How can children's playgrounds develop steadily in low season?
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2020-12-21 11:41:03
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 Children's playground is so popular, because it is a sustainable development industry, children's music has great prospects for development, the market is broad, then, children's playground has low season? How can a shopkeeper operate to improve his profitability?

1. Children's playground season

Many industries have low season points, children's playground is no exception, according to children and parents living and learning habits, children's playground peak season time in holidays, weekends and winter and summer vacation, the most popular time period is holidays, weekends and winter and summer vacation, if the children's park shop selection in the holidays, is a very good choice, can quickly gather popularity, with a popular basis, children's playground business can not be good?

During the year, the children's playground season is not much, the normal or working day time, such as high winds, heavy rain, blizzards and other weather reasons will affect the children's park business.

2. How to operate in high season

Children's playground to take advantage of the advantages of high season, play a good foundation, improve popularity up, children's playground environment atmosphere of the construction, for children is very important. A theme of distinct environment, reasonable regional design, it can stimulate children's imagination and creativity, not only enrich the aesthetic taste of young children, but also directly or indirectly affect the formation and development of children's personality and personality.

Peak season, such as may 1, 61, National Day, New Year's Day and Spring Festival holidays, children's playgrounds should pay attention to these prime time period, do a good job of publicity and promotion activities, the brand image of the shop to promote out, this time to increase efforts to do publicity and promotion activities, online and offline comprehensive coverage promotion, and on this basis to integrate content channels, successfully in the hearts of consumers to establish the perception of the park and activity products.

Children's paradise should make good use of the advantages of peak season

Use specific holidays, such as Thanksgiving Day, Women's Day and Teacher's Day, to create online and offline activities that convey real energy, promote traditional culture, in the hearts of consumers, deepen the brand of social responsibility of the park, and win the praise and praise of tourists.

3. Stagger the operation

Children's park has low season, "high season to obtain benefits, low season to gain advantage" is the core idea of seasonal marketing, high season to do more activities to promote, low season to the main, low season traffic is less, business is relatively deserted, then can strengthen the construction of the park team, training staff, practice basic skills.

Children's paradise is divided into low season and peak season

Children's playground in the off-season to do a good job of equipment maintenance and maintenance, wrong peak operation, so as to not only protect consumers in the park's good play experience, but also to reduce equipment wear and tear, play a role in reducing operating costs, especially some long-term heavy-duty operation of equipment in the off-season must do a good job of maintenance.

Children's paradise as a sunshine industry, with sustainable development capacity, clever use of low season, comprehensive integration of resources, continuous innovation and upgrading, good management and service, careful management, from excellent to excellent, such a children's park does not worry about no business.

In the low season in addition to tickets and membership card profitability, want to increase the park's revenue and what other more profitable profit model? Ready to start a business to open a children's playground, you quickly understand it.

1. Indoor children's playground is the main way to make money

Revenue from ticket sales

Tickets are the most basic form of income for children's playgrounds, and the profitability of some children's playgrounds depends mainly on ticket revenue. Children's playground single ticket revenue is mostly between 30-80 yuan. There is a price gap between different regions, different locations and different grades of children's playgrounds.

Relying on single ticket revenue alone is not conducive to long-term operation, customers are easy to lose, children's park investors should try to improve the customer's play experience, to attract customers for membership cards.

Children's playground can rely on single tickets to attract new customers, rely on membership cards to retain old customers, so as to achieve long-term operation and stable profitability.

Membership card revenue

Membership card is one of the main profit models common in children's amusement park, for children's amusement park, let customers for membership card, not only can speed up the return of the book, but also with customers to establish consumer contact, over time to become a fixed customer of the park.

Children's paradise membership card model has many, can be divided into time card, secondary card, monthly card, season card, half-year card, annual card, and some of the larger park will also summer vacation card and winter vacation card.

The main profit mode of indoor children's paradise

2. Children's Playground other money-making profit model

Revenue from the sale of goods

Running a children's playground is not just about selling tickets and membership cards, it can be planned separately in a children's playground for sale. Merchandise can be sold to children's use, food, play direction, such as children's toys, beverage snacks, socks, plush dolls, souvenirs, children's books and so on.

When children play in the children's playground for a long time, they will inevitably be thirsty and hungry, when children's snacks and drinks can play a role, and when buying snacks and drinks, children will see toys.

Toy products can choose Meng Meng's plush toys, pillows and puzzle toys such as building blocks, nine series, assembly toys and so on. These toys are generally not expensive and generally within the reach of parents.

Children's paradise Gift Show

Providing products related to children's eating, drinking and playing in the park not only solves the needs of children and parents, but also increases the profits of the park.

Featured creative classroom revenue

Now parents pay more attention to children's interests, children's creative classroom can be DIY manual, painting, mainly to cultivate children's innovative ability, inspire children's imagination, in the hands-on production process, learning interesting knowledge, improve scientific quality, many parents are more like to take children to such a classroom.

Featured value-added service revenue

Now there are many children's playgrounds have begun to add some characteristics of early education, training, photography, child care and other personalized services, especially the demand for child care is relatively large, many parents because of work reasons and children's time conflict, such as temporary things, children at home alone do not rest assured, commitment to take children to play has not yet done and so on.

Children's paradise has begun to add some characteristics of early education, training, photography, child care and other personalized services

In response, the Indoor Children's Park has launched a child-care service with professional staff to provide child care services. The child-care service, which not only addresses the embarrassment of parental time, but also allows children to play, play and exercise in the park, and also increases the park's revenue, is popular with parents.

Income from parent-child activities

Through cooperation with surrounding educational institutions, training groups, etc., from time to time to hold main such as theme birthdays, home baking, professional experience, garden fairs and other activities, not only conducive to improve the visibility and influence of children's playgrounds, the use of each other's consumer groups and image, to achieve the transformation of customer volume, to bring greater benefits to each other.

In addition, through recording and shooting short films and photos of the event process, the use of online and offline way to promote, reduce the cost of publicity can also be more easily to create a sense of presence, increase the interest in participating in the experience, can bring a lot of results.

In short, to increase the income generated by children's playground, we can not only rely on tickets and membership cards as a single profit model, through snacks, toys, photography, hosting, event hosting and other income-generating methods, not only to provide customers with diversified demand services, but also to increase the additional income of children's park.

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