Try to "break the circle" theme park how to seize the hearts of parents and children
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Try to "break the circle" theme park how to seize the hearts of parents and children

Local theme park the introduction of domestic animation IP, is not only cross-border cooperation, but also to content enabling the "break the circle" efforts. On the one hand, the immersive experience meets the public's demand for tourism consumption upgrade. On the other hand, parent-child family group is an important consumer group of theme parks, how to make the animation IP content "teaching in music" transformation, to become a parent-child guest group like to hear the theme products and playground scene? It is an area that local theme parks need to keep studying.

The rise of domestic classic IP

"Chinese taste" of domestic animation IP is becoming more and more popular theme parks. A few days ago, Happy Valley Group and fast-reading comics for strategic cooperation, Happy Valley Group head believes that the integration of domestic animation content and local park helps to build a tourism brand with Chinese characteristics, in line with the overseas Chinese city group "tourism plus" development concept. "Happy Valley is the first attempt to get comics into the theme park, and I hope that both sides can develop and build through the whole industry chain, break the boundaries and complement each other's advantages, so that the excellent works of Fast Watch Comics will empower Happy Valley's activities," said Anne Chen, founder and CEO of Fast Watch Comics. ”

In recent years, in the field of theme parks, through independent research and development, acquisition, cooperation with IP enterprises to create a "Chinese taste" OF theme park, has become a popular model. Li Wei, vice president of Huaqiang Fangte Group, said that the "Beautiful China Trilogy" series, as well as the Fangt Theme Park series, which showcases the characteristic regional culture, showcases China's traditional culture, contemporary culture and characteristic regional culture by means of high-tech means, with a distinctive "Chinese flavor".

As one of the few enterprises in China that can operate the whole industrial chain from theme park creative design, research and development, content production and construction to market operation, Fangte has fully excavated many Chinese myths and legends, folk tale IP, through Fangt's "culture and science and technology" Innovative interpretation, the formation of "woman to make up the days" Liang Zhu "which sea" "Huang Qi a dream" and other thematic projects, many of which also have a high ideological and artistic, such as "Chule", "Qu Yuan" and other theme projects , making it a popular local experience. "The ideas conveyed by Fangt's products and services have both distinctive Chinese cultural imprints and Chinese elements, as well as Chinese of chinese culture and values. With these products, Fangt wants to create our own Chinese our own. Li said.

Values and story lines

Original content is the core competitiveness of theme parks. No matter how technology develops, telling a good story is the most important thing, which is the source of happiness for theme parks.

Classic domestic animation IP - "Bear innate", well-known, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, by Huaqiang Fangte animation original production. Shang Linlin, chief executive of Huaqiang Fangte Group, said that the seventh big film in the Bear Out series, "Bear Outlander WildLand", was released nationwide at the beginning of this year and has reached 574 million yuan so far. In the film, the well-known "Bear Big", "Bear II" and other protagonists came to the wild continent, starting a thrilling journey in search of happiness. The film has both eye-catching change plot settings, but also a comprehensive upgrade of the audio-visual effect, and more importantly, in the bear in the series of consistent happy humor atmosphere tells a moving family story, explores the deep meaning of "happiness."

"The value of the content it represents should be more focused than the commercial value of IP, " said Lin Huanjie, president of the China Theme Park Research Institute. "A closer look at those world-renowned super IP can be found that the universal values of the basic praise of true goodness and beauty, affection, friendship, love, courage, etc. , while advocating a positive, self-improvement of the outlook on life and values, can harvest such a wide range of recognition and resonance."

This is even more important for theme parks, which, as the primary place for children to grow up and interact with their children, shape the positive values and emotions of IP from the start. "Every IP has its own value, and that value is more reflected in the space for commercial realization, " Mr. Lin said. If this amount of value itself is not deep enough, how to tap its commercial value, but also passive water, will only more quickly eliminate the CONTENT value of the IP itself. ”

A popular animation IP to have a wealth of works, continuous content, good platform support. Many viewers from 2014's first "Bear In" movie to date, from primary school to college, are bear indation "iron powder." In the film, family, friendship, mutual assistance, love and other themes, but also let many children have deep feelings, think that "Bear Inn up" is not only childhood memories, but also accompany their own growth.

Animation IP itself is a scarce product. In addition to "Bear Infested", Hua Qiangfangt also launched "Chicken is not easy to mess with" "Worms and bugs" and other animation works, the market response is not as good as "Bear infested." In addition, animation IP conversion to theme park products is not good to do. Lin Huanjie believes that there must be a very strong creative and transformational capacity, theme parks are "themes and experiences", the need to pass the storyline to visitors, combined with equipment to let visitors from the hearing, touch, taste and other aspects of resonance.

The appeal of "teaching in music"

According to Ctrip's 2020 China Parent-Child Travel Trends Report, theme parks will top the list with 27% of the distribution of parent-child travel-themed products by 2020.

At present, the theme park's parent-child group, mostly parents born in the 1980s and children born after 2010, they themselves are surrounded by electronic displays every day, countless games, entertainment, interaction methods continue to develop new, to the user's stimulation constantly add weight, the theme park parent-child amusement product development has also raised challenges.

Li believes that the development of parent-child travel products is more difficult than conventional tourism. The travel needs of parent-child families will change at different stages of children's growth, compared to standardized tourism products, the development of high-quality parent-child travel products need to combine the physical and mental needs of children of different ages, to provide customized products and services to fine and personalized products to meet the needs of all aspects of family travel. "Behind the magic of theme parks is the penetration and implementation of service design thinking."

Seizing the parent-child group is the direction of many local theme parks. Upgrade from "Happy Valley for Young People" to "Happy Valley for All", which is Happy Valley's brand upgrade strategy. Take the four-phase "Sweet Kingdom" opening in Beijing's Happy Valley in 2018 as an example, focusing on the "national amusement" scene of the regular playground, focusing on the "family play" of parent-child interaction, and introducing the original chinese animation IP "Cookie Sheriff", targeting the parent-child guest group.

"'Teaching in music' is one of the core appeals of the theme park children's area." Children of different ages also have different needs for education and interaction, Li said. Fang special for young children's "bear paradise" and various kinds of puzzle experience projects, for older children to launch many parents and children can experience the cultural theme projects and interactive activities, based on traditional Chinese culture to create the "Fangte Oriental God Painting" theme park, there is a wealth of historical and cultural experience projects, so that children and parents can experience together. In addition, supporting hotels, catering and other services, but also make it easy for parents and children to achieve one-stop play.

Jigao Group founder Li Huihua believes that parent-child amusement is a unique market area, the more segmented the market means the need for more accurate and efficient operation, in order to break through the "tickets and secondary consumption" of the classic profit model, through the "break the circle" and "cross-border" way to innovate a new business model with more potential. Just as Happy Valley and Fast Watch Comics co-operation, some people in the industry think that the two are also to expand the blind box, hand-held product development.

In addition, in response to the "teaching for fun" appeal, theme parks in the future may have more scene integration possibilities, the use of parent-child amusement products to provide venues and user resources, the development of more systematic and advanced "plus education products", so that the future more imaginative space.

This article comes from: China Tourism News, author: Cao Yan, original title: "Effort to "break the circle" theme park how to seize the hearts of parents and children."

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