Methodological skills for small indoor children's parks
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2018-09-28 10:34:25
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Many investors open the park and will pay more attention to the location and the size of the park. The larger the area of the park, the more likely it is to attract more passengers; the more expensive the rent, the more expensive the rent is. Not every investor can afford the high rent, so many investors choose to open small children. paradise. Whether the children's paradise can be profitable or not, more often does not care about the size of the area, but the methods and techniques of management. So how should a small park operate?

Methodological skills for small indoor children's parks

First, the advantages of small area and high floor

There are some paradise venues, although the area is not large, but there is an advantage in winning the layer height, and this layer height advantage can make up for the lack of area. In the event of this kind of paradise venue, the designer will give full play to the advantages of the floor height in the early planning and design, and design a two- or three-story children's playground. In this way, even a 60 square meter site can achieve 120 square meters of effect, and the limited space is naturally multiplied. There is also a children's playground with a two- or three-story structure that is sometimes more mysterious and stimulating, giving a winding experience and arousing children. Their curiosity and adventurous spirit.

Methodological skills for small indoor children's parks

Second, the purchase of small size and playability products

There are many kinds of amusement projects, including some small and playable amusement equipment. The small children's playground is not large in size. It is a good choice to purchase small and playable amusement equipment. For example, coconut trees, small rocking horses, croissants, and horses. When choosing a small-sized amusement equipment, you must pay attention to playability. The playable equipment with poor playability can not only save space, but also waste limited space.

Methodological skills for small indoor children's parks

Third, the single Lele is not as good as the Lele

Amusement equipment that can be played by many people is also a good choice for small venues, such as marine ball pools and sand pools. Not only can it effectively prevent children from competing for toys during the game, but also increase the amount of passengers invisibly. Many times, children are more likely to make friends, and they like to play together. This kind of multi-player project can also create a special lively atmosphere, which can stimulate children's fun.

In addition, small children's parks must reserve enough space for activities when placing amusement equipment, so as to avoid making the park look very crowded. Secondly, it can effectively reduce the occurrence of safety accidents and also make children play smoothly. .

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