Business coup|Customer maintenance is the right thing to do
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What is customer maintenance?

Customer maintenance means that salespeople establish and maintain good relationships with their customers through certain channels. Customer maintenance includes the maintenance of the relationship of interests and relationships between the two parties. It is the goal pursued by after-sales service. Simply speaking, it is to maintain the existing relationship, mainly used in sales, such as a customer of their own, to contact frequently, eat and chat, drink tea, care about what, and contribute to business progress, this is the customer situation maintain.

Business coup|Customer maintenance is the right thing to do

The core of the maintenance of the children's park is not only to let the children happy in the process of playing, but also to make the parents feel at ease, and to let the customers feel the good service and added value of the park, and finally form a relatively stable and loyal user. group.

Business coup|Customer maintenance is the right thing to do

Therefore, in the operation of the park, we should pay equal attention to the development of new customers and the maintenance of old customers. It can even be said that the real sales start after the sale, and after the transaction, more efforts should be made to enhance the relationship with the customers. In actual work, we should try our best to avoid placing the focus on pre-sales and sales, and neglect the after-sales. Try to avoid the loss of old customers due to the failure of timely and effective solution to the problems raised by customers. We should take effective measures to enhance our customers. The relationship to create resales.

The reason is very simple. The time and effort spent on developing a new customer is several times or more than the time and effort required to maintain an old customer. No one wants to let their efforts go to the fore, let alone the old. Customer evaluation is the best advertisement, it is easier to create new customers, and customers introduce customers, which is a very important channel.

First, customer maintenance must have a comprehensive customer information database

No matter how smart your brain and how good your memory is, it's impossible to remember every detail of your customers, so having a customer's database is a must, and the first step in your work. Someone may see that you want to create a database, the header is big. It's not too hard to actually create a database. The simplest customer database is your phone's address book, but here is not recommended for your phone address book as your customer database, because it is too simple to enter The customer database information you need cannot meet the daily work needs. If you are happy, you can go online and search for a lot of software similar to the customer database.

Business coup|Customer maintenance is the right thing to do

Second, frequent contact or return visits to customers is also an effective way to enhance customer relationships.

After the database is established, the basic information of the customer, the children's park can send e-mails by sending WeChat, SMS and multiple choices, and it is very easy to send the customers' heartfelt blessings and greetings during the holidays. Always contact your feelings, don't let customers think that you have forgotten him or her, after all, this is the Chinese tradition!

Business coup|Customer maintenance is the right thing to do

Some users can call and greet regularly and regularly, and can also give one or two games to the park; add the birthday and home address of the customer, especially the big customer, in your customer database in time. After all, it is important. Customers account for most of your sales, and it’s right to get enough attention. When returning to the customer, you can also introduce the new products of the park to the parents at any time. Parents can rest assured that the children will be in our park and create re-sales.

Third, remember the name of the customer's family, let the customer touch your attention

In Taiwan, Yan Changshou, the president of the Yadu Lizhi Hotel, who is known as the "godfather of the hotel industry" once said: "Customers are not going to be in the market, but they need to be cared for and valued. One can touch the heart of the customer and win more than 100 million. Decoration.” His hotel waiter did it. When the customer arrived at the hotel, he could accurately say “Welcome, Mr. Chen, Miss Li”. After the customer registered with the hotel, they will know their name and give them a feeling. are different.

The name is a "magic" that penetrates the heart. As long as you read this "spell", the other party will treat you as your own. This is especially true in the amusement equipment industry. If in the process of dealing with customers, every visit can accurately call the name of the customer's family, it will definitely make the customer remember you deeply, be moved by your care, and trust more. you.

Business coup|Customer maintenance is the right thing to do

Fourth, the theory of customer maintenance

People's lives are limited, time is more precious, how to balance time costs and profits? Maybe the 28th theory can give you some inspiration.

In many industries, 20% of the most valuable customers can bring 80% of the profits to the park. On the contrary, many customers have a very low value for the park. It takes a lot of money for the park to do a good job of the work of 20% of the people. It may cost a lot, but it is worth it. In addition, 20% of 80% of customers are wasting the resources of the park. For them, it is necessary for the park to give up decisively; for the remaining 60% of the customers, there is no loss, but it can maintain the scale of the park. The park should try to keep them. So we have to study and find out what characteristics of the 20% of people, why they loyal to the brand, what strategy should be adopted to keep them loyal, to generate the profits of the park.

Business coup|Customer maintenance is the right thing to do

There is an idea that “turning all disloyal customers into loyalty” does not make much sense. Some customers may not be able to make money from them even if they become loyal customers. Because they only value the constant price reduction and promotion of the park, this loyalty can not bring profits to the park. Of course, for those potential high-value customers, they must increase their loyalty and make them a loyal and high-value 20%.

V. Analysis of the success or failure of customer sentiment

For lost customers, we must first find the crux of the problem:

Why are customers losing?

Which type of customer is losing?

When was it lost?

More work should be focused on the crux, not on the lost customers. After that, according to the problems found, the depth of the excavation, the right medicine. After discovering the problem, the park changed the way of handling in time to re-establish the brand image in the minds of customers.

Business coup|Customer maintenance is the right thing to do

Sixth, the time segmentation skills of customer maintenance

If you are interviewing a client, I would like to recommend the time allocation and negotiation skills of “Two minutes to talk about the theme, eight minutes to talk about home or current events”, because doing so may make both parties happy, with this experience, customer maintenance Successful.


There is no forever friend in the business field, only the common interests forever, if there is no common interest between you and your customers, then your customers are quietly lost. Keep in mind that how to maximize the benefits between you and your customers is central to maintaining customer relationships.

Similarly, people need to be lubricated with emotions and gifts. Don't forget to give customers some suitable small gifts, or give customers a certain rebate policy. If the business benefits are really good, it is best to give customers some unexpected benefits. Because of this, you can improve your relationship with your customers and gradually increase your customer's loyalty.

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