How can your playground "get in" at first glance
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2020-04-21 17:23:21
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What attracts children's playgrounds? There are many reasons, venue equipment, services, lower consumer prices ... You may have overlooked an important factor, the decoration design of the amusement park. The quality of the children's playground environment directly affects the player's interest in playing. Good children's playgrounds continue to attract players, and bad children's playgrounds can't keep people.

How can your playground "get in" at first glance

Create a relaxed atmosphere. Through the unified store decoration, elegant decoration, neat dress, and spacious service environment, it reflects the unique style of the store and forms a professional image store. The use of transparent visual effects combined with high-end, clean and tidy design style allows customers to feel the charm of the brand at any time.

How can your playground "get in" at first glance

The decoration of the playground must focus on the theme, fashionable and avant-garde, and adapt to the consumer group . And it must reflect the store culture, easy maintenance, and durable style. It also needs to correspond to future business activities, and some unique products should also be integrated with the decoration.

Arrangement of Playground Flow Line

The flow line, which refers to the passage of the playground, is a necessary channel for players to play and patrol the waiters. Its design should be convenient for all parties to walk and visit. Playground channels are generally divided into main and auxiliary channels: the main channel is the channel for players to enter the store from the door; the auxiliary channel is the auxiliary channel, which is an important channel for players to enter all corners. The flow line layout of the playground should fully consider the width of the main and auxiliary channels, and there should be certain rules in the design of the flow line. You can also use some techniques in this.

How can your playground "get in" at first glance

1. Open and smooth, allowing players to easily enter and exit

If the facade of a playground is cramped and crowded, even if there are many game consoles in the store and the price is cheap, it still cannot attract players . The playground is likely to block its financial resources on the opening day. You must remember that the first step in a successful business is for players to "enter the door."

The unobstructed passage design requires that the player can be guided to walk into every corner of the playground according to the natural direction of the design, can touch as many amusement machines as possible, eliminate dead ends and blind spots, and maximize the time for entering the store and the playground space Efficient use.

2. "The winding path leads to quietness", allowing players to stay longer

Under normal circumstances, players with a clear play target account for only 25% of the total players, while 75% of the players are random play and impulsive. Making the in-store amusement items to the greatest extent possible for players to see, reach within reach, and then attract players to stay longer, and ultimately achieve impulsive play, has become a key issue.

The objective of upstream games is abundant, and the abundance of playgrounds will expand players' choices and enhance the stimulation of consumer desire, but it will also make enterprises burdened for the rental of playgrounds and the cost of entertainment machines. Therefore, by scientifically designing the main and auxiliary game channels and arranging the game consoles in low and high seasons reasonably, "Zhang Chi You Du" and "Zhong You Tong You" can also play the role of retaining players and expanding turnover.

How can your playground "get in" at first glance

3. Bright and clean, make the player relaxed and happy

Bright and clean playground passages and an elegant and relaxed playing environment often make players feel a fresh and high-quality game machine in the store. As long as you grasp the psychological connection between cleanliness and quality, rationally use and arrange the lighting, sound, furnishings, and colors in the effective space to make them coordinate with each other, you can create a dual consumption place atmosphere of material and spirit that will make players relaxed and happy. .

4. Make the playground more closely connected with the backcourt

The back field of the playground includes: warehouses, changing rooms, office areas, etc., and is the rear of the playground. Its layout design has a significant impact on the layout of playground equipment, so it also belongs to an important part of the layout of the playground. The focus of the backfield design is how to solve the route planning connecting the backfield to the playground in the most reasonable and economical way. Neither the front door nor the front door can be opened wide, nor can the iron general handle the door. It is recommended to use sliding doors: one can make the entrance and exit spacious, eliminating the restrictions on the entry and exit of large game machines; two can save the door opening space; Strong, and easy to merge with the background.

Whether the playground can be unobstructed and whether it can create a relaxed and spacious playing environment for players are the issues that operators should focus on when designing the playground.

How can your playground "get in" at first glance

Interpreting the decorative colors of playgrounds

The colorful colors draw a variety of sensory worlds for us. There are cold and warm colors. Warm colors are the colors of progress, giving people a soft and warm feeling. In general, warm colors can be used as embellishments or local keynotes. Cool colors can be used as background colors.

Color has such a mysterious, beautiful color will give people a different feeling, because the color itself has a sense of color. When opening a storefront, you need to know how to use various color combinations to give players a refreshing feeling.


Stimulate players' interest in playing with music

In modern times, people often use music to soothe emotions, treat diseases, and eliminate anxiety and fear. In the business field, it is more common to use sound to stimulate players' interest in playing.

Sound is an important part of the playground atmosphere. The type and density of sounds can have a positive effect on the atmosphere of the store, but once the various sounds in the store exceed a certain limit, the player will be upset, distracted, and disgusted by the player. Therefore, the playground should be good at distinguishing between music and noise, music plays a positive role in the play environment of the entire playground, and noise plays a negative role. The playground should strive to use the positive side of the sound while overcoming the negative side.

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