indoor childrens water park decoration precautions
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Many investors are ready to open an indoor water park, but still wonder about how the indoor children's water park is decorated. To this end, Xiao Bian will explain to you here, what should be paid attention to when decorating indoor children's water parks:

First, the wall, the ground and partition requirements:

Indoor children's water park wall and floor decoration requirements

1. The wall of the play area can be painted with environmentally-friendly latex paint, which can be used for overall wall painting; the parents rest area can use latex paint or soft warm wallpaper;

2. The ground can be made of non-slip plastic floor, soft and non-slip, which can prevent children from falling and other accidents;

3. Between the water area and the parent rest area, according to the actual situation of the site, the floor glass curtain wall or large glass window partition can be used as the interval, which is beneficial to protect the indoor area from heat loss, and it is convenient for parents to watch the child more clearly in the rest area. The situation of playfulness increases the appreciation.

indoor childrens water park decoration precautions

Second, indoor water park water pipes, heating and circuit requirements:

Indoor children's water park decoration requirements for piping and heating

1. Indoor children's water park has no special requirements for the inlet pipe, but the displacement is large, so there are certain requirements for the drainage pipe. Most of the pipe diameters are 75MM-110MM. If the site needs or special circumstances, 160MM can be used.

2. The pipe of the paddling pool, swimming pool and tub and the main drain pipe can be used with a hose with a diameter of 50MM-100MM.

3. The pipe should be set as straight as possible and take less bends. Minimize the length of the pipe, especially the water inlet pipe, to reduce heat loss.

4. Since the indoor children's water park usually has a large area, hundreds of even thousands of square meters, the amount of hot water to be supplied is very large, and an air energy boiler or a natural gas boiler can be selected for heating. Air-energy boilers are susceptible to the surrounding air environment, especially in the north. When the weather is cold and the ambient temperature is low, the hot water production will be reduced. The natural gas boilers will become faster due to faster heating, higher water flow and lower operating costs. A good choice, but the need to open gas pipelines in advance.

5. The indoor children's water park has high humidity, so the wires should be buried. All metal parts and devices should be grounded. The lights and heating equipment must be grounded and kept away from the indoor water play facilities such as the play area and the swimming pool.

indoor childrens water park decoration precautions

Third, interior decoration and music requirements:

Indoor children's water park decoration requirements for decoration and music

1Children most like color tones, so creating a fantasy-like mood for children can produce visual stimuli. Therefore, you can choose bright blue, red and green for wallpaper and ceiling design. colour.

2 In the whole process of children's play, the background music should be slow and tender, and play some music with obvious rhythm and liveliness. The indoor children's water park needs a full set of radio and audio facilities.

indoor childrens water park decoration precautions

Fourth, indoor temperature and humidity requirements:

Indoor children's water park environment temperature and humidity requirements

1. Children's heat and heat dissipation capacity is worse than that of adults, so indoor children's water parks need to be kept at a constant temperature. The water temperature is 32 ° C ~ 34 ° C in the winter, 30 ° C ~ 32 ° C in the summer, to ensure that children do not catch cold when playing in the water.

2. The indoor children's water park maintains a certain humidity, which is conducive to increasing the thermal conductivity of the air, but the relative humidity should not exceed 75%. The most suitable environmental humidity for children is about 50% to 65%.

indoor childrens water park decoration precautions

Five, indoor odor requirements:

You can put some natural fragrances in the indoor children's water park, which can stimulate the children's happy mood, and let the children strengthen the sense of combination of visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory feelings during the water sports. The fragrance should not be too strong. Change the fragrance about 3-4 weeks.

Sixth, indoor ventilation and disinfection requirements:

1. Indoor children's water parks are often prone to mildew and odor due to moisture and tight seals. Therefore, good ventilation is required. Special ventilation facilities are required to remove moisture and dirty air frequently. air. Fresh air equipment should be installed away from the water equipment.

2. The water in the paddling pool and the swimming pool must be disinfected and sterilized. It can be considered to use a broad-spectrum and efficient ozone sterilization method; it is required to have special disinfection equipment, which requires simple operation, easy maintenance, safety and reliability.

indoor childrens water park decoration precautions

Seven, layout requirements:

Indoor water park decoration design requirements for layout

1. The layout should be compact: in the indoor children's water park, there are generally areas such as surfing, slides, adventure, circulation, diving, massage and children's paddling pool. Inter-areas can be separated by a trestle or a trail, and various types of slide systems and rest areas are arranged around, so that the overall layout is more concentrated and compact.

2. Space should be integrated: indoor light should be sufficient, through some decorations, and the pool is interesting, people have the feeling of being in the outdoor natural environment, plus the embellishment of cartoon elements, the whole is full of lively and joyful atmosphere.

3. Space utilization should be flexible: indoor children's water parks should have sufficient flexibility and variability in the separation of space and the configuration of activities.

Eight, functional area design:

When the children play in the water park, the parents will be accompanied by the children. The children's needs are met, but the parents also have the needs. In addition to the busy work, they also need to relax. What should I do? In the case of conditions, the indoor children's water park can open up functional areas, such as setting benches, rest areas, Internet areas, shopping areas, etc., from shallow to deep to meet the needs of parents.

Master the above-mentioned indoor children's water park decoration precautions, I believe that will make you feel comfortable in the decoration design, let your indoor water park to a higher grade!

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