Intelligent amusement times
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2019-11-01 16:40:50
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Intelligent amusement times

"It was the best of times,it was the worst of times." Dickens wrote in the opening of his classic "A TALE OF TWO CITIES" that this sentence applies equally in today's society.

In the past, you only need to find a good place to open a playground, you can get a certificate and put it on the machine, you can start business. If the event is well done, you will soon become the “popular king” of the whole business center; Nowadays, it is not enough to open a store. There is more than one playground of the same type in the same commercial center, and the number of competitors is increasing. Many equipment manufacturers have adapted to the times and added many intelligent functions to the equipment, but many operators have It will not be used; if you don't care about it, or the previous model, the venue will soon be replaced by others. In the era of intelligence, the change is not only the improvement of players' entertainment requirements; if it is not "intelligent" in business, it will be the worst era for operators.

After decades of development, the amusement industry has evolved from a single business model to a variety of intelligent business models, to a variety of new ways of operation, such as: operators install intelligent management systems, mobile phones in hand, that is You can view and manage the operation status of the playground online; use the user portrait function to classify the players, different players configure different preferential activities; intelligent random prize probability; use AI, AR and other new technologies to enrich the site construction and many more. If you can keep up with the pace of consumers, this intelligent era is the best time for you.

With the advancement of science and technology, with each passing day, a little slower, it is possible to be left behind. For those who are old and unwilling to face change, now is the worst era, shocks and challenges will follow; for those who recognize and accept new models, new ideas, and new methods in the intelligent age, now is the best The era, this era provides them with unlimited possibilities. Many industry players have said that the business of the amusement industry has not been good in the past few years. It is complaining that the environment is not good, but some operators are still making profits, and some earn a lot of money. What does this mean? The environment is not good, and instead of complaining, it is better to take the initiative to make changes to reverse the situation. Try to re-examine and change the venue's decoration, activities, management, etc. from the perspective of consumers, and use new management or operational methods to add value to the venue. After all, intelligent amusement, in addition to intelligent equipment, more important is the intelligentization of the operator's thinking.

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