Problems in Children's Games and Animation Industry
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2018-05-21 15:13:20
shikewei    2018-05-21 15:15:48

China's game industry has experienced the development of children's playground equipment, video game machines, and online games. Although China's current cartoon and game industry has achieved remarkable results with the support of the government, there are still many problems in China's animation and game industry. There are three major issues concerning the game animation industry.

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For the game industry, China's game animation industry is still in an overall unbalanced development, the development level is not high, the status quo of unbalanced structure and layout, first of all, China's game animation industry product quality is not high, the lack of competitive brands and works. Secondly, the layout of China's game animation industry is irrational, and the entire development is unbalanced. Currently, most of them are clustered around Guangzhou Panyu and lack leading enterprises. The core competitiveness of enterprises is low, and the problem of homogeneity is serious. There is a shortage of game animation talents in China. The game industry in China has experienced large-scale video game consoles, large-scale game consoles and online game consoles, ranging from big changes to simple changes to complex ones. However, people currently engaged in game design industry still do not. Many, and China's specialized animation and game schools are less, leading to the lack of game talent in China, while limiting the development of China's game industry.

Although China's talents engaged in children's playground equipment are far less than what the market needs, but under the support of the state, China's animation and game industry has been rapid, the industrial chain has continued to expand, and major breakthroughs have been made from profitability to industrial scale.

It is believed that in the near future, the road of the children's playground equipment industry in our country will become more and more even.

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