How much does it cost to set up a VR experience hall in Shaoxing?
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2022-07-26 16:54:51
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vr equipment price / how much total investment quota does it take to open a VR experience library in Shaoxing

How much does it cost to set up a VR experience hall in Shaoxing?
vr Pavilion has developed rapidly in recent years. In the early days of the development of the VR equipment Museum, the vr experience Museum was mainly used to passively watch three-dimensional movies that can only be seen in the movie hall. With the progress of the times and science and technology, vr Amusement experience Museum can not only watch three-dimensional movies, but also:
watch movies, game interaction, immersive experience of game content

vr Science Education experience Hall site decoration cost
vr Science Education experience Hall site decoration cost
regardless of which kind of vr amusement game experience hall site decoration cost, generally speaking, the site decoration cost is determined according to the preference of investors, and the decoration style and materials are determined. No matter what style and theme it is, the decoration materials purchased must be healthy, safe and green. The decoration style of the park should choose the decoration style that the public likes.

generally speaking, the decoration cost of the vr experience hall is about 300 yuan to 800 yuan per square meter
VR virtual reality experience hall equipment

How much does it cost to set up a VR experience hall in Shaoxing?
generally speaking, if we do the vr experience museum project for our customers, the equipment price will be estimated according to the area. It's about 3000 yuan per square meter.

some equipment types commonly used in VR equipment libraries

Science and education
vr video games
Flight and aerospace
extreme sports
dynamic car racing
Children's amusement

vr amusement game experience hall vr experience hall several key points:

-vr amusement game experience hall subway station, high-speed rest station because the crowd stays for a short time It is best not to choose the location of
-vr amusement game experience hall, but should consider young people with spending power as the main force. Industrial zone, community consumers are not suitable, do not choose
-vr amusement video game experience hall must pass. Otherwise, it is impossible for our store to pass the fire protection inspection after the decoration is set up, and there is a danger of closure
-vr amusement game experience hall. According to the regulations, the venue can only be set up on the 1st-3rd floor, not the basement and above the 3rd floor. The recommended locations are: atrium, catering area, famous brand, online celebrity shop

vr experience hall, there are several main types:
How much does it cost to set up a VR experience hall in Shaoxing?

vr amusement game experience hall
vr science and technology experience hall
vr virtual reality experience hall
vr drug control knowledge experience hall
vr fire fighting knowledge experience hall
vr science education experience hall
vr building safety experience hall

to sum up, the money invested in the VR equipment library is roughly as follows:

decoration expenses, store deposit, rent, miscellaneous expenses. Skoway kindly reminds you that the budget of the VR experience Museum needs to take into account the different consumption habits and consumption level of the locatio

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