The fusion of landscape and children's amusement park!
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2018-09-10 17:00:22
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Children love to play, nature is lively, but the city box filled with reinforced concrete seems to have its own ban, which limits the imagination of children. It is especially important to design a creative outdoor children's playground for your children, so that children have a unique game space. So, how can a landscape designer create a truly natural and fun place for children?



Children are the most authoritative referees in the playground. If the design of the park does not attract children's interest, it must be a failure. Only by understanding the real needs of children from the perspective of children can landscape architects correctly open the design pattern of children's amusement park and create works that truly satisfy children's nature.

The design of outdoor children's parks should focus on five aspects: safety, spatial fun, color diversity, creativity, and diversity of landscape elements.

First, security

The design of the amusement park must be based on the principle of “people-oriented, safety first”, aiming at cultivating and exercising children's physical and adventurous spirit.

In the site of the children's amusement park, a safe playground needs to be away from busy streets, roadways, sidewalks, ditches, etc. For children, safety is the first priority. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the safety of the mobile equipment and the safety of the detailed design of the site.

The fusion of landscape and children's amusement park!

Second, the space is interesting

Children's activities have a diverse need, and interesting space design can actively attract children to play, rather than let the children carry out boring activities. Taking into account the child's desire for knowledge, curiosity, energy, and eager to explore the surrounding environment. The equipment in the activity space should incorporate more interesting and participatory knowledge. Fun performance can call out children's happy emotions, and the fun amusement park space can really stimulate children's interest in playing, thus cultivating children's cognitive ability.

Third, color diversity

At this age of children, color and vivid colors should be the main color. Children have a strong sense of color, and bright colors can attract children's attention. Bright and pleasant colors will bring a happy mood to children. At the same time, it can form a good visual memory and a strong emotional response to things with bright colors. The color matching of different regions and the selection of equipment are also very particular.

The fusion of landscape and children's amusement park!

Fourth, creative

The designer's goal is to give children a creative outdoor playground where children can fully utilize their artistic talents and inspire their imagination and innovation. Can attract the eyes of children.

V. Diversity of landscape elements

The use of paving materials in children's activity sites is to ensure that the road surface is smooth and flat. It is not advisable to use concrete and asphalt because they do not have the characteristics of shock absorption cushioning. Protective floors should be used in the site to reduce injuries. For example, the use of colored rubber pavement, the color is lively and bright, has a certain flexibility and is easy to install, durable and reasonable price.

The choice of plant species. The plants planted in the play area should be studied in depth and planted in suitable places according to the characteristics of different plants. Comprehensive consideration, to meet the ornamental and interesting plants, mainly based on arbor, can achieve a certain degree of shade effect. Plants that cannot be used or partially flowered, thorny shrubs, plants that cause allergies and attract bees.

Changes in the terrain, in the design of the active area, should take into account the variation of the height difference of the site. The changing terrain is more attractive to children, who can run, hide and play. When children play in the middle of such a venue, they can really feel happiness and joy.

The fusion of landscape and children's amusement park!

Nishi Rokugo Playground, Japan

The Nishi Rokugo Playground features dinosaurs, monsters, bridges, slides and swings that are made up of thousands of car tires, surrounded by tires for children and parents to stack, roll, jump and climb and play. .

The fusion of landscape and children's amusement park!

Brummby Playground in Copenhagen

The three carefully arranged playhouses mimic the surrounding architectural design and are the epitome of the historic Brumlby community. Each playhouse features two-tone twilight and white architectural design. This playground is sloping, as the children imagined.

The fusion of landscape and children's amusement park!

Sydney Black River Park

Blaxland Riverside Park is known as "the largest and best playground in Sydney." The playground has huge swings, climbing walls, a 12-meter-high multi-storey tree house, tunnel slides, and the largest outdoor water park in New South Wales.

The fusion of landscape and children's amusement park!

Polish Black Water Playground

It seems unrealistic to combine minimalism with rich, vibrant pastures and a quiet natural environment. Fortunately, landscape architects have transcended traditional design. The Tychy Black Water Playground is a good example. It is a vibrant and intelligent play area and an excellent example of such projects in Poland.

The fusion of landscape and children's amusement park!

Valencia Gulliver Park, Spain

The Gulliver Statue of the Gulliver Children's Park was designed by Valencia's traditional French designers. He is familiar with the beautiful and detailed art of the dolls. The 150,000-square-meter Gulliver is as colorful and vivid as the French-French festivals, and is full of magical fairytales. He is kneeling on the sand, and his hands, feet, hair, and pleats of the clothes hide all kinds of ladders, slides, and rope ladders that can be climbed. The children and the accompanying adults can climb and slide together to have fun.

The fusion of landscape and children's amusement park!

The design theme of the children's amusement park should emphasize returning to nature, returning to the human nature, returning to the essence of the design of the event, allowing children to play games, learn and shape good personality in the natural environment. The children's playgrounds must ensure safety first, and be entertaining, enhance children's physical fitness during entertainment, and cultivate children's adventurous spirit and exploration spirit.

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