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How to become an excellent child park manager
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2019-10-31 16:43:56
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    What is the significance of the work of the child park manager? Follow the company's development strategy and business philosophy, determine the job setting, work process, management norms and management innovation activities of the stores, and continue to pursue high-efficiency equipment operation, high-level service quality, high standards of environmental sanitation. Efforts to create a healthy and fashionable entertainment experience environment, constantly shaping the company's brand and a good social image.     As a store manager, what are the quality requirements?

How to become an excellent child park manager

1. Have a strong sense of professionalism and a high sense of responsibility, honesty and integrity, strict self-discipline, waiting for people, leading by example, broad-minded, calm and calm.
2. Strong team management ability, target management ability, organizational management ability and communication ability, good at language, thought and emotional communication.
3. Have certain learning, innovation, analysis, decision-making, authorization, and motivation; can use correct thinking, analysis, and effective innovation, improvement and change; can properly solve various emergencies.     As a store manager, what do you need to do?

How to become an excellent child park manager

1. Spread culture and clear concepts
Disseminating culture, clearing the concept, clarifying the company's corporate goals, corporate principles, corporate values, work discipline, job responsibilities, behavioral norms and other rules and regulations, taking the lead in complying with the implementation, and continuously guiding employees to make employees have clear thinking and correct The behavior of the company is gradually recognized and adhered to by all employees within the company.
2. Improve the environment and stimulate enthusiasm
3. Democratic decision-making, unified thinking
When management personnel meet to discuss in-store work, they should recruit key employees and excellent employees to participate in discussions, understand the information of personnel in each position, work together, formulate new systems and new measures, and clearly implement the implementation rules to ensure that employees in the follow-up work have A unified understanding and enforcement standards.     4. Strengthen training and comprehensive development

How to become an excellent child park manager

Pay attention to the improvement of professional skills and comprehensive quality of employees, and carry out on-the-spot skill training and skill training for handling customer complaints from time to time. At ordinary times, we can also organize employees to learn life motivation, successful methods, and people's knowledge, and gradually improve the comprehensive ability and quality of employees. Managers also need to strengthen training and guidance to keep them in good working condition. It should be clear in the training work that the stagnation of employees is the company's regression.
5. Appropriate authorization, each responsible
According to the personality characteristics of the employees and the past work performance, assign different special work to each employee, exert their expertise, tap their potential, stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, stimulate their enthusiasm and creativity, and give appropriate guidance to make it The ability to discover problems and solve problems on their own, get more exercise and improvement in practice, and gradually clarify the unity of power and responsibility.
6. Reasonable compensation and welfare
According to the company's salary framework, formulate a salary plan suitable for the store and a reasonable assessment and evaluation criteria, based on the daily work of each employee and the performance of the special work, conduct timely, open and evidence-based assessment, appropriately open the bonus gap of employees; implement the festival We will distribute gifts, employee birthday allowances, physical health checks, K songs for employees, and outings in the off-season to strengthen the cohesiveness of employees.
7. Reward and punishment, effective incentives
Formulate a clear reward and punishment system, and give timely and appropriate rewards and incentives to employees who have outstanding performance in work, practical skills test and equipment game competition, such as ranking, rationalization advice, and good quality. Enthusiasm; for violations of work discipline or behavioral norms, and failure to perform their duties, they also give certain criticisms and punishments, and rewards and punishments to improve the overall level of the team.
8. Sincerely communicate and strengthen unity
From time to time to talk with each employee in the company, understand the working status of the staff, care staff work and family life, the platform staff to meet reasonable requests in a timely manner to solve problems for them in good faith, in order to maintain a stable staff; while understanding the surviving company After the problem, the system was amended in time to prevent the continuation of the problem. In the communication, we should treat people fairly, trust and respect each employee, eliminate the contradiction between employees in time, use the sincere trust of employees in exchange for the sincere respect of employees, and strive to build a harmonious and united atmosphere and continuously improve the team. The collective spirit and cohesion.
9. Eliminate in time and stay active

For employees whose work ability does not meet the requirements, and those who affect the development of the company's team, if they cannot meet the requirements after training and guidance, they should be dismissed or dismissed in time to maintain the stability and development of the existing team. It is also necessary to constantly replenish fresh blood into the company to inject new vitality and motivation.

How to become an excellent child park manager

    10. Promote savings and maintain costs
Improve employees' awareness of saving, pay attention to office, washing, consumables and water and electricity use, make reasonable use of existing resources, improve the use of unreasonable items, and clarify the system of purchase, verification and inspection of items.
11. Equipment maintenance, guarantee operation
Adhere to the maintenance work of amusement equipment and water and electricity facilities, and formulate a monthly work plan, which will be gradually implemented in time to ensure the normal operation of the site.
12. Prepare for the rain, strain crisis
Gradually establish a crisis early warning mechanism in the store, and formulate crisis response strategies as early as possible, such as the replacement of corresponding posts after the incumbent employees leave, the relevant inspections of functional departments, power outages, sick leave of middle management personnel, vicious competition in the same industry, and so on.

In short, in internal management, the management philosophy of “people-oriented” should be established, that is, management should be based on the dignity of employees, goal-oriented, development-oriented, ethical, trustworthy, and sincere. Believe in employees, motivate employees, and clearly believe that only through cooperation can we improve the company's cohesiveness and team fighting spirit.

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