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Strictly order to go to the real estate, the future of the theme park, where is the road?
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2018-09-07 10:56:02
shikewei    2018-09-07 10:57:36

In recent years, as China's tourism industry has transformed from sightseeing to leisure and recreation, the theme park has gradually become an industry outlet. The data shows that the retail sales of China's theme parks in 2017 will be nearly 40 billion yuan, an increase of 27% over the previous year. It is expected that this number will reach 89.2 billion yuan by 2020. Such a strong growth rate and abundant market capacity have attracted Capital investment from all walks of life.

Strictly order to go to the real estate, the future of the theme park, where is the road?

However, in the successive development of the theme park project, problems such as unclear concept, blind construction, imitation reproduction, low level repetition, etc. have appeared in the construction and development, and even local debt risks and real estate trends have emerged. Behind the theme park prosperity, due to blind construction, the same The “fast-lived quick death” caused by excessive quality began to be exposed. In this regard, in April this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and other five departments jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Regulating the Construction and Development of Theme Parks" to strictly control the real estate of theme parks. As soon as the policy came out, Hainan, Yunnan, Gansu and other places responded quickly, and new policies were introduced to strengthen the control of the theme park project.

Strictly order to go to the real estate, the future of the theme park, where is the road?

In fact, the phenomenon of real estate hypothetical theme parks has become a normal phenomenon for a long time. As real estate can quickly return funds, “theme park + real estate” seems to be a fixed match of Chinese-style theme parks. Studying internationally successful theme parks, such as Disney, Universal Studios, etc., profit mainly depends on free IP and park consumption, not relying on real estate to make money; in contrast to local theme parks, not paying attention to the mining and integration of traditional culture, own IP creation ability Insufficient, there are widespread shortcomings such as lack of planning, less culture, and homogenization. Standardization and rectification is imminent. The strict management from the state to the local policy level will force the innovation and transformation of the theme park operation mode, and promote the theme park to focus on the improvement of competitiveness.

Strictly order to go to the real estate, the future of the theme park, where is the road?

Theme park projects are highly investment-intensive and high-risk, and it is difficult to make featured themes. For the local government, it is necessary to do a reasonable urban land planning to curb blind construction and lead to a surplus of regional markets. For investors, do not use real estate construction and operation to benchmark the theme park, and realistic planning and planning. In order to promote the smooth operation of the project. As a model of the intellectual tourism model in the market of deep-cultivation theme parks, Guangzhou Zhihui concluded that to return to the theme park positioning, under the premise of strictly controlling the real estate, based on the theme positioning and deepening the regional cultural advantages, we can prevent the theme park from being the same. Get rid of the embarrassment of being tied up by real estate, and then seek development and realize "poetry and distance".

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