Principle of normal operation of game city game equipment
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2018-03-23 09:55:41
shikewei    2018-03-23 09:59:00

We need to understand the principle of normal operation of the game city equipment? The answer is yes. Why do we need to understand this? Here we come one by one.

Initial D8

1, to facilitate our own repairs. Sometimes when the traffic volume is relatively large, it can't wait for the equipment manufacturer to repair the equipment. When we know the principle of the fault, we can repair it on our own, and wait for the equipment maintenance after the peak.

2, to facilitate fault description. If we do not understand the video game equipment, the description of some problems is not clear. Even if we call the video game equipment manufacturers, the problem is not clear, so that the manufacturers may not bring professional tools and accessories, greatly lengthening the maintenance time.

Video game equipment

Here we talk about the principle of normal operation of video game equipment:

When the coin is not coined, the drive tube B is extremely low, the drive tube is cut off, and the electromagnet does not pull in. When the coin is coined, the CPU generates a control signal - the drive tube B is changed to high level, the drive tube is saturated, and the electromagnet is suctioned. Coupling, currency channel opening. Therefore, as long as the short circuit in the inspection of the power drive tube C, E feet, the electromagnet should be sucked together, otherwise the electromagnet damage. When the signal is driven, the problem is in the drive tube. If there is not, it is in the comparator circuit, the CPU, and the photoeye detection section.

Through the above information, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the video game equipment, and also have a certain degree of understanding of the handling of failure.

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