Investment is not easy, how should we choose a good indoor children's park to join the brand?
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2018-07-27 11:02:58
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The good development of indoor children's playground has attracted the attention of many investors. Therefore, many investors are now pouring into the indoor children's park industry. Because there is no experience, many investors choose to join, so why is the indoor children's park to join the brand? How to choose a good franchise brand?

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1 operating hours

Statistics show that in China, the average life expectancy of SMEs is only 2.9 years. In other words, most SMEs have lived for three years. Nowadays, the indoor children's playground industry is in the stage of big waves, and only strong brands can withstand the test of the market. Therefore, through the operation time (you can look at the brand registration time, you should not believe that the company that boasted of exaggeration) can be used as an aspect of reference brand strength.

2 brand popularity

The popularity of a brand comes from the most authentic evaluation of the market. In today's pursuit of consumer quality, if a brand has poor service, poor product quality, and low cost performance, natural popularity will not be high.

3 product quality

The most important thing in the quality judgment of indoor children's paradise is the quality of equipment. The equipment determines the grade of the paradise, playability, safety, etc. Therefore, when investigating a brand, it should make a key investigation on the quality of its equipment. Mainly concerned about whether the appearance of the equipment is novel, whether the gameplay is diverse and interesting, whether the material of the product is durable, and whether the safety performance is passed.

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4 product quality physical store situation

Learn how many franchisees the brand has across the country. If conditions permit, you can go to the physical store and the operators to communicate and see how their business model is. There are not many children watching the park.

5 team strength

A powerful brand can provide perfect services. In the early stage, there are professional market instructors to inspect the surrounding area and make preliminary planning for the venue. In the medium term, a professional design team provides site planning maps for brand franchisees, brand VI customization, etc. The operation department provides the opening plan and operation support for the franchisees. A set of processes can ensure the stable profitability of the franchise stores.

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