Safe ride on children's playground equipment
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2018-05-11 16:51:32
shikewei    2018-05-11 16:55:23

Outdoor playground equipment helps to strengthen the strength of children's quadriceps muscles and agility of activities, and cultivates children's collective ideas and mutual cooperation spirit. Guangzhou E-Commerce Co., Ltd. has prepared safety precautions for children when they ride in amusement equipment, and hopes to really help everyone.

Safety instructions for children when using amusement devices:

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1. Adults must accompany children when playing in the playground.

2. Do not use amusement devices that do not use registration certificates and periodic inspection reports, and do not indicate safety precautions and warning signs.

3. Before selecting amusement devices for children, be sure to look carefully at the instructions for use of the amusement devices, check whether the safety device is faulty or hidden, whether the rescue measures are perfect, and explain and remind the children.

4, according to the child's height and mental capacity, for their choice of suitable recreational facilities.

5, young children or acrophobia, heart disease, anemia children, try not to allow children to ride.

6. During the operation of the amusement device, do not dismantle the protective device halfway, jump without permission, or put your head, hands and feet out of the protective fence.

7. Be sure to maintain calmness in the event of a failure in amusement equipment. Do not panic, listen to the arrangements of the relevant staff, and wait for the correct rescue of their staff.

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