What magic power does the claw machine have for the consumer to be willing to invest in?
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2018-07-30 14:44:18
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In recent years, small equipment for claw crane machines has become popular in shopping malls and cinemas. Originally, it was just a "supporting role" doll machine in the video game city, and suddenly collectively "escaped".

PP Tiger Doll Machine claw gift toy vending crane machine

 In the past three or three figures, almost all of them can now be seen, and even tend to be saturated. Independent doll shops are everywhere, and all kinds of unique decorations and cute dolls capture the eyes of pedestrians. In addition to the doll machine shop, in the aisle of the mall, on the edge of the cinema, on the aisle of the children's wear or restaurant area, and at the entrance of the boutique supermarket, it is listed as a whole row. They range from three to five and dozens. From time to time, there will be people who are deterred, stop and play a few.

What kind of consumers are those who experience the doll machine? Why do they choose claw crane machines, and what makes them willing to continue to invest coins?

First, the cute child

Anyone knows that children are not resistant to toys. The dolls on the various claw crane machines placed in the supermarket aisle are of great appeal to them. Nowadays, the dolls are updated fast and keep up with the mainstream. All kinds of exquisite dolls of various popular IPs appear in the doll machine, which will attract people's attention and drive people to consume and catch dolls. If at this time let the children see the dolls in the animations they like, I think the children will not talk about them, and immediately throw coins to catch the dolls. Compared with adults' rational consumption, children will be more impulsive, and they will want to catch when they see it. In the face of this type of consumer, it is best to let him get the gift and let him remember this place, so that he will continue to consume next time.

four person cute candy gift redemption claw candy machine

Second, young people who are closely following the trend

Hey, what kind of dolls are popular in recent fast, vibrato, everyone is catching some dolls, young people, especially girls, will have this impulse to follow the trend. Especially like the popular red doll machine shop, when you see someone else catching a cute doll in the store, or taking a good-looking photo (at this time, the furnishings in the store will have some thoughts), it will sprout me too. The idea to go!

As we all know, women and children are the main consumers of claw crane machines. These two groups of people belong to irrational consumers, and it is easy to use claw crane machines because of these cute dolls. Coupled with modern society, the pace of life is accelerating, and people's time is fragmented. The doll machine is cleverly lining up people, waiting for people, waiting for these fragmented time to use, so that consumers can have fun in the time gap. Therefore, couples, a family of three, young women and other people are the main care of the doll machine. Keeping up with the trend, knowing the decoration of the storefront, using the decoration of the storefront to trigger the photo communication of consumers, forming a second publicity, is the focus of the doll machine store to attract young people.

Open the door gift arcade game toys claw crane machine

Third, want to show the charm of the boyfriend

Seeing the girl you like wants the doll inside the doll machine. At this time, the boy will voluntarily invest in the coin to catch the doll. The reason is very simple, just to show his ability to catch the doll. Look at the doll inside the doll machine, carefully move the claws slowly, don't say that you can't catch the doll, just this seriousness, you can attract girls. Of course, if you can catch the doll, it is even more icing on the cake. It is a bonus item for your boyfriend.

It confirms two popular words on the Internet: the money of women and children is good; grasping the heart of a woman is equivalent to catching the man’s money.

GO GO doll machine gift crane claw game machine

Fourth, adults who want to release stress

Adults in the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by reinforced concrete every day, physically and mentally exhausted, need to release the pressure of work and life. And placed in the supermarket aisle, next to the cinema, the doll machine can be seen everywhere, it has become their first choice to release pressure. To cast coins, what they want is not to catch the dolls, but to experience the process of catching the dolls and release their own pressure.

Five, leisurely elderly

Old people retire at home to do nothing, in the hot summer, there are free air-conditioned shopping malls can solve this problem, with a grandson, shopping in the mall is also a good summer choice. What the grandson likes, the elderly will meet the preferences of the grandson, the children like to catch the doll, the elderly will certainly not refuse, at least much better than playing the phone, catching the doll back, even the toy money is saved, killing two birds with one stone. Therefore, in order to catch the elderly consumers of this type, first of all, there must be a place to sit near the doll machine (the elderly are inconvenient in the legs and feet), and the doll inside the doll machine should also be attractive to children.

In addition, to attract more consumers, you still need to pay attention to:

British wind doll machine coin operated claw crane machine

Don't forget: the core of the doll machine is the doll

If the eye-catching is the beginning, then the doll is the core of the doll machine, I believe everyone knows. A good looking and fresh doll, must be admirable, especially children and girls. Or cute, or beautiful, or fine, or tide of gifts, so that everyone is gearing up, ready to move!

Of course, popular IP is also a new choice. As we all know, the popular IP is followed by a large number of fans. The introduction of popular IP peripherals will naturally attract more consumers.

Know customers

For consumers, playing a doll machine can bring excitement and freshness every time, and many young people regard this game as the first choice to release pressure. For the doll machine, the value of the gift is the first productivity that attracts consumers. Therefore, the content of the doll machine needs to be constantly updated. The current mainstream products are Wenchuang derivatives, such as plush dolls. The Japanese have come up with the gem machine, the cake machine, the shoe machine, etc., which has further expanded the user population.

Golden Key Prize Game Machine

Grasp the core resources

To provide consumers with a unique capture game experience, operators need to have resources such as brand, content, funds, and contacts. Brand resources need to be built by operators themselves, and gradually accumulate through store site selection, CIS design, equipment procurement, and service process optimization. Content resources refer to the products in the doll machine. The current mainstream products are Wenchuang IP derivatives, but most claw crane machines use pirated products. From the perspective of operating brand creation, we should strive to obtain genuine copyright license or develop copyright creative products.

Maintain important partners

There are four important partners in the operation of the doll machine project: site providers, equipment manufacturers, cultural and software products providers, and operating franchisees. The venue provider is generally a mall operation center or a merchant retailer. The former can provide a large-scale operation site, and the latter can only provide a scattered operating site. The device manufacturer is the provider of the doll machine and needs to be able to provide self-service devices with mobile payment capabilities.

Wenchuang product providers are generally the originators or authorized distributors of IP creative products, and can form strategic partnerships with operators to jointly develop products suitable for the doll machine channel. Operating franchisees can provide venue resources and capital resources, and with their strength, they can further enhance the coverage of the doll machine operating brand. In addition, companies that provide mobile payment and intelligent system services for claw crane machines are also very important partners.

Pay attention to the holding of key events

From the perspective of brand operation of the doll machine, its key activities include: venue negotiation with the shopping center, marketing cooperation with the merchants, and cooperation with the operating franchisees. Of course, there is also a business cooperation with Wenchuang product providers. Work with as many shopping centers as possible to reach as many customer resources as possible.

Collaborate with merchants to promote new products or promote new stores while acquiring user data. For example, SKII, MONtoSUN and other companies are using the doll machine for marketing. Work with operating franchisees to get more working capital and more site resources. Cooperate with Wenchuang product providers to create content products suitable for the needs of end consumers.

Marble Paradise vending gift toy calw crane game machine

Choose more channel channels

To reach more users, you must choose more channel channels. The rise of experiential shopping malls calls for more scene-like and interactive equipment, providing a soil for the rejuvenation of the doll machine. The cinema line is a channel that deserves attention. The number of new screens in China is more than 10,000 per year. The number of people in the theater is dense, and users need to spend time. Moreover, the doll IP in the doll machine can also be accompanied by a movie announcement.

Metro, catering and other people are intensive, and the place where digestive debris is needed is also suitable for putting dolls. For example, the big players have already reached a cooperation with Haidilao, and will release amusement equipment outside the country. In addition, building a doll machine chain on a street with a large flow of people is also an important way to build a brand of doll machine.

Maintain customer relationships

Self-service unmanned devices are becoming a new growth point for doll machine products because of the multiple factors such as the popularity of mobile payment and rising labor costs. It is very important to design the machine equipment reasonably, optimize the service flow, and improve the convenience of the use of the doll machine. On the basis of ensuring profitability, consumers should be caught as much as possible to create surprises and improve consumer satisfaction.

At the same time, you can try to do some promotions. For example, if you add two to one, you can change one for three, and you can collect a set of dolls, and you can also attach gifts and so on. For business customers, maintain deep cooperation and cooperate in marketing promotion, data sharing, product customization and other aspects.

Written in the back

If you want to manage a good doll machine, it is important to distinguish the customer category during the operation and change the business strategy according to the customer's preference. The customer preferences of each category are different. Operators can't operate "one size fits all", understand customers, know customers, change positions, do so, and worry about no one playing with claw crane machines?

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