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 An analysis of the market prospects and development trends of children's playgrounds

Compared with other recreational activities, people now prefer to go to the playground, the playground can not only release the mood, but also exercise, more healthy and interesting than watching movies and games at home.

For children, the playground expands the scope of children's communication, not only to entertain the body and mind, to integrate into society later is also very helpful, so many parents also like to take their children to the playground to play. There will be a market when there is demand, and playgrounds will certainly attract more tourists by adding rides.

The amusement park will definitely attract more tourists by adding amusement equipment

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards in China, the development of large-scale indoor parent-child amusement park has great potential. Large indoor parent-child amusement park is of great significance to improve the city taste of shopping malls and to gather popularity for shopping malls.

A successful large-scale indoor amusement park, is a successful "cultural brand", but also now the necessary facilities for shopping malls, the benefits of its diversity is obvious. Now the children's paradise market has gradually entered people's vision, with the continuous improvement of China's social level, more and more parents and friends want their children to be able to develop in all directions, and children's playground is able to meet the needs of parents.

Since children's playground is widely sought after, then there must be many people want to join the industry, many people will certainly have doubts: now open children's playground is still too long? Can you make money? Here are a few brief points:

1. Children's pre-school education has been paid more and more attention by parents

According to a questionnaire conducted by the authority, 95.2% of parents believe that childcare is as important as education, 95.4% of parents believe that their children should be in an equal position of parents, 83.6% of parents think that the important form of learning for their children is a game, indicating that the combination of education, with young children as the main body has been generally recognized and accepted by parents, which is undoubtedly a major advance in pre-school education. Because of this, the future audience of children's amusement park will be more and more broad audience, the market is also broader.

Parents pay more and more attention to children's preschool education

2. Society's value orientation towards children is more rigid

In the treatment of children's education degree, most parents choose to follow the natural, from which reflects the parents' educational concept is constantly updated, parents realize that only in the natural environment of children can grow up freely, indicating that the family education environment gradually become loose, parents' educational expectations also tend to rationalize.

In the face of the social value orientation of this environment, parents are more willing and willing to give their children a more natural and closer paradise to cultivate their children, so as to further naturally cultivate children's character. This is a children's amusement park to join the new business opportunities, the future market prospects are widely optimistic.

3. The new children's amusement park has more business opportunities

Children's theme parks are a great source of your wealth: children's theme parks, puzzle workshops, water theme parks, expanded training parks, dream worlds, toy worlds, VR interactive worlds, children's 3D shooting pavilions. Each project is designed entirely in accordance with today's advanced educational concepts and is more scientific in management, making it easier to cultivate children's nature than traditional children's playgrounds.

Now the country is developing rapidly, the city is getting bigger and bigger, more and more tall buildings, playmates are less and less, parents worry about the safety of their children dare not let go, toys although many, but the child's heart is still lonely;

Most parents want a safe children's playground where they can take their children to various recreational activities, play with them, and have fun with them. What's more, indoor children's playground is not only pure entertainment occasions, the effect of puzzle is also significant, all kinds of equipment fully mobilize the child's thinking ability and imagination, invisibly help children improve their intelligence.

Children's indoor amusement programs in Europe and the United States have developed very mature, but in China, with the exception of a few large cities and provincial capital cities, the average city can not find a good children's playground, children's playground. From the market law point of view, to seize the market opportunity, it means to master the highest profit, the smallest competition of the golden development period.

To sum up, indoor children's playground is very promising, many people realize that the industry is more profitable, so people want to invest in this industry. The industry's first competition is relatively small, the second profit is relatively high, the third paradise can be said to be a one-time investment lifetime return! Children's paradise as a project with the times, whether from the future market and its own efficient action mode, is the mainstream direction of future development.

Children's paradise as a project with the characteristics of the times

Pre-analysis of indoor children's playground investment

So how much does the indoor children's playground investment budget cost? That's what everyone cares about.

First of all, join the brand's joining fee and brand usage fee, many joining brands are required to join the fee and brand usage fee, so we should examine in advance.

Second is the rent of the shop, the rent of the shop mainly considers the location of the shop, the location of good rent is of course high, the economic situation in different regions is different, so we have to calculate according to their local consumption level. Renovation costs depends on everyone is to choose hardcive and simple, this will be based on the budget of funds to decorate.

Again is the cost of equipment, indoor children's playground can be large or small, this will be based on the size of the store rented by everyone, large park equipment more, the cost of more, local small equipment is less, the cost is less. The thing to pay attention to is that when we choose equipment, we must choose the quality of the guaranteed amusement equipment, because amusement equipment is the driving force for the long-term development of the park. If the quality of equipment is not good, the later not only will affect passenger flow, but also need a lot of money to repair equipment, so we must choose safe, guaranteed equipment.

Finally, the cost of publicity, only publicity activities can improve the park's visibility, but also the park's popularity is the most effective means, so a certain amount of publicity funds must be prepared, as to what kind of publicity means to choose according to the publicity effect and the budget of funds.

Some other expenses, such as employees' salaries, utilities, etc., may not be included in the children's park investment budget, and these may be settled after business.

The above aspects are the big aspect of the investment budget, so we must invest in accordance with the actual situation of their own funds to do.

Indoor children's paradise

How to effectively reduce and avoid the investment risk of children's playground?

For first-time contact with the children's park industry operators or investors, it is very important to make investment decisions, especially for investment in-depth and detailed risk analysis. So how can we effectively reduce and avoid the investment risk of children's playground?

For the investment children's playground industry, the first thing to reduce investment risk is to reduce investment expenditure, but not to say save, but reasonable allocation and utilization, need to do the following work:

1, the concept:

We stress that investors should not only take the pursuit of profit as a consideration;

2, planning aspects:

1. Choose to operate children's playground places can not do anything, do not let the venue rent to give themselves too much pressure

The average investor thinks that a children's playground is full of guests and thinks it must make more money. Places more people, not necessarily turnover, because the profit comes from consumption (coin purchase), continuous consumption (coin purchase), consumption (how much money to buy, depending on currency price positioning or marketing), only in this way can generate turnover, if more visitors, that is, "there is a look, no win", consuming manpower, material resources, electricity, and finally hard work.

2. Site decoration to choose in line with their own positioning of the program

Most children's playground design, are hanging a piece of model piece together, lost creative features, so the design of this piece must be combined with their own planning, must not imitate the surrounding peers, do not know also think that other home in your branch here.

3. Children's play equipment can not be blindly followed, with the "first customer, then select equipment" mode positioning for the optimization of the combination.

Do not follow the blind children's amusement equipment

3, management:

1. To pay attention to training, it takes at least one-third of the energy to do the training work;

2. Build a real management team;

4, marketing:

1. Don't blindly "free", even if you don't do it, you have to choose the right marketing methods;

2. It is strictly forbidden to copy, copy the copy set of peer or peer marketing programs;

3. Try to do everything possible to retain customers;

4. Strong your currency price, can not change at will;

Investment risk of children's paradise

Reducing the risk of investment in children's playgrounds should not be imitated, but exceeded

What did you say in an ad? "Always imitated, never surpassed", for a long time, children's park investors before opening a shop will routinely visit peers or competitors, especially when purchasing children's play equipment.

If you copy imitation, you will invest in an unseeded children's playground. But if you think about what else you haven't done in this children's playground, I'm sure you'll invest in a great children's playground. Looking at you can only understand the appearance of others, the essence of other people's places, you can not see, the focus is on operational data.

Therefore, when investing in children's playgrounds, do not move some other people's children's play equipment back to think that there is money to earn, a good investment thinking, do not care about the choice of location, but business practices, only the means, in order to do a good job of investment and return.

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