Sony Pictures: The world's first Colombian film water world is located in Thailand
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2021-04-09 12:22:20
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Sony Pictures: The world's first Colombian film water world is located in Thailand

Recently, Sony Pictures announced that the world's first themed water park, Columbia Film Water World, is located in Thailand, with state-of-the-art rides and eight immersive film-themed areas designed to create a world-class Hollywood movie-themed attraction. Developed by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Amazon Falls, Columbia Film and Water World is a 14-acre beachside town in Bansari, Pattaya, Thailand, and is scheduled to open in October 2021.

Immersive experience of Hollywood blockbuster movies

Unlike traditional water parks, Columbia Film Water World consists of eight themed movie immersive play areas to cater to visitors of all ages. Each themed area includes a range of water and land tours, as well as exciting live performances, immersive experiences, interactive props, unique sets, themed restaurants, specialty merchandise and retail outlets, bringing immersive rides to Hollywood blockbusters such as Game of Thrones, Black Man, Jedi War Police, Elf Hostel and Superman Mobilization.

Set in the Colombian film Water World, visitors can not only experience the speed and weightlessness of a roller coaster in the Black Man themed park, but also venture through the jungle waters of Game of Thrones, and even step through the "transmission door" of "Super-Power Dare to Die" to enter the world's first fully enclosed dome waterway from rubber dinghy rafting. If you want to play land projects, the Jedi Police Park's new outdoor go-kart track is ready to start a thrilling chase. In addition to heart-throb entertainment, the Elf Hostel theme area also offers parent-child visitors the largest play area in the water park - more than 100 water features such as "Splash Bucket" and "Splash Rocket" to meet all types of family entertainment needs.

Sony Pictures' global strategy is in the spotlight

Jeffrey Goldsick, executive vice president of global collaboration and brand management at Sony Pictures Entertainment and LBE program director, said: "Sony Pictures will develop and expand LBE (location-based entertainment) with its own strong global film and television brands, and 'Columbia Film Water World' is a very important step. Through water parks, touring exhibitions and theme parks, audiences around the world can immerse themselves more deeply in our film stories. ”

It's worth noting that the opening of Columbia's film WaterWorld is also part of the smart city of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). In the future, Columbia Film Water World will establish new partnerships with top accommodation, technology, retail and catering partners to create integrated entertainment destinations.

It is reported that the Colombian film Water World is expected to open in October 2021 in stages, and in 2022 for trial business.

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