plays the magical skills in front of the girl. Gay men are the only way to get the hearts of girls.

The banana entertainment officer in Sanlitun, the legendary entertainment center opened by President Wang Sicong, also features the world's most expensive doll machine, which is filled with luxury big-name limited-edition dolls, which will also be entertaining and women's luxury goods. Tend to the end.

2. The psychology of "taking small and big"

Of course, in addition to satisfying the requirements of "her" and winning the acclaim of "her", the attractiveness of the doll machine is also unstoppable. Where does the catching doll make people cool? A loyal fan of a doll machine tells us that catching a doll will give her a thrill of winning. “Especially when you get a great doll with a lot of coins.”

What happened to the go viral doll machine shop that you punched?

In essence, catching a doll may be similar to buying a lottery ticket, but unlike buying a lottery ticket, this game adds a certain degree of controllability, which makes people feel that they can catch it as long as they practice the technique.

In fact, the controllability of catching a doll is more for the merchant - the merchant can set the doll grab rate. In theory, the doll machine can be adjusted up to 256 times, or it can be set to several times. How to not lose money, but not let the player lose interest, is also a learning.

3. New ways to play offline terminals in the social age

In addition to consumer psychology insights, the resurgence of doll machines is now more user-friendly because of the combination of social and mobile Internet factors, and it also carries more room for realization and growth.

With the Dongfeng of mobile payment, many doll machines have also opened the function of WeChat and Alipay. Scanning code is fun, this convenient mobile payment method is more in line with the lifestyle of young people. At the same time, compared to the traditional doll machine that needs to be coin-operated, the coin-operated smart doll machine also reduces the operating cost caused by the huge coins.

What happened to the go viral doll machine shop that you punched?

Not only that, but the doll machine has become a new offline traffic entry in the mobile Internet era. On August 10, 2018, the offline self-service equipment intelligent platform Le Shake Company has completed the billion-level B+ round financing. Its main method is to provide smart boxes and SAAS management system for the entertainment facilities of dolls and other businesses to solve the business movement. Pay and manage the demand to grasp the traffic portal and drain the public number. In the case of higher and higher mobile Internet access costs, the doll machine has become a relatively low-cost source of traffic.

4, experience consumption and entertainment social

Under the question "How do you explain the consumption experience of catching a doll to someone who doesn't play with a doll machine?" Below, the answer with the highest vote says: "The money spent is the process of buying and playing, and the dolls caught are extra rewards. Under the charm of experiential consumption, the psychological pleasure of spending money to buy a doll is far less powerful than grabbing a doll. Especially when quite a lot of "Sunk Cost" has entered this process - all the time, energy and financial resources for the dolls that are not caught are the sunk costs of catching the dolls. This cost is accumulating and will eventually be caught. The dolls that have arrived are honored and work together to create a doll whose "value" is much higher than the original value.

What happened to the go viral doll machine shop that you punched?

Many people are thinking,

Popular lipstick dispensers,

Not only the popular lipsticks that girls regard as life, but also gifts.

And in the current hottest live broadcast platform - vibrato has occupied a place,

Whether it is the attraction of the player,

Or the marketing and revenue of the venue operator,

With doll machine,

Especially compared to the popular red doll machine store.

It seems that the lipstick grid machine is more advantageous.

actually not,

The existence of the net red doll machine shop,

It has its advantages,

Do not believe, look!

1, store atmosphere to create

The net red doll machine shop is mainly composed of the most popular pink nowadays. It can be used to package various gifts, lipsticks, hand-made, models, etc., while protecting the goods, it can also greatly increase the attractive ball machine transparent gifts of gifts; Behind the wall or floor decoration glass surface, as a decorative colored decorative ball; various types of custom neon lights with a decorative storefront background; white clouds, plus warm yellow light, make the whole site look more temperaturey clouds Theme; not only can touch, but also can take pictures of the doll wall; not only makes the venue look more atmosphere, but also take pictures, cute doll models with super feeling; pink shopping cart and plastic ball pool and so on. These are the girls' favorite things, not only that, but many "mindful" boys are not immune.

What happened to the go viral doll machine shop that you punched?

2. Operation management

Take 12 cultures as an example, it can retain customers through entertaining play; make full use of the limited edition dolls to appeal to players; the limited theme decoration gives a new feeling; the secondary promotion of subtleties, such as Provide bags, lanyards, etc.

In fact, in the view of Xiaobian,

Whether it is a net red doll machine shop or a lipstick bag machine,

As long as market demand is still there,

It will not be outdated.


Between the net red doll machine shop and the lipstick grid machine,

There is no conflict.

As the operator of the net red doll machine shop,

If you just saw this article.

You can even consider putting a lipstick machine in the store.

Maybe it will bring different harvests, not necessarily!


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