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The wind mouth is right, but can you fly up?
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2020-09-18 17:34:27
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Online entertainment is booming,

Demand for entertainment has increased dramatically.

Live, short video and other online cultural and entertainment consumption,

Unleash a powerful energy.

Short Video and Live,

It's on top of the wind.

Trend here, not with the trend you follow what?

So, for us, is it reliable?

The sudden outbreak, which made the live broadcast extremely hot, has also attracted the attention of the academic community. According to Lu Tohua, professor of information management and information systems at Fudan University School of Management, in the context of epidemic prevention and control, live broadcasting is more suitable for the expression of science and knowledge, "whether from the instant feedback, the ability to convey multiple clues, the ability to attract personal attention or the diversity of language expression, the text is far less direct than the video."

From the media synchronization theory to explain the difference between live broadcast and picture: if the media synchronization is high, more conducive to the consistency of views; If one wants to articulate a point of view, one can weigh it in words and use the most appropriate words to make the point more fully and accurately expressed, and therefore better expressive, but if you want to get all participants to agree on the understanding of the information in a short period of time, the effect of the live broadcast is much better than the text.

Therefore, in the outbreak environment, short and smooth live broadcast can assume more direct social role, doctors spread knowledge, retailers or farmers affect consumers' desire to buy, this carrier is the right way to open. "Live streaming starts with entertainment, any new technology and new things, and it's the fastest way to get users to accept it through entertainment, and now even consumers in sinking markets, farmers in remote mountainous areas, have a good acceptance of live streaming." On this basis, there is the possibility of gradual optimization and internalization of live streaming technology in the future. "

"The live-streaming ecosystem boom in the outbreak is, in part, a positive return of technology to the dissemination of information, which will gradually allow people to remove their tinted glasses for live streaming and return to the role and impact of remote video communication." This is an inevitable process of the gradual acceptance of new technologies.

In addition, it can also be seen that with the expansion of online cultural and entertainment consumer groups, its social influence is also growing, the social responsibility should also be matched. The quality of content directly determines the user's affection for the product, which in turn affects the user's viscosity continuity and stability. Therefore, more attention should be focused on the quality of product content, with high-quality content as leverage, prying the industry as a whole to further upgrade.

In addition to maintaining entertainment capabilities, the live and short video industry will play more of its role as a public access to information. There are a lot of companies that do live video, but not all companies do it. To do a good job of live broadcasting, not only have solid content, but also have equipment support, and find a professional video broadcast team, in information communication, marketing promotion, etc. , will achieve the effect of doing more with less.

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