Solve these problems and let the storefront operation of Children's Park go uphill!
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2018-10-25 16:37:00
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Children's paradise is the most important entertainment venue for children, and indoor children's paradise is often crowded. A successful indoor children's playground needs to improve and do all aspects of the work. The foundation is very important for a park or a company. No matter how innovative the theme of the park is, how to change it, if it does not solve some of the most basic problems, it will not achieve long-term profitable development.

Solve these problems and let the storefront operation of Children's Park go uphill!

Question 1: How to increase the frequency of consumers spending in the park?

First, adjust the indoor children's play project in stages, and make some adjustments and changes according to the profit situation. Of course, it is necessary to cooperate with the promotion of the event to ensure the immersive play experience of the home park to the utmost extent. With the improvement of people's material living standards, consumers' internal needs are also getting higher and higher. In the Internet era of information explosion, interactive marketing and experience marketing have played a huge role in the marketing campaign of smoking.

Second, we must do enough safety and disinfection work. The most important factor for most parents when choosing a children's playground for their children is safety. The problem that consumers care about is the issue that park operators should pay attention to and research. How to dispel consumer concerns is something we need to solve. It is difficult and difficult to say that the safety issue is difficult. The key is whether the operator is bothered and worried about this issue. Solving the safety problem is nothing more than working hard to choose safe and reliable amusement equipment, improve the service quality of the staff, and maintain a comfortable and healthy play environment. Just do your best to make these details, is the safety problem still a problem?

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Third, the use of online mutual entertainment platform to enhance consumer stickiness. Maximize the length of stay and repurchase of adults and children in the mall. In this way, the children's paradise business flow and the shopping mall flow can be 100% fully shared. This not only enhances the entertainment atmosphere and consumption experience of the shopping center as a whole, but also brings more sales opportunities to other partners of Shangchao.

Question 2: How to operate a children's paradise more effectively?

Many indoor children's parks are limited in size and will not be very large. This requires the park operators to have an effective spatial layout to increase interaction. Give full play to the space and the facade to improve the efficiency, so that it is an effective expansion. The use of the unit area of the floor to maximize the performance and profit.

Solve these problems and let the storefront operation of Children's Park go uphill!

Question 3: How to avoid homogenization and highlight the paradise personality?

As the number of indoor children's parks continues to increase, homogenization is a problem that cannot be avoided from beginning to end. It is wise to integrate cultural and social into the paradise and create a personalized IP. Introducing culture and sociality into the amusement will be deeply loved by the public. Therefore, the park is connected with a cultural image that is widely known by children. By digging deep into the social and individual expressions carried by the cultural image, the children are immersed in the novelty, happiness and subtle feelings during the amusement process. This difference in performance allows one's paradise to be separated from competitors, while also giving children customers a new model of play experience.

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