How can children's playgrounds achieve a win-win situation with shopping centres?
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At present, China has become second only to the United States mother and child products consumption of large countries, in the first- and second-tier cities, the most popular business is also the children's experience industry. The ability to drive the whole family consumption this characteristic makes the children's business become the magic weapon of retail gold, the children's business has gradually become the emerging shopping centers, shopping malls "standard", they will even open up about 15% of the operating area dedicated to children's entertainment. How big is China's children's market and what is the prospect? How can children's playgrounds and shopping centers achieve win-win results?

How can children's playgrounds achieve a win-win situation with shopping centres?


Super absorbent gold

The huge children's population is the basis of the children's industry and the driving force of the children's industry. According to public survey data, there are currently 290 million children under 12 years of age, nearly 400 million young people under the age of 18, and youth consumption expenditure has accounted for 25% of the total household income, and at a rate of more than 9% per year.

The rapid development of the children's industry is ultimately behind a huge market of more than 250 million children aged 0-14. At present, China has become the second largest consumer of babies after the United States. With the full implementation of the two-child policy, this year China's children's industry market size is more likely to exceed 2 trillion, the children's industry is bound to be a huge business opportunity.

Driving household consumption through the children's business pattern is the driving force point of the business plus code children's business mode. From the former phenomenon of "one child, six adults" to the later phenomenon of "two children, six adults", children are becoming more and more the core of a family, especially in first- and second-tier cities have become more common.

Children's experiential consumption that drives the flow of people Who can refuse?

Children are a group that drives popularity and consumption potential the most, and the children's business is just a "tipping point", which drives household consumption of this big cake. Children's choice determines the family's whereabouts, characteristic children's business style on the commercial flow has a clear driving effect. At the same time mixed parenthood, affection, growth, happiness, food atmosphere, please ask which parents do not love it! For the operators of the business complex, a new shopping mall will have a three- to five-year roll-out period after opening, but joining the children's experience industry can shorten the cycle and "invigorate" other businesses in the mall as soon as possible. Children's consumption can bring sticky consumption to shopping centers, and drive the consumption of adults such as food and beverage entertainment, clothing department stores and so on.

How can children's playgrounds achieve a win-win situation with shopping centres?

Do a good job as a parent

Children's amusement park consumption is decisive for parents, so the playground not only let children love, but also get the approval of parents. So what exactly should be done? First of all, pay attention to the appearance of the park, appearance is the first feeling, it includes the park decoration style, equipment selection, equipment placement and so on.

Secondly, the park should be safe, clean, hygienic, regular check whether the screws of amusement equipment loose and other safety issues, as well as amusement equipment cleaning and disinfection, in order to cultivate loyal customers.

Third, don't let parents have been waiting in line, whenever and wherever, long waits are enough to drive people crazy, perhaps weekday still complain about the park guests are scarce, no one asked, then when really busy, do you feel that you are missing a comprehensive plan?


The park project has a certain time limit

Children play for a period of time after the freshness will be reduced, or children grow up do not like to play these play equipment, so to meet the needs of children, regularly change some play equipment. Of course, there is no need to change play equipment frequently, first, the money is a problem, two older children go, then there will be smaller children to join, your paradise is also popular.

So it's best to add some equipment to the children's playground that parents can also play with. Now parents are busy at work, less communication with their children, they also hope to have a place to play with their children, children can not only have fun, but also to enhance the feelings of parents, so parents will be more willing to bring their children to your playground to play.

In today's society, parents care for children, children's education attaches great importance to the depth of play equipment simply can not let parents agree to encourage. Only equipment that combines entertainment, safety, education and health can be accepted in their hearts. Therefore, in the process of equipment selection, we should pay attention to the multi-faceted effect of equipment, whether to grasp the minds of parents, whether to produce lasting popularity. Some devices may not be very exciting in the game, but in the child's learning and education is positive significance, should be considered. Children's playground is not like video game city equipment only need enough stimulation, can fully vent relaxation on it, must be parents' concerns and children's learning, intellectual improvement and other factors to take into account.

How can children's playgrounds achieve a win-win situation with shopping centres?

Paradise features

Paradise competition is a comprehensive strength, a unique park will certainly be able to train a lot of repeat visitors, so the park can be more service, culture, equipment. Perhaps in your world, the park should attract children should be play equipment, in fact, this is unique, can be an iconic food, an ice cream, a drink, a grilled sausage, as long as children can bring other places can not find the taste experience.

The strength of the team

Park staff team is a collective, regular team activities, performance to complete the dinner has become an opportunity for everyone to communicate with each other, to bridge the gap. Of course, team building can not only take advantage of the opportunity of dinner tourism, early meeting, shift meeting is also a very good opportunity, especially early meeting, because the park is generally open at 10 o'clock, fully time to take advantage of the opportunity to communicate.

How can children's playgrounds achieve a win-win situation with shopping centres?

But pay attention to the early meeting, sum up yesterday's work, pay attention to the accumulation of experience, try not to directly criticize, avoid affecting the employee's work mood through the day. Early meeting, not only can communicate information, but also appropriate interspersed with some staff to expand communication activities, for a day's work ice-breaking, increase the staff home exchanges and interactions.

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