In the booming children’s playground, how does the store manager manage the employees?
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2020-12-30 14:26:58
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 From small to one thing, to a big paradise , you cannot rely solely on the "personal system" for restraint. It is only effective if you use a scientific system to regulate it. The key to the success of many parks lies in its "selection and retention" mechanism. There are a series of practices and regulations for the selection and training of employees, the quality of ideas, and the incentive mechanism. This is the successful experience of the park's employee management, and it is also a good way to manage some "love to stand" employees.

This is the successful experience of the park's staff management

Respect employee value "reasonable rewards and punishments"

If you can respect the views of your employees, even if you do not adopt their suggestions in the end, you will find that they will be more willing to support your decision. Regarding people as an important capital of the park is the foundation of competitive advantage, and implementing this concept in specific management work such as the park's system, leadership style, and employee compensation. When employees want to participate, but you don't give them this opportunity, they will alienate management and the entire organization. The previous “paternalistic” style of using management positions as official titles and employees as tools should be discarded. Only when rewards and punishments are clearly distinguished is an effective incentive.

When assessing and rewarding employees, we must pay special attention to their actual performance rather than what they say in words. Can't reward opportunistic tricks and neglect to work hard. A sense of accomplishment can motivate employees to work enthusiastically and meet their inner needs.

Communicate effectively with "outstanding employees" often

No one likes to be kept in the dark, employees will have many dissatisfaction and opinions of their own. Supervisors and employees often communicate about the work undertaken by the employees, the employees will be inspired, and he will feel respected and the value of his work itself. This also directly brings self-worth satisfaction to employees, and their enthusiasm and enthusiasm for work will naturally be improved.

Supervisors and employees often communicate about the work undertaken by employees

Only through communication can the supervisor accurately and timely grasp the work progress and work problems of the employees, and provide timely support and assistance to the employees. This can help employees' work to be completed in a timely and high-quality manner as required, thereby ensuring the coordination of the work of the entire team, department, and even the entire park.

Objective evaluation, sincere praise

When evaluating the work of employees, park managers should be like sandwich biscuits. The specific steps can be divided into three steps: first affirm the employee's work performance, then specifically point out the shortcomings in his work, and finally put forward your expectations of him.

Try to be as precise as possible when describing the problem, and talking in general terms will not be effective. Firstly, your employees can't understand whether their work is good or bad. Secondly, general evaluation may not convince your employees at all, but makes people think that you are giving him "small shoes". In this way, the criticism is sandwiched in the praise, ingenious and euphemistic, so that the critics will know what they are doing without losing face.

It is necessary to evaluate the work of employees clearly, and sincere praise is necessary. "Xiao Zhang, you are a very self-motivated young man. I hope you will do better next time." "Xiao Huang, I find that your work improves every time. I am so happy. I believe you can definitely give this department Make greater contributions." Don’t underestimate these few comments, it can make your employees feel warmer in accepting your criticism, and work more passionately.

Objective evaluation, sincere praise

Position matching authorization to safeguard the interests of employees

Park management is actually a process in which investors can match their job responsibilities with job powers by decomposing the various powers they have, so that all links in the park can be effectively operated. This kind of reasonable authorization process can effectively improve the management level and efficiency of the park. It means letting the grassroots employees make the right decisions by themselves, which means that they gain trust, and they will burst out more work enthusiasm and creativity.

At the same time, the park should also formulate a development plan suitable for each employee to help them understand their strengths and weaknesses, formulate practical goals and methods to achieve them, and then try their best to train and support them. "The probability is greatly reduced.

Build the core of paradise culture for employees

Creating a good paradise cultural atmosphere will help stabilize the talent team and promote their further development. Through the construction of amusement park culture, create a highly harmonious, friendly, cordial and harmonious atmosphere, gather the creative power of talents, encourage talents to forge ahead, and reach a consensus on values. Cultivating common values is the core content of the paradise culture. Every successful paradise must have its own paradise spirit, and use a common value to nurture the paradise talents and guide the paradise to make progress.

Only when employees feel that they can get continuous support in their work and can constantly learn new things, they will be "obedient" and "not out of position", and then they will stay and be more loyal to the park.

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