Can I open a small children's playground? Does a small children's playground have an advantage?
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2021-05-21 19:27:41
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General investment children's park, in addition to pay attention to investment costs and profits, many investors are also very concerned about the size of the site, children's park has three types of children's playground, 70% of children's park to small and medium-sized mainly, the remaining 30% to large children's park Mainly, and large-scale children's playgrounds in large shopping centers landing more, many investors choose small children's parks, partly because of low investment costs, but to do investment, not to say, low investment costs, investment, but there is no market, then, can open a small children's park? Is there an advantage to a small children's playground?

Can I open a small children's playground? Does a small children's playground have an advantage?

Small children's park area of 100 square meters or less than 100 square meters, this area is very small, more suitable for opening in smaller places, for some busy areas, and not suitable, standing on the area of thinking, it seems that township places are more suitable for small children's playgrounds.

While small children's playgrounds are not suitable for economically developed cities and bustling areas, does that mean that small children's playgrounds have no market? Not competitive? Not. The right location, open the right area, in order to maximize the benefits.

Small children's park although the area is small, but can be a 1-2 floor children's park, which is more advantageous than the large-scale children's park, can also make up for the small area, even 100 square meters of scale can make 150 square meters of effect, and children's park is divided into upper and lower floors, it seems more attractive.

For small children's playgrounds, then in the choice of superior and disadvantage equipment, can only choose small equipment, to know that small-scale amusement equipment, playability than large-scale amusement equipment is higher, such as coconut trees, small rocking horses, ocean ball pools, etc. , are very popular with children, so small children's playground amusement equipment is not to say no business.

Small children's playground is mainly to Naughty Fort project, children's Naughty Fort project is made up of many different small project combinations, more popular ocean ball pool and sand pool, are able to play with a lot of children, and children like lively, in the degree of equipment attraction, this naughty castle equipment is more attractive, and like the ocean ball pool, can also be identified by color, can count and so on, a lot of fun.

Therefore, there is no problem with opening a small children's playground, mainly to choose the right location, small children's playground can make a lot of money.

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