How to effectively operate Naughty Fort? You need to consider these steps!
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2018-09-28 10:31:47
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Naughty Fort is one of the playgrounds that many young children like. It can be seen in many large shopping malls, large supermarkets, restaurant areas, fast food restaurants, etc. Because all businesses know that popularity determines everything, a good venue for the Naughty Fortress to join, the so-called good is to have enough traffic, the flow of people is the hardware indicators of the park's ongoing operations. Before the naughty franchise accessories are transported and installed, what needs to be done is to do market research near the selected sites, to investigate the flow of people around, and the number and preferences of children.

How to effectively operate Naughty Fort? You need to consider these steps!

First, the marketing of naughty castle park

The promotion and propaganda of Naughty Fortland Park can be a full range of “sea, land and air”. From the beginning of the promotional coupons to the pricing of the park tickets, the pricing should be based on the local consumption level, but also to establish a paradise member's file, and the kindergarten parent-child interactive hall and other activities, regular promotions and so on.

Second, naughty castle accessories installation

First of all, you need to find a large population, close to the residential area, and the venue of the child will wait until you confirm the intention of the venue, the operator will start to make a budget, and then contact the appropriate naughty accessories to install the manufacturer according to the budget investment amount. According to the manufacturer's quotation, it is best to conduct a field visit, mainly for the safety hazard after the installation of the accessories, and whether the materials used are safe and so on. The most important thing is that the accessories are not harmful to the child's body or have any hidden dangers. Then according to the actual situation, the size of the naughty castle is reasonably planned, and the goods are selected by one of the three most favorable manufacturers.

How to effectively operate Naughty Fort? You need to consider these steps!

Third, paradise software facilities

In the short term, your park may be able to attract children through the novelty and colorfulness of the equipment. If your park wants to continue to operate for a long time, you must have your own characteristics and need strong innovation to last. meter.

Fourth, the park management

After the installation of the naughty castle accessories is completed, it is necessary to hire a suitable staff to manage. First of all, you need to carry out further training for the staff of the park. When training, it is necessary to strengthen the cultivation of responsibility. It is recommended that if there are conditions, you can recruit teachers with preschool education experience or junior college graduates or university graduates. They know more about children's psychology, so that they can guide children to play correctly, and they can engage in activities in the park, like some second half-price activities to increase the playability of the park, and the decoration of the park should also be based on children. Their preferences come.

Five, the four major points that need to pay attention to the operation of naughty castle:

1. Budget working capital

Nothing can be done without the support of funds. The same is true for naughty castles. When we have such an idea, we must think about it in our minds. Is there enough initial venture capital support? What will happen after the operation, how much income a day, how long it will recover the cost, etc.

For example, in investment, there are 100,000 naughty castles, 30,000 places per year, 3,000 yuan for water and electricity, and 10,000 for renovations of 20,000 (this is for reference only, no actual reference value). Also calculate the difference in how much you can earn in a day, the difference between Monday and Friday and holidays. The ultimate goal we care about is how long it takes to recover costs and profits.

How to effectively operate Naughty Fort? You need to consider these steps!

2, children's playground venue

For children's entertainment, not a good venue is not acceptable. The operation of Naughty Fort is mostly at home and abroad, because shopping malls and supermarkets are a good gathering place for people. However, shopping malls and supermarkets are not the only choice. We can also do some professional children's amusement stores. For example, we can learn from good domestic and foreign cases. If you choose to choose a location, you should also consider the surrounding buildings. What is the main, it is conducive to determine the configuration and size of the naughty castle.

3. Paradise equipment products

Paradise equipment products are also an important one. With the above preconditions, product safety and quality is also very important. Children's safety is the first consideration. If there is a safety problem with the product, then the corresponding operating income will definitely fall. Therefore, when purchasing products, we must choose a company with safety related certificates and can guarantee the safety and quality of our products.

How to effectively operate Naughty Fort? You need to consider these steps!

4. Paradise business model

Naughty Fort's operation, operating a single naughty castle alone, generally has no other combination of naughty castles. Children love to play with love, and a single naughty castle can't attract children's attention for a long time. When planning the naughty castle site, we can set up some corresponding facilities such as a mouse machine, a digital machine, three horses, and a rotating aircraft. This will give the children more choices and will have a corresponding effect on the income for a longer period of time. In the business model, we must continue to innovate, can not stand still, we must find ways to give children new toys and play. In addition, you can set the membership card to match, and do the corresponding matters according to the specific situation.

In addition, when the venue is renovated, see if there are toilets, lockers, beverage areas, etc. on the side of the entertainment area. In short, stand in the perspective of everything for the convenience of customers. Also avoid competing in the same area, unless you are far ahead of each other in the design of the product. Other aspects, such as recruitment, shop preparation, publicity, etc., can be prepared by themselves.

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