What stage does the children's paradise experience? How to "adopted piecemeal"
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2018-07-25 09:45:36
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Investing in indoor children's paradise parks, to win, it is necessary to see whether the children's paradise parks operated by them have sufficient appeal, and whether they can meet the higher pursuit of consumption quality of young parents after 80 and 90 in product characteristics and store management.

For example, whether the playground products are rich enough, safe enough, the product portfolio is scientific, whether it can extend more educational significance, whether the store staff is friendly, and whether the store environment is clean and so on. More importantly, at different stages, the operating methods also need to be treated differently.

Naughty castle paradise

Naughty castle paradise

First, the opening stage

Opening stage: Before the opening of the children's paradise park, a comprehensive plan should be formulated, and all aspects must be well prepared to better guide the long-term development direction of the park.

Before the opening of the business, it should be promoted in relevant places, and promoted in places with dense crowds, parks, kindergartens, and large shopping malls. Through the online and offline three-dimensional promotion, the popularity of the park will be quickly upgraded to achieve the goal of opening a hot scene. Combine winter and summer vacations and holiday promotion activities to increase the popularity of the park.

children's paradise parks rides equipment

children's paradise parks rides equipment

Second, the bottleneck stage

Bottleneck stage: Three months to half a year after the opening of the business, the traffic of the children's paradise park is gradually decreasing. The advertisements, leaflets and promotional activities can all be done. The activities can bring a lot of customers, but it will not last long. Restore. At this time, the paradise has passed the preservation period and entered the bottleneck stage. No matter how large the park is, it will always face a bottleneck stage. So how should the park respond?

1. Conduct joint ventures with related merchants to conduct bundled marketing.

2, check for missing traps, site equipment adjustment, playground equipment circuit safety hazard investigation and maintenance, according to the relevant revenue and equipment data evaluation, equipment operation, decisive decision to increase or decrease equipment.

3. Train staff to serve etiquette, improve employees' work attitude and improve service awareness.

4. In-store staff training, upgrade some excellent employees to train other positions for internships, and do regular assessment follow-up work.

5, to explore the repeated consumption of members, children tired of playing and need to deal with the store in a novel way. Introduce new elements, such as the development of special parent-child activities to invite parents and children to the store to play.

Amusement park games items equipment playground

Amusement park games items equipment playground

Third, the development stage

The children's paradise has broken through the bottleneck stage through good operation, and has been on the right track. The passenger flow has been stable and maintained at a certain amount. It has a certain influence around it and has a good reputation among customers. Whether in the off-season or in the peak season, the park can maintain stable revenue.

For example, try a comprehensive playground experience such as paradise + retail / catering / culture to achieve the development of the entire industry chain. In addition to increasing the area of indoor children's playgrounds, indoor children's paradise parks also introduce children's book stores, commodities, toys and other children's retail formats. Children's catering and cultural formats are also included to achieve a full set of industrial chain development. At the same time, how to “cross-border” has become a new model for indoor children's paradise park franchise stores, and in the continuous exploration and practice, the future will use this rigid demand to create greater value.


Opportunities always favor those who are prepared. The children's paradise park business is hot, not only depends on the superior geographical location, fun and interesting playground equipment and the market as a whole, it also depends on the care of the children's paradise park operators.

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