Eight dimensions analyze the development trend of the cultural and tourism industry in 2021
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Eight dimensions analyze the development trend of the cultural and tourism industry in 2021

Under the impact and challenge of the epidemic, China's cultural and tourism industry has been tested, constantly exploring new supply, business models, enterprises are also constantly optimizing the business structure, in 2021 China entered the post-epidemic era, but also the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening year, the cultural tourism industry will follow the spirit of the 13th Fourth Meeting of the Party, in the recovery of the re-establishment, and constantly find new machines, open new bureaus, to achieve high-quality development. The Green Viven Brigade analyzes the development trend of the cultural tourism industry in 2021 from eight dimensions.

Value dimension: no culture, no tourism

Culture is the soul of tourism products, "no culture, no tourism" - the new value of the cultural tourism industry has arrived. In recent years, interactive museums, ancient streets, ancient towns have become the offline market hot cultural and tourist attractions category, the creative platform has also become a new direction of online cultural consumption, consumers pay more attention to consumption of "beauty, fun, products", cultural activities are also gradually enriching the tourism market, the overall pull of tourism comprehensive consumption. Data from the Sichuan Provincial Department of Arts and Tourism during the 2021 Spring Festival holiday show that the "old town of Shizi" has the highest number of visitors in sichuan.

The biggest feature of culture is in the content, and the biggest feature of tourism is in the market. 2021 has been opened, a big step towards improving the country's cultural soft power, building a "cultural power" forward, enlarge the new pattern of industry, high-quality development of cultural industry has great advantages, to culture to do content experience, tourism to do marketing, science and technology and finance to do solid support, become the main idea of cultural and tourism integration and development. In the new stage of development, we should constantly meet the needs of tourists who are humanized, family-oriented and diversified and personalized, expand the supply of high-quality cultural products and experience-oriented cultural tourism integration projects, tell Chinese stories and consolidate cultural self-confidence.

"The 14th Five-Year Plan and the 2035 Draft Outline of Vision Goals" also mentioned "the implementation of cultural brand strategy, to create a number of influential and representative cultural brands." ""Insist on the cultural and plastic brigade, to travel to Changwen, to create a unique charm of the Chinese cultural tourism experience. In-depth development of mass tourism, smart tourism, innovative tourism product system, improve the tourism consumption experience. Strengthen the integration of regional tourism brands and services, build a number of culturally rich world-class tourist attractions and resorts, to create a number of distinctive cultural characteristics of national tourism and leisure cities and neighborhoods. We will promote innovation and development in red tourism, cultural heritage tourism and tourism performing arts. ”

Red cultural tourism will usher in a new peak of development

The "circled" cultural tourism consumption market is incalculable

Culture and art fully integrated into the "eat, live, travel, travel, purchase, entertainment" of the various tourism elements

Cross-border dimensions: explore multi-depth fusion innovation

The trend of cultural integration and cross-border innovation is based on the comprehensive and interrelated characteristics of tourism, with the continuous reform of the supply side, the integration of supply products is in fact constantly updated, especially after the new crown epidemic hit the tourism industry, this trend is more obvious, prompting operators to more actively explore, innovative integration model, so that the restarted tourism industry has a different vitality. "Travel and Aviation" "Travel and Retail" "Tourism and Agriculture" "Tourism and Live" "Travel and Technology"... These new business models are changing the pattern of the industry, affecting the choice of demand and supply-side decision-making, and become the 2021 and "14th Five-Year" cultural and tourism industry high-quality development of an important research direction.

It is worth pointing out that with the opportunity of the 2022 Winter Olympics, in 2021 all regions can greatly promote the "tourism and sports" integration model, and promote the popular development of sports skills experience tourism forms, such as gliding, low-altitude flight, yachts and other products, from small groups, high consumer demand to an important form of popular demand.

"National Tide and Cultural Brigade" to unlock new consumption and new ways of playing

The integration of cultural tourism and skill consumption

Cultural tourism and online economic depth (net red anchor live broadcast, etc.) integration

Cultural tourism and new industrialization, agricultural modernization, modern service industry and other fields of deep and effective integration

Scene Dimensions: New Experience of Breakout Travel IP

The high-quality development of cultural tourism must get rid of the traditional investment-driven model and heavy asset management mode, and lead the construction of the whole industrial chain of cultural tourism with IP brand, and improve the quality of culture and tourism become an important direction. By mining the local culture to form original IP content and scenes or joint popular IP content and IP scenes, in the cultural travel space, places, the formation of IP as the head content, multi-industry as the carrier of the "situation" experienced consumption scene, to meet the expectations and needs of tourists for a better tourism life of the cultural travel experience, to achieve the purpose of IP enabling field, and IP as the content of the scene innovation, but also to form a second development, three development, that is, to form a "fish eat more" model.

Take the example of "Wen and Friends" roadside stalls to Super IP:

As early as 2010, Wenbin, one of Wen and You's co-founders, set up a stall on Changsha Pozi Street selling fried strings. In 2011 set up a "Wen and Friends Changsha Fried Society" brand, to this point, "Wen and Friends" officially began to face the market, the implementation of the "one shop, one product" model, the old Changsha classic snack fried string, stinky tofu classification open shop, on the "dining and culture" road. Until 2019, Wen and You upgraded to "Super Wen and Friends" and became a new landmark in Changsha's tourist card-making and market culture.

Shenzhen Wen and You, which will open in 2021, once again cross-border innovation, with the world's high-end new retail brand HAYDON black hole to create a beauty scene experience scene, quickly by beauty, fashion bloggers, trenders and other high attention and spontaneous punching. It can be seen that IP should continue to create content of interest to users, through IP scenarios to occupy the market, promote enterprise influence.

National Tide Culture IP and Scenes

Using net red content, create net red IP scene (net red restaurant, net red attractions)

Upgrade the "new creation" to create a high-value, positive energy cultural content of the creative IP scene

Supply Chain Dimension: The New Pattern of OTA

Under the new crown epidemic, affected by the great contraction of team travel demand in 2020, many small and medium-sized supply platforms with poor anti-risk ability quietly retreated, and by virtue of strong capital advantages and resource integration capabilities of Ctrip, American regiments, flying pigs and other OTA oligarchs have shown good self-help effect, the concentration of the cultural tourism supply chain will be further improved: the horse honeycomb launched a "spring breeze action" based on the content of "cloud tourism", Tuan cattle also hand in hand with their own e-commerce platform Ctrip is also vigorously promoting live and special channels, OTA oligarchs to varying degrees through the "change" "self-help" to explore new opportunities in the outbreak.

The OTA platform itself has a long industrial chain from destination to tourism consumer, from the supply end to the sales side have a large amount of traffic accumulation, with the promotion of online e-commerce and live shipping business, not only the business model is gradually forced to innovate, but also to obtain more resources, pricing power and traffic import, the platform advantages will be better consolidated. With China entering the post-epidemic era in 2021, group tours will gradually and orderly recover under the overall trend of shrinking, and the OTA platform will be better integrated and mutually beneficial with the resource side, channel side and the cultural and travel supply chain to achieve sound development.

In addition, in addition to the cultural travel OTA oligarchs, some local travel groups have also begun to carry out cultural travel supply platform attempts!

Sichuan Travel Investment Group and Jintang County collection platform cooperation, to create a first-class cultural travel supply chain integration service provider - Sichuan Travel Investment Food Ingredients Collection Center.

Sichuan Travel Investment and Commerce will accelerate the implementation of the Group's 1363 strategy, and strive to make the company a well-known "featured products trading platform, specialty catering promotion platform and centralized procurement service platform", to build into the domestic first-class cultural travel supply chain integration service providers. Will use the Group's own tourism channels in the whole Sichuan resources, through the city and state high-quality products upstream first-hand source channels, break through the original trading relationship, and close cooperation with local governments and enterprises, to collect and harvest center as a physical center, should be launched on the season online and offline full coverage of the "product month", "product season."

Traffic dimension: No live streaming without marketing

Affected by the new crown epidemic, as a "content carrier" of live, short video, quickly become a new social media traffic entrance, quickly into various industries, "live and tourism" has also become a new position of tourism business new media marketing, live shipping has also become the tourism platform and business recovery of the first choice, live access to low cost, with good results, but also a large number of travel agency guides, scenic interpreters, hotel sales into a "master." Today, live and short video marketing has entered the professional runway, but also become a new industry model, through the use of content to attract traffic, to achieve the value of powder and user conversion rate.

There is no doubt that "no live broadcast not marketing" will be a long time in the future, the social marketing of cultural travel strong, 2021 live broadcast field refinement and segmentation will become a new trend, there have been many cultural tourism bureaus gradually launched the "cultural tourism network red live industry incubation plan", the network red live broadcast model into the cultural travel industry, focus on training the cultural travel network red team, cultivate the development of "live and cultural tourism" industry new model. In the post-live era, it should be transformed from online "focus bonus" to offline "development dividend", while the tourism broadcast, import more local cultural scenes and stories, attract consumers to travel offline, and play a greater value-added of live travel.

Live broadcasting throughout the industry is normal

Creative live sales

The creation of the local net red talent echelon

The local cultural travel network red live broadcast industry is advancing

Investment dimension: Group development and enterprise service platform

The platform of the local travel investment group accelerates the integration. Under the guiding ideology of SASAC's "focus on the main industry", the non-main business assets of state-owned enterprises in many places have been continuously divested and restructured, and the relevant industries of cultural and tourism have been integrated into the local cultural and tourism groups, and the assets of cultural and tourism industries have been rapidly integrated to become the leading leader in the development of the local cultural and tourism industry. In the second half of 2020, Zhejiang Tourism Investment Group was established to merge the former Zhejiang Tourism Group, Zhejiang Zhejiang Qin Group, and integrate the tourism assets of provincial enterprises and provincial organs and institutions. Shandong Province has also announced the decision to restructure and integrate the cultural tourism assets of provincial enterprises, Shandong Lusan Group, Shandong Gold, Luxin Group, Shandong Energy, Shandong Expressway, Shandong Guohui and other six provincial enterprises of the cultural and tourism assets into the Guoxin Wen Brigade. At the end of 2020, Wuhan Travel Investment Group also integrated and restructured with the sports investment company and Wu travel shares, renamed Wuhan Tourism sports Group Co., Ltd., becoming wuhan City integrated tourism, sports resources, the largest state-owned capital operating platform, towards a new round of high-quality development.

The platformization of investment and financing services. According to relevant statistics, in 2020 the cultural and tourism projects are still the majority of cultural and tourism complexes and characteristic towns, followed by resorts, theme parks, resorts, scenic spots, homestays, rural tourism. The overall presentation of two major investment trends, one is with the prevention of risk awareness, large and complete investment in cultural tourism gradually tend to be cautious and rational, one is the cross-bank investment trend is obvious, need to solve the problem of investment and industry integration and cooperation. Therefore, the docking needs of cultural tourism projects and financial capital institutions will continue to promote the development of cultural tourism investment and financing service platform, the platform can be based on the integration of investment and financing projects, funds and investment institutions, through online and offline cultural tourism investment and financing information exchange, thematic research, offline salons, proposed investment project roadshow, investment project site visits and other activities, effectively promote cultural tourism resources to capital docking, to achieve professional value.

The development of the group platform of the investment enterprises

The investment and financing docking service platform of the cultural tourism project and the capital

The cultural tourism project and the new industry resources investment docking service platform

Operational dimensions: comprehensive capacity improvement and profit restructuring

With China entering the post-epidemic era in 2021, the operation of the industrial chain enterprises is also back on track, whether it is heavy assets-based or light-asset-based operations, wen-travel group will focus on strengthening the adjustment of profit structure and the improvement of comprehensive operating capacity.

Adjustment of closed-loop commercial revenue structure. The profit strategy of the wen travel project will be further optimized and adjusted after the outbreak, especially the rich and innovative products, with the increase of market personality and diversified demand, the cultural tourism enterprises should also dig deep into the personality needs of consumers, provide targeted products and services, enhance added value and improve the growth of customer unit price through the second-rate products and customized services, all of which must be professional and improve the management of the operation team, in order to achieve better business results and investment return expectations.

The market is deeply cultivated to improve the re-travel rate. Market growth in addition to live streaming, experience penetration and other channels, the key is the re-travel rate. The key to re-travel rates lies in product innovation and emotional experience strategies, which are at the heart of fine management.

Make good use of personalized and customized services

Do a good job of creative high value-added two eliminate

Fine-tuned and efficient operations based on data

Wise Travel Dimension: The digital transformation of the Cultural Brigade will grow rapidly

Scientific and technological progress has become the core driving force of the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and in the digital age, the integration and development of the cultural and tourism industry and digital economy has also become an important driving force for the high-quality development of the cultural and tourism industry and the driving force of the economic cycle. Looking back at the 2020 Digital China Index Report (released by Tencent Cloud and Tencent Research Institute) affected by the new crown epidemic, the cultural tourism industry is in its infancy, showing a significant growth trend, with a growth rate of more than 400%, and there will be a vast blue sea of development in the future, and the digital transformation of the cultural tourism industry will usher in a rapid growth stage. The 14th Five-Year Plan and the Draft Outline of Vision Goals for 2035 also mention the digitalization strategy of cultural industries as one of the powerful means to "expand the supply of high-quality cultural products". "Fourth Five-Year" will enter the era of science and technology-driven development of cultural tourism, science and technology to promote product form upgrading and business model innovation, for the industry's high-quality development.

Experience upgrades: Travel VR interactive, wearable smart cultural devices, enhanced "immersive" scenes

Digital promotion: to promote immersive video, cloud transmission and other applications in the cultural and tourism industry

Smart service: build a digital travel cooperation service platform

Smart Operations: Data-based, more efficient operational management

Strengthen cooperation: deepen the integration and development of science and technology enterprises with cultural relics units, tourist attractions and other online and offline

Source: WeChat Public No. "Green Viven Brigade" (ID:lwcj2005), original title: "Eight Dimensions To Analyze the Development Trends of the 2021 Cultural Travel Industry".

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