How to distinguish whether amusement equipment is safe
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2018-03-20 11:42:36
shikewei    2018-03-20 11:45:13

The development speed of amusement equipment is very fast nowadays. However, while the amusement industry is in full swing, some unqualified amusement equipments are starting to appear on the market. Then we need to pay special attention when we are riding. How do we detect the safety of amusement equipment?

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1. The first thing to learn is to read the instructions for using the new type of amusement equipment or visitors, and use the new type of amusement equipment as required to ensure safety;

2. It is also very important to check if the new type of amusement equipment has a mark of qualified quality, and the new type of amusement equipment with a qualified quality mark will have security protection.

3, for some long-term carelessness, there are obvious corrosion or failure of the light equipment, it is best not to ride, because there are hidden dangers.

With the increasing number and variety of amusement devices, parents must increase their safety awareness and allow children to play in a safer environment.

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