Want to improve profits, the video game city needs to operate like this
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2019-08-26 16:56:14
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Businessmen must understand that no matter what business they do, they must understand the profit model of a business, because it is easier to obtain lasting profit than to rely on the right business method. The profitability of the video game city mainly comes from three core indicators: passenger flow, customer acquisition cost, and customer value. Generally speaking, the traffic is the number of people entering the store. The cost of getting the customer is the money that is spent every time a customer is attracted. The value of the customer is the money you can earn from each customer. According to the data compiled by American startups over the years, the customer cost is less than 33% of the lifetime value of the customer to survive and develop. That is to say, if you spend 50 to attract a customer, the customer does not spend 150 on the venue. You will lose money. Professional playground operators are very clear that they must manage these three indicators day after day in order to survive and profit.

Want to improve profits, the video game city needs to operate like this

Passenger traffic: How to get more customers

The premise of lowering the cost of obtaining customers is to obtain a large number of customers, and then to select high-value customers.

The location of the store has the greatest impact on customer traffic and customer quality (so pre-research is very important). It is necessary to analyze the business climate of the study area, because the consumer of the community business is often the residents of the area. Under normal circumstances, the commercial radius is within 250 meters to 500 meters as the core circle, and the best choice for small and medium-sized video game shops should be in the core business district.

However, there is only one chance for site selection. The factors that have a greater impact on passenger traffic on a daily basis are product (machine selection) and marketing (pull). With the rising cost of commercial real estate and the popularity of various entertainment products, it is absolutely impossible to operate the site with regular traffic in front of the door. In order to obtain more customers, the venue must insist on planning various marketing activities to attract more people outside the market. Traffic, the current professional venues are all-scenario marketing parallel, that is, online and offline will be involved (some venues set up hundreds of promotional packages according to various marketing channels), one can not be less.

Want to improve profits, the video game city needs to operate like this

How to reduce the cost of getting customers

Every venue wants customers to come to the cloud, but there is a cost from each customer channel. If the customer cost is too high, the operation will be unprofitable, so it is important to optimize the profitable channel. .

When the venue acquires a large number of customers through various marketing activities, reducing the cost of obtaining customers is a cycle of the following methods:

1. Analyze the optimal cost of marketing activities

2. Continuously optimize and implement the same type of marketing activities

3. Continue to expand new marketing activities and return to Method 1

Reducing the cost of obtaining customers depends on the accurate analysis of the business data. By analyzing the customer acquisition costs and operating data of different marketing activities, the best-selling marketing activities are selected and these marketing activities are continuously copied and optimized. Every store needs to find ways to market, and whose marketing means is stronger, it is easier to win in the market competition. Selecting appropriate public relations publicity stores public relations publicity tools commonly used are news publicity, public welfare activities, event marketing, training and education, communication circles, corporate publications and so on.

Through these functions, the store manager can analyze the cost and operating data of each customer channel from a very large number of dimensions. When we have the most cost-effective way to get customers, we can safely attract more customers. At this time, the last indicator to determine the profit level is the customer value.

Want to improve profits, the video game city needs to operate like this

How to improve customer value

There are two major meanings to improving customer value: let customers spend more money on the venue and directly drive revenue; customers recommend the venue to more friends and indirectly drive revenue.

There are two ways to increase customer value in daily operations:

Enticement: Provide continuous, immediate benefits to stimulate customers' spending habits, and use tools such as points to increase customer lost costs.

Intimidating: Through good service, customers will feel good about the venue and will be happy to share the fun from here.

Want to improve profits, the video game city needs to operate like this

The best commercial means of tempting is the promotion and membership system management. These two methods often cooperate with each other. The membership system is a very important means of management in the sales industry, because the cost of acquiring a new customer is 5-8 times higher than the activation of an old customer, so it is equally important to pull a new customer and operate an old customer. Some high-quality clothing brand retail stores through the membership management method, the average amount of VIP members can account for more than 50% of the store, extreme stores can reach 90%, providing a great guarantee for the store's profit but reducing the operation Stress is a very worthwhile business approach.

The most important thing is to provide quality services, including store management and service attitude. The service is divided into four levels. The first is the basic service, that is, the customer smiles and the work efficiency is high. Secondly, the service level in the store is stable, the waiter can not affect the customer's service because of his own preference; again, it provides more than the player's imagination. Service, let him have surprises; finally, the touch-sensitive service, let the players become a loyal fan of the store, will not easily abandon you. At the same time, clear division of responsibility for the size of the store, check and find problems at any time, and insist on it for a long time, let it become a habit.

Want to improve profits, the video game city needs to operate like this

Video game city is one of the entertainment places frequented by many consumer groups. Some video game cities are popular, and some video game cities are cold and clear. There are many factors involved, but these three core indicators must pay attention. The video game town has derived a variety of business methods. In essence, it is to manage the three major indicators that affect profitability. Do you have these three major indicators. Are you worried that the video game city is not angry?

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