The true 'protagonist' of children's playground is the parents!
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Nowadays, the family parent-child market has become the focus of competition among businesses, relying on huge consumer demand. When mature children's businesses are in full bloom, how to find the focus of children's playgrounds will be the key to making this market cake bigger again. This article focuses on the parental consumer needs of children's parks that are more easily overlooked. More methods will be discussed by everyone.

The true

With the full opening of the two-child policy, relevant departments predict that “2.5 million new babies will be added each year in the future, and Chinese children aged 0-14 will reach 250 million by 2019”. This number is not new.

Facing the huge demand, in just a few years, major businesses have turned to the children's market, from children's entertainment, retail, education and training, children's experience, hand-made DIY, professional experience, photography, bookstores, etc. Household consumption is now the new darling of major shopping malls. More and more children's formats and products are pouring into the market. Overall, this market has little room to play.

The true

But is this actually the case?

But in fact, family consumption shows a structure of 4 + 1, or even 6 + 1. That is, 6 adults, grandparents, grandparents, and parents, turn around a child, making children indisputably the center of the family. This is what we see every day. Family model.

This point, I believe that the grandmother and grandmother have a very personal experience-as long as the child likes, at the expense of themselves. Often in shopping malls and in various types of children's parks, where children are playing crazy for hours, parents look like monkeys in a circle, fiddle with their mobile phones, or follow their children very carefully. Either they feel that it is not safe enough, or they feel that the amusement program is very naive, and they will not participate. They can only be on the side. It is really a pity for the parents in the world.

The key point is here. It is not enough for children's playground to attract children to play alone. When we focus on children, the needs of parents are often overlooked, and the market potential of parental demand in this market direction is no less than that of children. If we focus on children's playgrounds not only for children, but for the whole family. Will it be whole? Let's take a look at how children's playgrounds focus on parental consumption in the family market.

The true

 01. Provide a comfortable waiting environment for parents

Allow parents to wait comfortably while playing with their children.

A family-friendly theme restaurant from Taiwan is a combination of family fun, leisure, and dining. One side is a paradise and the other is a business meal. Children can shuttle among a variety of small-scale amusement devices, while parents sit next to or chat casually. Or enjoy the food, which can help parents to avoid the daily "care-style" play, and also provides a place where parents can take a break and relax, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone!

02. Give parents and children the opportunity to play together

Innovate the children's playground play project to realize that parents and children are “Hi together”.

Many dads and nurses usually just follow the children when they take them out and watch the children play, but rarely play games with the children, even if there is only three minutes of heat, most people still think that these games The facilities are "not suitable for adults". If you play together and are afraid of being teased by others, what kind of amusement items are the favorite for adults and children?

The true

The true

The true 'protagonist' of children's playground is the parents!

For example, when it comes to child firefighters, the project you might think of is this:

The Legoland fire truck looks like this:

A group of families have a fire engine. Whoever first arrives at the fire location, gets out of the vehicle and pours the source of fire, and then gets on the vehicle and returns to the starting point will win.

Parents and children can shake their hand fire trucks together to move forward.

After getting out of the car, the parents pumped water at the pump, and the child extinguished the fire until the fire sign at the window on the building dropped down and got back to the original place. Finally, everyone would applaud to celebrate the success of the fire extinguishing.

Or let parents and children drive together like an indoor bumper car, which is safe and can drive together and enjoy the fun of driving.

It can be seen that in many children's parks, parents did not participate, not because the parents did not want to participate, but probably because the amusement equipment did not take into account the parents' participation, and there was not enough attraction to allow the parents to participate. Therefore, there is still a lot of room for improvement and innovation in amusement equipment for children's playgrounds in the future.

The true

03. Give parents and children a space to communicate

Modern people often ignore the communication with children because of the fast pace of life and high work pressure. Effective communication with children is an indispensable part for children's healthy growth. The purpose of parent-child play is not only to play with the child, but also to communicate with the child, so that the child can grow up with the companion. This will greatly help the child's quality, ability, and also enhance parent-child relationship.

Such as parent-child DIY pottery, a piece of clay, a rotating drawing machine, a pair of hands full of mud, parents and children study and experience together, and the children's wonderful imagination can create their own His own masterpieces, and the creation of various ceramic products, can inspire children's rich imagination; taste their own results through labor, and increase children's awareness of labor.

The true

The true

Another example is urban rock climbing. Parents and children participate together. Rock climbing integrates fitness, entertainment, and competition. It requires athletes to have the courage, tenacity and perseverance, as well as good flexibility, rhythm and climbing skills. In this way, you can skillfully and accurately complete the thrilling movements of the body such as moving, turning, jumping, and pulling on the steep rock walls of different heights and angles. Rock climbing, while strengthening children's physique and exercising their flexibility and balance, also cultivates concentration, enterprising, self-confidence, and perseverance and courage to face difficulties.

The true

The true

04. Give parents and children time to relax

In order to meet the needs of parents to relax, there are other businesses adopting the method of hosting children and liberating parents, so that children can have fun and play safely, and parents can also fully rest assured to enjoy their own world.

Just like the Mediterranean Club, if necessary, the children will be taken care of by professional GO (the acronym for "GENTIL ORGANISATEUR" in French, which means "kind organizer" or "kind host"). If you like, you can join the hotel organization. In the children's playground, the children will be handed over to them early in the morning. The parties concerned will organize these children to participate in various activities, including rehearsing children's programs on stage. Parents can also enjoy various leisure and entertainment experiences under the guidance of GO.

The true

The true

05. Carnival, let more family share happiness

Other businesses will break the restrictions on children's play and create a family-friendly family entertainment experience center that integrates catering, shopping, entertainment, leisure, and interpretation. For example, Youyoutang ’s super-family entertainment center, “Youyoutang Anime Planet”, uses a fully open park model to realize passenger flow sharing between the park and shopping malls, and introduces various services such as science and technology museums, experimental theaters, and baking DIY based on VR technology , Extending the service directly to parents, even young people without children.

In addition, here you can see a variety of special supporting services, such as nail art, hip-hop classrooms, parent-child restaurants, cross-border Haitao stores, Taiwan snack streets, video games, etc., and "different interactive games and performances 365 days a year." It can not only keep the hearts of parents, but also attract many young and fashionable players.

The true

Family parent-child consumption is naturally child-centered, but currently product development for children has become more and more mature; and how parents can let them relax and achieve fun at the same time as "swapping baby" is still in preliminary exploration and even It's an overlooked stage. How to release the consumption value of parents is undoubtedly the blue ocean strategy in "parent-child consumption".

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