Game city game hall game electromechanical game hall children's game machine equipment?
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2022-07-25 17:43:10
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what are the equipment for children's game machines in the game city, the game hall, the game hall, the mechanical and electrical game hall?

Game city game hall game electromechanical game hall children\'s game machine equipment?

in China, analog game machines are those children's swing machine equipment and products that are often used in video games and animation cities. After continuous exploration and development, our domestic video game city industry has developed a wide variety of entertainment machines and other equipment that consumers like very much. When we open an animation amusement park, which large game hall equipment we need to choose is more appropriate? Here I would like to introduce to the bosses the classification of video game hall equipment:

Interactive Simulator -popular

simulated interactive archery, simulated interactive curling, simulated gateball, simulated golf, simulated gateball, simulated tennis, simulated interactive archery, simulated boxing, simulated table tennis

vr children's category, vr safety education, Vr shooting, vr horseback riding, vr somatosensory equipment, vr gym, vr music machine

VR equipment
gift machine

vending machine Automatic candy machine, doll machine, lipstick machine, ping-pong prize changer, lucky bag machine, lollipop machine, medal pressing machine, boutique machine

Game city game hall game electromechanical game hall children\'s game machine equipment?

music simulation, safety education simulation, dance cube, aircraft driving, dance machine, engineering simulation, motion simulation, motorcycle, frame machine

, etc.
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