Indoor children's park management, to increase profitability in this way!
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2018-10-09 13:29:02
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A good store can save at least one-third of the energy of the operation. From the city level, second- and third-tier cities are the best choice for children's playgrounds in recent years. As the main consumer of children's paradise, what aspects of the park operators should explore the consumption potential of children?

Indoor children's park management, to increase profitability in this way!

First, the decoration design of the children's paradise

The children's paradise is designed with bright tones and the pillars are also packaged in color. As we all know, children's first sense of color is very strong. If the design of children's play equipment is insufficient in color, it cannot be said to be a successful product. The outer periphery is matched with green and yellow colors. The interior is equipped with a series of colors such as red, pink, yellow and blue, which are mainly light colors. On the whole, it gives a fresh and natural atmosphere. So the appeal of the device itself is crucial.

1. Children's playground products with clear themes, high playability and rich content

Children are particularly sensitive to bright, bright colors, animal and plant-like products. As a standard equipment for children's paradise products, swings, slides, marine balls, sand pools, etc. are also popular devices that will make children crazy. Building blocks, sand pools, etc. attract more quiet, younger children; electric equipment, sandbags can climb, shake, capture the balance of exercise, easy to attract older older children. The combination of equipment and equipment can achieve the effect of letting children linger, and will naturally be loved by parents and children.

More animal elements and candy elements, large animal elements will attract some active boys, and candy-colored design is more likely to attract some girls and younger boys. The elements that are more loved by children are candy, bears, tigers, dinosaurs, boats, trees, oceans, sky, birds, etc., as well as popular cartoon characters, which are some of the styles that children are obsessed with.

2, strong interaction and triggering

The general paradise design will be equipped with an electric area, which can intuitively appreciate all the landscapes in the children's play equipment park. Action toys such as coconut trees, trampolines, boxing bags, and guns can stimulate children's greater interest in play, stimulate the ability to perceive and increase the children's spirit of exploration, and are more liked by sensitive children.

3, product quality and touch, appearance

Poor product quality, short life, and poor touch are not easy for children to visit. Products that are bright, delicate and clean in appearance will be recognized by parents. Parents care about the safety of their children, so the quality of the product, the touch and feel of the hand must also be checked.

Indoor children's park management, to increase profitability in this way!

Second, on the common characteristics of children of different ages

To run a children's playground, in addition to reasonable decoration design for the children's playground, you also need to understand the nature of the child. As the name suggests, the children's paradise is the object of service. If you want children to like your paradise, you must first study some commonalities of children of different ages. Let's take a look at the operation of the children's paradise. What are the characteristics of children?

1. Leading with happiness

It is said that childhood is innocent, especially for young children, social consciousness is very weak, and the motivation for doing things is more spontaneous from instinct. The nature of human beings is to avoid happiness. Therefore, children will naturally pursue happiness. Such happiness can come from amusement facilities or from game interaction. In the process of entertainment, they will continue to broaden their horizons and live on others. The formation of attitudes is precious learning and growth.

2, the Sims

Imitation is the mother of learning. There is no learning without imitation, and the development and formation of any science, art, skill, and style have its original model and source. The children like to imitate their parents, dolls and other paradise plates, children are coming, they are not willing to leave, simulation driving school, children's professional experience, parent-child baking projects are also a good choice.

3. Grab the child's curiosity

Why is curiosity instinct? The child has no experience in the world and he wants to explore. For children, he knows nothing about the laws of the world, so he fears fear. The marine knowledge lecture of the Aqua Painting Museum explores the principles of bubble formation in the Bubble Park, explains the scientific knowledge to children through the mirror maze, and uses high-tech interaction to explore the mysteries of the world, not only to evoke children. Their curiosity can also increase their love of science.

Indoor children's park management, to increase profitability in this way!

4, to meet the child's self-realization needs

The achievement of the goal can enable people to obtain self-confirmation and generate such awareness: “Yes, this is me, this is me”. While gaining positive self-identity, I can feel that I am in a positive and effective way. Mental state. For children, this is also feasible. Therefore, Zhiyong, children development, jungle sniping, etc. are challenging, and the projects that make children feel successful and happy are very popular.

5, to meet children's yearning for nature

Humans are generally eager to gain recognition from others and society, especially children. Therefore, parents and paradise mentors should be good at discovering each child's specialties and highlights, actively encourage children, give them affirmation and praise, and subtly develop their self-confidence, optimistic, sunny and cheerful personality. Of course, if you want to manage one or several indoor children's parks, you need to learn more about the management of indoor children's parks, and you need to apply this knowledge to your own venue.

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