Outdoor powerless playground planning
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2021-05-20 15:17:25
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The planning of the powerless playground should not only pay attention to the design and construction of the park itself and the choice of rides, but also determine a reasonable business strategy according to market conditions, otherwise, in addition to the government-led public welfare projects, other investors will operate the park will go high and low, or even difficult to survive. At present, large theme parks are concentrated in the more developed first- and second-tier cities, and in the third- and fourth-tier cities there is a broad market, so powerless paradise children's park and other business conditions are a good choice, in the early planning program can be used as the first consideration, in addition to the powerless park planning there are three basic points to note.

Defining the theme: In planning and designing the powerless park, according to the local city's regional cultural characteristics, can be properly integrated into the program, so that can make full use of the city-standard advantages, the formation of paradise features, but also become the display window of urban culture. On the other hand. It focuses on the theme of dyeing and space construction and other aspects of planning and design, which is the basic institutions and blueprints of the previous program.

Outdoor No power playground planning

Theme rendering and space creation: based on the rich and diverse natural environment and outdoor characteristics of the main through simulation of the skit terrain water features "paved simulation, embedded in special sea opera activities, not only can experience abstract spatial changes, visitors can also be in the "sound and touch vision, physical strength, direction, and balance" in all aspects of exercise. This powerless paradise experience not only stays in the experience of the equipment, but also all-round three-dimensional.

Consumer psychology: In the current consumer era, the business model of powerless paradise actually occupies a considerable impact component, hardware facilities supporting a good paradise, its operating philosophy backward will do more than half the work. Operating philosophy from the past simple travel souvenirs, dolls and other peripheral goods and necessary food, accommodation services and so on, but only different from the past, all projects will have these basic operating support, can not do the characteristics of no attraction.

In the network era, the early publicity is very important, relying on the characteristics of the powerless park advantages, the network red explosion style of small and beautiful scenic spots to create is the first choice. Combining new tourism concepts such as parent-child tours, study tours, outreach tours, etc. to attract younger consumer groups is the general direction of operation, while the park must have unique interactive projects that impress people, or feel exciting, or experience relaxation, or embrace nature.

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