How to improve the competition mode of e-games city? These points are very important~
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2018-10-25 16:24:41
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Video games and ordinary store sales have similar aspects, but the video game city is greatly influenced by the venue competitors. Players are generally young people and have a special side. This also makes "the video game city how to improve its own competitiveness" has become a problem that the terminal venue has been thinking hard and hard to understand. Below, the game art We will share with you how to improve competitiveness and do a good job in the management of video game city!

How to improve the competition mode of e-games city? These points are very important~

Four key points in the competitiveness of video game city

1. The stability and change of the game console

To ensure the stability of the quality of the game machine, the player can not be faulty in the process of playing, check the machine regularly, see if the machine is running normally, whether the appearance of the machine is damaged, and whether it is safe, etc.; The decoration layout needs to be changed, and the adjustments are made at intervals, so that the player is not allowed to have aesthetic fatigue. If a card reader is installed on the machine, it must be wirelessly connected, and the wiring is convenient.

2. Service standardization

The service is divided into four levels: the first is the basic service, that is, the customer smiles and the work efficiency is high; the second is to ensure the stable service level in the store, the waiter can not affect the customer's service because of his own preference; again, it provides more than the player's imagination. The service makes him have a surprise; the last is the touch-sensitive service, which makes the player a loyal fan of the store and will not easily abandon you.

Wind and cloud:2 players fighting arcade games

3. Environmental comfort

From the player's feelings, according to their aesthetics to design and decorate the video game city, from the ceiling to the store's promotional posters, from the placement of the machine to the comfort of the seat, etc. should be done according to their thinking, let them I feel the environment is very comfortable.

4. Marketing means

Every store needs to find ways to market, and whose marketing means is stronger, it is easier to win in the market competition.

How to operate and manage video games city? Seven things to think about before opening a store

How to improve the competition mode of e-games city? These points are very important~

● Do a good job in the operation of the store

The store's operation includes three aspects of store retail, event promotion and channel expansion, and enhances the sales of video game city from four aspects: increasing the number of customers, increasing the price of each coin, increasing the repeated consumption of players, and increasing the associated consumption. Member services are provided for players who meet certain conditions, and their materials are collected and managed in a unified manner. Members enjoy new product notifications, event notifications, point gifts, birthday gifts, special events, salon club contacts, training promotion, corporate culture promotion, etc. Service, at the same time, instill in them the role of VIP, let them value their membership, cultivate their brand trust and adhesion to the store.

The management of the store includes image management, environmental management, sales management, customer management, personnel management, site management, equipment management, and service control. The image and environmental management are the key points. The store must be clean and tidy, the environment is comfortable, and the decoration is novel. There are changes, to be able to attract players. The service staff should have a good attitude, purchase the machine that the player likes and update the machine in time. It is recommended to use 5S to guide store image management, which are Seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke. Clearly assign responsibility to the size of the store, check and find problems at any time, and stick to it for a long time, let it become a habit.

How to improve the competition mode of e-games city? These points are very important~

● Use appropriate public relations

Commonly used tools for public relations promotion in stores include news promotion, public welfare activities, event marketing, training and education, communication circles, and corporate publications. There have been video games in the city to try these publicity, and achieved good results. Public welfare activities are currently an aspect of some large-scale chain video game cities that have not yet achieved good results. Event marketing is not used much in the industry. It mainly focuses on promoting certain things, such as competitors. At the time of opening, we will formulate corresponding measures for the possible impact on the store, so that the possible adverse effects will disappear or even become a favorable factor for the store. Corporate publications are also an indispensable tool for introducing customers, such as brochures, promotional discs, etc., so that they can be introduced to others at any time.

● Identify the essential needs of players

The customers of the video game city include casual consumers, ordinary consumers, and ashes consumers, and adopt different strategies for these three different consumers. According to the member consumption frequency report, we can see that the member who consumes 1 time accounts for 57.5%, so the players who play the game casually have different needs. They are playing games to find happiness, or they can relax and relax after work. Mood, or vent your emotions for something unhappy. After identifying their needs, they will operate and manage from their needs and increase their frequency of consumption. The ashes of the consumers are the pleasure of finding victory in the game, or they like the interactive platform of the video game city, and hope to communicate with strangers. The video game city can host some events for these ashes players, create a platform for players to communicate, and gather popularity.

In addition, we must also analyze the player's consumption time, the amount of each purchase, who are these players, mostly students or the majority of the community, identify the target group, targeted to attract them. According to the positioning of these players, it is easier for them to accept the price of the currency, or let them spend the same money, can play in the store for a longer time, which will also attract players to a certain extent.

How to improve the competition mode of e-games city? These points are very important~

●Video Games Promotions

Video game promotion needs to be analyzed from five aspects: product and service, customer analysis, preferential methods, publicity methods, and competitors. In addition to the novel, fun and stable quality of the game console, the video game city can provide additional food and beverages, in addition to providing storage, training coaches, comfortable seats and so on. The preferential method can use the management system to use the prepaid discount to lock the player group, or to buy coins to send coins, it is best not to discount, because the price is difficult to recover after the discount. The use of member points can increase the player's stickiness and provide players with more opportunities to experience other machines. At the same time, select companies with certain brand awareness, use industry alliances or cross-industry alliances to do some preferential activities, mutual benefit, which is currently being tried by many chain stores, using mobile POS machines can be more convenient for settlement.

Before you do a video game promotion, you need to think about several aspects: Is it mainly based on explosive activities or is it to promote daily people? Is it to let more players come or increase the frequency of consumption of existing players? Is the promotion method based on increasing the feeling of experience or focusing on the promotion? Is value-added service mainly based on real offers? Is it mainly based on the profit of the currency or the consumption of the player? If a lot of players suddenly come, is the machine in our store enough? Can the service keep up?

In order to increase the player's stickiness to the store, you can establish a contact circle between players, let them form a relationship with each other, increase the daily activities, often give surprises and excitement to them, attract them to pay attention to the store, at the same time, Combine activities inside and outside the store, or hold some influential events, so that people who have not yet entered the store will start to pay attention to the store. In addition, you can also train and build influential players. Their loyalty to the store will drive other players to the store to a certain extent.

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